Helena’s News Roundup: IRS Targets Political Speech, Jihadists Attack Free Speech and more…

helena Nunn

Story of the week – Islamic Jihadism in  Garland, Texas.

Editor’s Note. The real goals of the Islamic Jiahdists is Tyranny. This week Islamic jihadist launched their first attack on American soil aimed solely at individual freedom. This is conclusive proof that their inspiration is jihad and submission, not complaints about American foreign policy. While the US government has made major mistakes overseas (Viet Nam, Iraq, Libya and Syria under Obama), they are not the reason the Jihadists fight. They are merely excuses and distractions. The reasons the Jihadists fight is sober and based in their reason, not any insanity. They seek a global caliphate where all submit to Allah (Islam means “submission”). A caliphate where Christians and Jews are beheaded if they don’t submit. A Caliphate where people live under tyrants and women are stoned for alleged adultery and gays are stoned for existing. A land and culture with no rule of law, no due process, no individual liberty, no equal justice and no government that protects our freedoms. Islamic jihadists seek tyranny under a dictatorial theocracy (see ISIS, Taliban and Iran). When they have made people stop drawing cartoons (under threat of death), they will then start “moving forward” in a progressive march to ban all that “offends” them.  Do not be fooled, this is a movement toward a global caliphate. At some point, if there can be no containment now, America will be further forced into  war. Pray deeply and sincerely for peace.

ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States” – NAMES 5 TARGETS  This is troubling. Frankly I am surprised if there are not many more. Our Southern border is easily entered illegally and there is no vetting for Muslim refugees that have been flown to our country. (Editor’s note, related link: Megyn Kelly Explodes on ‘Confused & Wrong’ Guest Over Muhammad Cartoons: ‘This Is Protected Speech!’ )

There Is No More Doubt: I Have the Proof That Ties Obama and the Democratic Party to the IRS Scandal  This is a must Read!! This is proof that at least one conservative political activist was targeted by the IRS and a US Sen. from Oregon. No doubt an investigation should be able to link it to the White House!!

Editorial: A working education model Impressive!! “A Cristo Rey High School is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016 at the Mary Help of Christians complex in East Tampa.. The 28 Cristo Rey schools across the nation have achieved a remarkable record in helping disadvantaged children.There are other local schools, both public and private, that work effectively with students from poor families. The Academy Prep Center of Tampa, a private middle school where students attend school 11 hours a day, six days a week, 11 months a year, quickly comes to mind.Cristo Rey has developed an innovative job-based program for high school students. Officials say 96 percent of Cristo Rey students graduate from high school, and 100 percent of those are accepted in college. These students are succeeding in a college-preparatory program with rigorous academics.”

Clinton Cash and Clinton Corruption  More eye-openers!! “Why did we have to wait for Schweizer to document this?Moreover, why did no other journalists notice Bill’s complicity with infamous tyrants like Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and proven crooks like Gilbert Chagoury whose donations to the Democratic National Committee began in 1996 and who has sponsored Bill’s speeches and committed $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative? The Clintons have placed at least four foreign-born figures on the Foundation’s board of trustees who have been charged with or convicted of financial crimes, namely Vinod Gupta, Sant Chatwal, Victor Dahdaleh, and Rolando Gonzalez Bunster. Schweizer asks, “Is there another foundation anywhere in the world that has faced similar problems?” The answer is no.”

Florida Gets Top Marks for Digital Learning Initiatives | Sunshine State News  When it comes to digital learning, “Florida was one of only two states to earn an “A-” — the highest any state scored this year. “Digital learning can open doors for students by improving the delivery, access, quality and rigor of education for today’s learners,” said Patricia Levesque, CEO of ExcelinEd. “This is exactly what our students need to succeed in the 21st century. Many of today’s lawmakers and education leaders are stepping up and creating the opportunities and infrastructure for students to explore powerful new models of learning.”

Foolish, Foolish Hospitals, You Awoke the Sleeping Giant  Scott with Corcoran want to make excellent health care changes!!  “Certificates of need” — considered a clunky, free-market-unfriendly regulatory scheme meant to cap medical facilities and services — are like mother’s milk to Florida hospitals. Scott wants them gone, and so does Sanford Republican Rep. Jason Brodeur, who will make it a priority in 2016.The governor and House leaders — including Jose Oliva of Miami Lakes, who will be speaker after Corcoran — want more “ambulatory surgical centers.” Which the hospital industry very much opposes because of their potential to cut into profits.They want to limit the number of mandated coverages in health insurance policies. Mandates drive up policy costs, but they make sure hospitals get paid.”

