Helena’s News Roundups. Florida Congressmen Rated, Killing Osama Bin Laden and Pakistani Help?

helena NunnIntrigue: Were the Pakistani’s involved in helping kill Osama Bin Laden? See story below!

Who’s the Most Conservative and Most Liberal Congressman in Florida? | Sunshine State News

“On the Republican side, most got above 50 percent. The top-ranking conservative in Florida was Congressman Ron DeSantis, who is running for U.S. Senate. He received 100 percent. Two were tied for second and both received 92 percent. They were Congressman Jeff Miller, who is also looking at a U.S. Senate run and Space Coast Congressman Bill Posey…The lowest-ranking Republicans were Mario Diaz-Balart, David Jolly and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Diaz-Balart, who has served for 22 years, received a grade off of 44 percent; Ros-Lehtinen, who scored 50 percent, has served for 26 years. Jolly.. received only a 55 percent grade.Of the two U.S. senators from Florida, Marco Rubio got a 96 percent; Democrat Bill Nelson got a 0 percent.”

Obama Hurls Insults at Liberals on Trade

Obama has become unhinged. “Progressives called ignorant, insincere, and motivated by politics, sparking fury among President’s base…To make matters worse, Obama’s insults against liberal Democrats on trade materially harm the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who needs to solidify trust from the liberals who distrust the trade bill. Does Clinton want to side with Obama and against the overwhelming majority of Democratic liberals on trade, on an issue where Obama’s attacks against liberals have inflamed many of them? Or does she want to side with the liberals, which could lead to defeat of the trade bill and alienate many of her business supporters?”

Parents Want School Choice for Reasons Beyond Just Academics | Sunshine State News

Interesting statistics on school crime!! “There’s another reason people clamor for vouchers, beyond the financial and educational advantages, but it rarely gets much attention. Many parents don’t want their children put at risk. That, unfortunately, is a concern in some of the government schools.In the 2013-14 school year, there were 66,416 “incidents” in the public schools, according to the Department of Education. No homicides, but there were robberies, burglaries, arson, sex offenses, drug possession, drug sales and bullying.”

The Clintons’ Criminal Board of Trustee

This is better than any crime novel ever read!!! “The four wealthy, powerful, and shady men fingered by Schweizer are tech magnate Vinod Gupta, hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal, billionaire Victor Dahdaleh, and energy tycoon Rolando Gonzalez Bunster, Breitbart News reports… U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that Gupta: improperly used corporate funds for over $3 million of personal jet travel for Gupta and his family and friends to such destinations as South Africa, Italy, and Cancun; $2.8 million of costs associated with Gupta’s yacht; $1.3 million of personal credit card expenses; and costs associated with 28 club memberships, 20 automobiles, his homes around the country, and premiums for three personal life insurance policies…”

How the Clintons Get Away With It

Noonan at her best!! “I wonder if any aspirant for the presidency except Hillary Clinton could survive such a book. I suspect she can because the Clintons are unique in the annals of American politics: They are protected from charges of corruption by their reputation for corruption. It’s not news anymore. They’re like . . . Bonnie and Clyde go on a spree, hold up a bunch of banks, it causes a sensation, there’s a trial, and they’re acquitted. They walk out of the courthouse, get in a car, rob a bank, get hauled in, complain they’re being picked on—“Why are you always following us?”—and again, not guilty. They rob the next bank and no one cares. “That’s just Bonnie and Clyde doing what Bonnie and Clyde do. No one else cares, why should I?”

Report: Cost of Federal Regulation Reached $1.88 Trillion in 2014

If anyone is wondering why people do not have as much spending money these days, just look at what regulations are costing you. Thanks Obama!!! “Federal regulation and intervention cost American consumers and businesses an estimated $1.88 trillion in 2014 in lost economic productivity and higher prices,” amounting to roughly $15,000 per household, the report said. The report found that the federal bureaucracy—made up of 60 agencies, departments, and commissions—has 3,415 regulations in the process of being finalized, meaning that the number of regulations far surpasses the number of laws passed by Congress. “In 2014, agencies issued 16 new regulations for every law—that’s 3,554 new regulations compared to 224 new laws,” the report said.”

Osama bin Laden was killed with help of Pakistanis, who held 9/11 mastermind prisoner at Abbottabad compound: report 

Must Read!! “U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden with the full cooperation of Pakistani intelligence agencies, who had kept the 9/11 mastermind prisoner inside his infamous Abbottabad compound for years before the fatal raid, a new bombshell report claims. The report, a lengthy article by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, widely contradicts multiple elements of the original account of the May 2011 raid by U.S. forces provided by the Obama administration and other federal government figures. “The most blatant lie was that Pakistan’s two most senior military leaders — General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, chief of the army staff, and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, director general of the ISI — were never informed of the US mission. This remains the White House position despite an array of reports that have raised questions,” Hersh wrote..,The Killing of Osama bin Laden see Hirsch’s response at: ‘ATTACK THE MESSENGER’ — Seymour Hersh defends his blockbuster bin Laden story

Communist Defector Says KGB Created “Liberation Theology”

