Mengele Meets American Abortion. Florida Medical Association Doctors Defend Baby Slaughterhouses of Planned Parenthood at Annual Meeting.

Why would doctors defend crushing this babies skull in the womb and carefully protecting the liver for harvest and sale? Because doctors and all of Americans are in a moral death spiral.

Why would doctors defend crushing this 24 week baby’s skull in the womb and carefully protecting the liver for harvest and sale? Because doctors and all of Americans are in a moral death spiral.

Americans exposed to the recent abortion scandal in America have been shocked at Planned Parenthood. The shock has come on many levels dealing with the abundance of abortion in America, the abject disregard for the babies slaughtered and a moral decay among many Americans justifying all of it. The callous disregard for harvesting of organs from babies has been highlighted by secret videos, the comments of those negotiating prices for baby parts, the political machine of Planned Parenthood seeking to minimize or confuse the facts and attacks on those who dare to call for an end of taxpayer funding of the slaughterhouse called Planned Parenthood. As of 8/5/15, the mainstream media is covering up much, not even reporting on the 5th and most horrific of all abortion videos released so far. Red flags should be flying for Americans concerned about our nation’s future as the abortion issue becomes very clarified in our culture. Americans need to look in the mirror and ask “what have we become?”

The parallels of the emerging Nazi Medical community to health care and harvesting of fetal organs in 2015 America are unmistakable.

The moral death spiral in which America finds itself has many sources. Abortion on demand as a means of “planned parenthood” is just one of the most glaring results of our moral death spiral. Doctors, administrators and medical directors have been shown offering baby organs from later term abortions as they casually sip wine, speak of getting “a Lamborghini” for their services, showing how easy it is to find “eyes” and “organs” from a dish full of chopped up baby pulled from the womb. They have talked about how they can use ultrasound to carefully crush the baby in certain ways – in the womb – to ensure desired organs are preserved for sale. They have even talked of harvesting organs from babies removed from the uterus intact – implying that these may indeed be live births.

As a physician and member, I attended the annual meeting of the Florida Medical Association (FMA) from July 31 – August 2. Two brave souls brought forward a policy proposal that stated “the FMA holds a firm position in opposition to the sale of aborted fetal body parts by physicians or other persons” and “the FMA opposes any abortion procedure designed to facilitate procurement of fetal body parts for sale”. This seems pretty straightforward, but there was outrage among many doctors there who support abortion. In fact, the language was ultimately referred to a committee for study, rather than adopted immediately as policy. Some of the doctors justified the harvest of tissue with emotional stories of research directed toward using fetal tissue for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and other medical diseases. Some wanted to deflect by stating that there was no “profit” involved, without addressing the fact that a not-for-profit company is also quite capable of generating enormous revenue from their activities. Others complained that policy should not be made based on a “YouTube video” or that the videos were edited to deceive (even though full length videos have been released). Others accused those of exposing the atrocities of Planned Parenthood as being politically motivated extremists. The most arrogant statement I heard from a doctor at the microphone was that the public could “not understand” the facts regarding the techniques of abortions implying the videos were irrelevant. It was often doctors representing the Florida chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offering these disturbing statements. The overall tenor of the defenders of the Abortionists at planned parenthood was “there is nothing to see here” and if there is “it is not wrong”.