New NAEP Survey: US students failing in history, civics   Not good news!! “The history of US public education since the founding of The US Department of Education and teacher’s unions in 1978 is one of expensive failure. The latest results from a survey run by the US Department of Education, shows that 82% of 8th graders are not proficient in US History, 73% are not proficient in geography, and 77% are not proficient in civics. So, American students are forgetting their national memory, in an age of expanded global trade they cannot identify countries on a map, and they don’t understand how our form of government works. Yet American spends more per student and more overall on education than any country on earth. With each new bureaucratic brainstorm that emanates from Washington: Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, scores continue to decline.”

Taking the Charter School Approach to Prison  Interesting article with interesting ideas for prison reform!! “The key is to structure private-prison compensation as a function of outcomes. If a prison underperforms on recidivism rates relative to government counterparts, the prison should receive a smaller share of inmates or be shut down. It may even be possible to make the contract between the fiscal authority and the private-prison operator explicitly dependent on recidivism rates. Providing such incentives will ensure that private prisons use evidence-based best practices—such as providing job training and maintaining connections to family—and encourage private prisons to experiment with new ways of reducing recidivism.The model of charter schools is a good way to start rethinking private prisons.”

Want a lawless police force? Federalize it: Column  “There are (at least) two problems with this approach. The first is that federal law enforcement, especially in recent years, hasn’t exactly been a haven of cool professionalism. The second is that no law enforcement agency is very good at policing itself, meaning that a national police force is likely to be less accountable, not more… The third problem with unifying police authority under a national umbrella is that it’s much more prone to political abuse by the party in power. As we’ve seen with the IRS.. federal bureaucrats are all too willing to serve the interests of their political masters even when doing so violates the law. Putting most law enforcement in the hands of diverse state and local authorities helps limit the potential for abuse. Putting everything under federal control, on the other hand, magnifies it.”

How the Federal Government May Put Christian Schools Out of Business | Acton PowerBlog  Unfortunately, I can see the government removing Christian schools’ tax exempt status because of their opposition to gay marriage. “This threat is more radical than many people realize… But what is being proposed is to revoke non-profit status, a move that would destroy many schools. According to the IRS, if an organization’s tax-exempt status is revoked it is no longer exempt from federal income tax and is not eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. As Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, notes, “The loss of tax-exempt status would put countless churches and religious institutions out of business, simply because the burden of property taxes and loss of charitable support would cripple their ability to sustain their mission.”

There Is Growing Evidence Noncitizens Are Voting. Why Isn’t the Government Doing Anything?   “With the federal government inaction increasing, Kansas and Arizona resolved to implement their own citizenship safeguards—something the Constitution allows them to do. But one little-known federal agency is blocking their citizenship verification efforts, and they have to ask the Supreme Court for help.  The problem is the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a small agency charged with printing the federal voter registration form…Adding insult to injury, the denial was not by a majority of the Election Assistance Commission commissioners, as required by law. The denial was made by a single Washington, D.C., bureaucrat—the agency’s then-acting executive director.”

More VA cover-ups  Must Read!!”An agency as rotten as today’s VA should open its shutters and welcome an opportunity to clear the air, to regain the trust of a public that has very few reasons to trust it.Unfortunately, VA bureaucrats have a very different idea about what they should be doing. They continue to resist transparency, retaliate against and threaten whistleblowers, engage in cover-ups, and make war on the taxpaying public from their comfortable, high-salary trenches. Instead of using transparency and accountability to address the problems in their agency, they act as though transparency and accountability are the real problems. To this day, only eight VA employees have lost their jobs over what happened.”

Baltimore proves the need for ‘Broken Windows’ policing  “The disgraceful orders for cops to disappear or stand by and watch as rioters, looters and arsonists had their way should never be repeated anywhere again. Nor should any mayor talk, as Baltimore’s foolishly did, about giving “those who wished to destroy space to do that.”Those painful lessons are especially relevant to New York now because de Blasio pal Al Sharpton and wackos on the City Council are pushing the mayor to roll back “Broken Windows” policing. Apart from a welcome but incomplete statement of support for Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, de Blasio is asleep on the job…What America is witnessing in Baltimore is what happens every day in neighborhoods that are under-policed. Violence spirals out of control and doesn’t stop until someone stops it.”

Iran nuclear deal: Obama’s desperation is showing. And it’s dangerous  Article written by Sen. Rubio-“Even though the Obama administration has long assured deal skeptics that sanctions would be lifted only on proof of good behavior, Obama’s State Department reiterated that sanctions relief will only begin “after Iran has completed its major nuclear steps.” This position is itself a concession that could provide Iran with significant financial relief within months even before it comes completely clean about its past illicit activities.Massive up-front relief like this would reward Tehran for its intransigence and rob it of any incentive to keep its word. It would obviate any remaining pressure to follow through on the deal’s requirements while using that cash to fuel its aggressive expansion throughout the Middle East.”