Wow! “The theological movement, Pacepa said, was born in 1960 as a “disinformation” program approved by KGB Chairman Shelepin, the coordinator of the Communist Party’s international policies. The program was designed to give the KGB “secret control of the World Council of Churches  based in Geneva and use it as cover for converting liberation theology into a South American revolutionary tool,”.. The KGB created the Christian Peace Council and the World Peace Council using them as means to organize South American bishops under a new “theology” that essentially substituted Marxist doctrines of class warfare for Christian beliefs of personal sin and redemption…”

Marine Sanctuary’s Wrong Science Accelerated Florida’s Coral Reef Destruction | Sunshine State News

Florida’s biggest environmental disaster-still going on!!”During the early 1990s through 1995, 38 percent of the once-abundant living coral in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary had died.. The National Marine Sanctuary was calling for fresh water to be shipped down canals operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and sent into Florida Bay. They still are… Sanctuary scientists, who long ago reeled in the Everglades Foundation founders as their disciples, continue to ignore the connection between nitrogen and phosphorus — deadly to coral in combination — because they fertilize algae and invite red tides…DeMaria concluded, “Fresh water isn’t the answer, it’s only going to accelerate the coral death. You can’t clean nitrogen out of water like you can phosphorus. That’s the truth of it.”

China Preparing for Drone Warfare

Must Read!! “The report also highlights the threat facing Taiwan. “It is a tragedy that the Obama administration does not pay attention to these assessments when it continually denies Taiwan new weapons systems it requires to continue to deter China…The Chinese military, once a backward, ill-equipped force, is rapidly becoming a very sophisticated high-technology military organization that is focused on developing asymmetric warfare capabilities that will allow it to defeat the United States or other advanced militaries in a future conflict. The new capabilities include anti-satellite weapons, including a high-earth orbit missile capable of hitting strategic satellites as high as 22,000 miles in space, and cyber warfare capabilities. But the major weapons systems that receive the most attention in Chinese defense spending,.are missiles.”

Social Security: It’s even worse than you think

Wake up America!! “The Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ 2014 report to Congress last year found trust fund reserves for both its combined retirement and disability programs will grow until 2019. Program costs are projected to exceed income in 2020 and the trust funds will be depleted by 2033 if Congress doesn’t act. Once the trust funds are drained, annual revenues from payroll tax would be projected to cover only three-quarters of scheduled Social Security benefits through 2088… Under this (infinite) accounting system, SSA’s projected unfunded liabilities would be $24.9 trillion ..”Fair, transparent and accurate forecasts give Congress more of a chance to consider of all the policy proposals to preserve the solvency of Social Security. And it’s easier to make changes to Social Security now..

DHS broke judge’s order, approved amnesty applications despite injunction

Blatant Lies to the courts and to Congress!! “President Obama’s lawyers admitted to a federal judge late Thursday that they had broken the court’s injunction halting the administration’s new deportation amnesty, issuing thousands of work permits even after Judge Andrew S. Hanen had ordered the program stopped. The stunning admission, filed just before midnight in Texas, where the case is being heard, is the latest misstep for the administration’s lawyers, who are facing possible sanctions by Judge Hanen for their continued problems in arguing the case…Top Obama officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, had repeatedly assured Congress they had fully halted the program and were complying with the order.”

Gov. Rick Scott Files Injunction Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Health-Care Threats | Sunshine State News

Yeah! Scott and Bondi are not going to let the Feds force them to do their bidding!! “The Florida governor filed a motion for preliminary injunction Thursday to immediately prohibit the Obama administration from using “the same coercive threats that the Supreme Court has already held unconstitutional. “The 35-page motion, filed in U.S. District Court in Pensacola by plaintiffs Scott, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and the state Agency for Health Care Administration, regales a story of coercion by an administration exceeding its authority and disregarding the law of the land.”

How to fix the broken budget: Rep. Hultgren

“So what’s the answer to our broken budgeting process? In two words: biennial budgeting. Biennial budgeting is the simple idea that budget frameworks should last for two years instead of one — giving Congress one year to determine America’s priorities and pass a budget, and the second year to oversee how that money is actually spent. We need time to monitor the efficacy of each agency and craft the next budget based on what we have learned. For example, more time dedicated to oversight means the Science, Space and Technology Committee on which I sit can better identify and root out spending priorities and inefficiencies at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for instance. Congress can then better fulfill its constitutional responsibilities of budgeting and oversight.”

Victor Davis Hanson: How Civilizations Collapse — Is U.S. Next?

Must Read!! What ruins societies is well known: too much consumption and not enough production, a debased currency and endemic corruption. Americans currently deal with all those symptoms. But two more causes for decline are even more frightening: an unwillingness to pay taxes and the end of the rule of law…Nonparticipation in the tax system and noncompliance are recipes for social and cultural disaster — as we see with the current climbing tax rates, huge deficits and unsustainable national debt. Our laws are becoming as politicized as our tax system. Whatever one thinks of illegal immigration, it’s undeniable that under the Obama administration, federal immigration law enforcement is now predicated on politics. The law as it was written suddenly has ceased to exist — at least for particular groups at particular times and places.”