St. Pete: Cram that 95 Gallon Recycling Bin in Your Trunk Please! (Friday Funnies Cartoon)

St Pete Recycling fiasco part I

The city of St. Pete and the utopian dreamers at the helm of our ship of state have it ALL figured out.  Recycling propaganda. CHECK! Recycling Press conference. CHECK!  Recycling Community organizing. CHECKITY CHECK!  Buy 80,000 cans….BIG DOLLAR CHECKEROO!  Deliver 25,000 of cans to houses…OOH YEAH, Feels SO good!  Talk about ending twice a week garbage pickup!  THAT’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I LIKE IT, uh HUH uh Huh! 

A way to Pick UP the 95 gallon bins full of dirty bottles, cans and wet newspaper.  Uh, WHAT?

A contract with a recycling company to BUY the recyclables?  Uh…Did you SEE the PRETTY CANS?!!

A fiasco in the making that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands per year while ending clean garbage to electricity stream….YUP.  WE HAVE GOT THAT COVERED.  OOH YEAH! (Cue Yello’s “Oh Yeah” and dance off hoping no one will notice the actual fiasco).


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  1. Don

    I live in Historic Kenwood and the sight of these blue cans on the curb is disgusting! I have 3 steps in front of my house so the can is not going closer to the house. They have been sitting by the curb where they were dropped off almost a month ago now, full of trash! Now the the local junk collectors on bikes and strollers have another source to make a mess in front of my house as well as in the alley! Way to go STPete! been here over 16 years and nothing surprises me! by the way I own my home!

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