Fun First, Science Later; CLIMATE CHANGE- PART II of a series of essays

The main problem with Global Warming Alarmists is that they are just SO FUNNY!

The main problem with Global Warming Alarmists is that they are just SO FUNNY!

Editors note. St. Petersburg Attorney and thinker Kerry Brown brings us his second installment on Climate Change, after he recently attended the 10th Climate Realist Conference in Washington D.C., hosted by the International Climate Science Coalition. His reports on the climate reality are very instructional and appreciated (see part I here).  This editor is still reading the massive encyclical of Pope Francis on this issue and comparing it to the Catechism. The analysis and explanation of the many scientific, political and philosophical errors of the Holy Father will be highlighted soon (he is only infallible on “faith and moral” issues”).

By Kerry Brown, Esq I promised science in Part II, but I wanted to have some fun first. Besides, trying to boil down an exceedingly complex subject is going to be very difficult and I will need input and review by much smarter minds than me. If the economic and political consequences of fossil fuel strangulation weren’t so dire, the global warming debate would make for splendid farce or fiction. Michael Crichton’s State of Fear (HarperCollins 2004) is an example of the latter. However this fiction has a factual foundation as the author spent 3 years “reading environmental texts”. His 22 pages of single-spaced scientific citations/sources, many irrefutable graphs and 10 pages of his own observations shows this was much more than mere fantasy. You may not know that the late Crichton was a graduate of Harvard Medical School and was a researcher at the Salk Institute before becoming a writer and producer. He was a Democrat according to one report. Crichton’s Appendix I, “Why Politicized Science is Dangerous,” should be read in conjunction with his Cal Tech address attacking the degradation of the scientific method and pointing to climate change grants as one of the culprits. The farce category belongs to Mark Steyn’s “Global Warming’s Glorious Ship of Fools” (Spectator Magazine, January 2014). The true ironic rescue of the few ice-trapped greenie scientists and the many intrepid, wealthy eco-tourists should have been a skit on Saturday Night Live. What isn’t funny at all is the lawsuit by Mike Mann against Mr. Steyn’s free speech exercise that Mann’s hockey stick temperature graph is a fraud. I guess Mr. Mann’s defense is that being incredibly wrong and being “data selective” isn’t fraud. This expensive lawsuit is part of the zealots’ efforts to silence dissent.

in 2008, ABC new predicted New York City would be under last month (6/15). How is the Galoshes market in Manhattan doing these days?

in 2008, ABC new predicted New York City would be under water…by last month (6/15). How is the Galoshes market in Manhattan doing these days?

The many mass media disaster stories of the past 10-20 years already are looking more like the bad sci-fi movies of the 50’s. Check out ABC News “Earth 2100” which was produced in 2008, but not aired until June 2009. I am sure you can find it somewhere on the internet and view panicked predictions by some of the “top expert” global alarmists such as James Hansen and Peter Gleick. By 2015 large portions of New York City were to be under water, temperatures were by now to have “hit dangerous levels” and $9 per gallon gas projected (just to add some more fuel to the global warming 5 alarm fire). Gangster movies anyone? The Uber Fuhrer of Green James Hansen in testimony before the Congress on June 23, 2008 stated that “CEOs of fossil fuel companies …should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature…(for choosing) to spread doubt about global warming…” At about that same time Robert Kennedy Jr. said that that global warming skeptics should be criminally tried at The Hague (I guess the 1st Amendment would be no defense there). So does that mean Mr. Kennedy should be tried at The Hague for opposing wind turbine farms off Cape Cod that blocked his beautiful sunrises?

Maybe the CURRENT predictions of catastrophe are right. Ya' think? (Click for full size)

Maybe the CURRENT predictions of catastrophe are right. Ya’ think? (Click for full size)

Just recently Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) opined that a racketeering case (civil suit first, but we know where this is heading) should be filed to determine if “fossil fuel industry and its allies” are guilty of fraudulently opposing global warming. I could go on with other examples and believe me, I am not making this stuff up for a laugh. I guess I am an ally of the fossil fuel because I agree with them more than I agree with ”the sky is falling” alarmists and I like to drive my car more than I would like to wait in the 95 degree weather for a bus. If ever I take an honorarium for a speech on this topic I will have crossed the line, profiting thereby and becoming a co-conspirator. The profiteers on the other side suck in billions in grants and subsidies, but theirs is a noble cause. Their response to we “flat earthers” holding up the Bill of Rights is “You can’t yell fire in a theatre”. I guess the fate of the planet trumps the First Amendment.

Finally, the OSCAR Meyer of Hypocrisy award goes to Leonardo Di Caprio though there are many Hollywood contenders. Mr. Titanic must have a chutzpa ego as big as one of the yachts he likes to buy, rent, whatever. He tells us little folks to give up our gas guzzlers and our relatively cheap electricity while he jets (privately of course which consumes 30 to 130 times the carbon of an airline jet per The New York Times writing about Michael Bloomberg) to the 2014 World Cup and rents a 470 foot yacht owned by a Saudi prince. Are we laughing yet? More stars of “do as I say not…” can be found at Media Research Center publication “Climate Hypocrites”. Next installment is “The Science” in a thousand words or less. Maybe. Kerry H. Brown, Attorney, 447 3rd Avenue N. #310, St Petersburg, Fl. 33710 (727) 823-1776