The tactics being used by the defenders of Planned Parenthood are very similar to those of Nazi Germany and Saul Alinsky. These have been well described elsewhere in “Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich Hayek. They include changing the definition of words such as the use of “Planned Parenthood” instead of “abortion clinic” or “tissue harvest” rather than “killing fetuses in the womb”. Road to Serfdom described how a society could become so morally corrupt as to end up with genocide, human experiments and doctor committed murder as national policies (see the story of Nazi Doctor “Karl Brandt”). The Book “The Nazi Doctors” offers a detailed analysis and history on “Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide” as indicated in the subtitle (Robert Jay Lifton, M.D., 2000, Basic Books Publisher). The author and psychiatrist Dr. Lifton, describes the numerous rationalizations used and the underlying social philosophies. Sterilization of the unfit was based on “the life of the nation” which was required to take precedence over “dogma of conscience”. Doctors took care of the “population” not individual patients and it was written that “the “ill-conceived ‘love thy neighbor” had to be abolished in favor of the “Volk” (population). Doctors were told to change their attitude and required to be agents of the state – ending the “patient-physician relationship”. Abortions were banned for the “volk” preferred by the state and required of the “impure”. Citizens were subjected to propaganda through posters and film of the “economic burden of the sick”. Children were required on mathematics test to calculate the cost to society of taking care of the “crippled and insane”. The comparisons to Alinsky are obvious as defenders of Planned Parenthood attack as “extremists” and “liars” those that dare to expose the abortion houses.

Without doubt, these doctors and their defenders will object to identifying the parallels in the current abortion debacle to the details of Nazi Medical history. That is an expected tactic of the establishment – attack and seek to discredit the messenger. But the parallels of the emerging Nazi Medical community to health care and harvesting of fetal organs in 2015 America are unmistakable. A situational ethics has arisen that justifies causing great pain to babies in the uterus as they are maneuvered into position to rip their organs intact from their bodies. The “situation” that is used to justify this is the need for cures for Parkinson’s or other disease, but these doctors have lost their moral guidepost of “do no harm” or “the ends do not justify the means”. In fact the term “population health” is seen as a primary goal in health care today by organized Medicine (AMA and hundreds of medical societies), the Federal government, Obamacare, insurance companies, hospitals and the medical community as a whole.

The AMA has recently changed their ethics policies to indicate that doctors have a “responsibility to be prudent stewards of shared societal resources” which is nearly identical to the Nazi justification of saving money for the state by killing unwanted people. In this case, the unwanted are babies – the largest percentage of which are usually black – due to the alleged “burden” on society or selfish parents who care more about having a second car, a social life or something other than allowing their baby to be born. Black women have an abortion rate of 29.7/1,000 women versus only 8.0/1,000 for white women (CDC, 2011). Sadly, data is not available for racial profiles of abortions in Florida, which is unfortunate given the recent revelations that St. Petersburg abortion clinics (of Planned Parenthood) have just been found to be illegally doing second trimester abortions. Yet nowhere is heard the inane cry of “institutional racism” when it comes to abortion though it perfectly fits the definition.

It is sad that the professed ethics of doctors can mean nothing at times when critical decisions come before them or social pressures threaten their existence as a physician. Even Auschwitz’s Nazi Dr. Mengele actually identified himself as a “Catholic” on all official German forms.  Even now, doctors are selling out to the new state-run medical norm of accepting bonus payments for practicing in an economically “efficient” manner – to avoid the penalties for actually ordering necessary and at times more expensive care for their patients. They also get a cut of the  “shared savings” by participating in “Alternative Payment models” or “Accountable Care Organizations” (ACO’s) when they stop spending money on their patients – instead putting it in their own pockets. The obvious conflict of interest should send chills down the spine of any patient that must trust their doctor will provide the best care – rather than protect their own financial interest over the best interest of the patient.

Doctors are rapidly losing their place of trust in society as they have been coopted into becoming agents of the state for rationing and other ends. Doctors at the Florida Medical Association should have had no problem standing up against the sale of aborted body parts or the use of abortion techniques designed to harvest organs instead of a quick abortion. Hopefully the leaders in the FMA that now have this policy referred to them will speak loudly, clearly and quickly to endorse this policy in public while the nation begins to look for guidance. More importantly, it is my hope and prayer that the American people will stop on our road to complete moral decline. Americans are being hit square in the face with the fist of injustice. Will they shake it off and move on, or will they ask why this happened? The way Americans deal with abortion on demand and harvesting of baby parts for their own benefit will be one factor that decides our outcome as a nation and a people.