Florida Congressional Districts, Iran Nukes, Clinton Lies, Chinese Hack Government Emails. Helena’s News Roundup

proposed congressional districts florida 2015Florida Legislature’s Redistricting Base Map Offers Dramatic Congressional Reshuffling
Check to see how redistricting will affect your current rep and/or future rep. “With the Florida Legislature returning to Tallahassee next week to start a special session on congressional redistricting, the base map of the state’s 27 congressional districts was released on Wednesday.”

21 Policy Highlights From the First 2016 Republican Debate  Excellent summary of the policy highlights from  the GOP Debate.

‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides “It was disclosed her top aides are being drawn into a burgeoning federal inquiry and that two emails on her private account have been classified as “Top Secret.”The IG for the Intelligence Community notified senior members of Congress that two of four classified emails discovered on the server Clinton maintained at her NY home contained material deemed to be in one of the highest security classifications…Administration officials and Clinton aides have declined to provide a full list of which aides used personal email for government business or who might have had an email account on Clinton’s personal server…Clinton acknowledged that Huma Abedin, her deputy chief of staff and one of Clinton’s closest confidants, had an account on her personal server in a sworn affidavit filed Monday…”

Neither Hillary Nor Bernie Is Up to the Task of Holding the Obama Coalition Together “The trouble for Democrats generally is that while Obama was able to unite the factions of the Left to get himself elected, it’s not clear anyone else can. Obama wanted to be a “transformative” president who moved the magnetic poles of American politics leftward. The jury is out on that project, but he did succeed in at least one sense. Reagan united foreign-policy hawks, social conservatives, and economic conservatives — the famous three legs to the stool of the conservative movement. Obama did something very similar on the left. He united the civil-rights or identity-politics wing, the economic or egalitarian wing, and the more elitist technocratic wing. Obviously, these movements overlap — just as the different factions of the Reagan coalition overlapped — but each has its own priorities and passions.”

Florida Delegation Asks FEMA for Flooding Assistance “With floods impacting parts of the Sunshine State, particularly the Tampa Bay region, members of the Florida congressional delegation are urging Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate for assistance. Sen. Rubio, R-Fla., wrote Furgate on Monday asking for FEMA to monitor Florida and prepare to offer help if it is needed. “Areas of the Tampa Bay region, along with parts of Central and North Florida, have seen record amounts of rainfall during the past few weeks,” Rubio wrote Furgate. “According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather reports, these areas are likely to experience even more severe weather in the days and weeks to come.”

China Read Emails of Top U.S. Officials Maybe the Chinese will hand over Hillary’s emails!! “The senior official says the private emails of “all top national security and trade officials” were targeted.The Chinese also harvested the email address books of targeted officials, according to the document, reconstructing and then “exploiting the(ir) social networks” by sending malware to their friends and colleagues.The time period overlaps with Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account while Secretary of State from Jan. 21, 2009 to Feb. 1, 2013. The names and ranks of the officials whose emails were actually grabbed, however, were not disclosed in the NSA briefing nor by the intelligence official.”

How Obama Misled Us about the Concessions He Was Making to Iran More LIES!! “..according to Iranian officials, Obama initiated secret negotiations with Iran not after the 2013 election of President Rouhani, but rather in 2011 when Ahmadinejad was still Iran’s president. That means the administration did not wait to reach out until Iran was governed by Rouhani, the purportedly “pragmatic” moderate.. . It reached out when Ahmadinejad, an unapologetic “Death to America, death to Israel” hardliner, was running Iran’s government…If this version of events is true, then the suggestion that the election of Rouhani marked a turning point is not just an absurdity offered by an administration predisposed to appeasement. It is cover for an initiative that was already well underway… because Obama was campaigning for a second term in office.”

Iran, Russia Hold Wargames  “Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes, told the Washington Free Beacon on Monday that the Obama administration is ignoring the Russian-Iranian military buildup.”We’re witnessing a new great game, and Obama is so self-centered he keeps playing solitaire,” Rubin said at the time. “Obama simply doesn’t understand that the world is full of dictators who seek to checkmate America. What he sees as compromise; they see as weakness to exploit.”Referring to a visit last week to Russia by IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani, who is responsible for the deaths of Americans, Rubin said it is clear that Moscow and Tehran aim to build a tight military alliance.“Visiting Russia to talk arms purchases and now this naval visit, it’s clear that Putin and Khamenei will waste no time to really develop their military cooperation,”

Turkey’s strikes on Kurds could drag US into new front, military sources fear The deals Obama gets the US into never seems to work that well for the US!! “Just hours after a deal last month allowing the U.S. to use Turkey’s air bases to launch sorties against ISIS, Turkey pulled a move that left American military leaders surprised and outraged, and raised questions about the two nations’ alliance in the war on the jihadist army.With only 10 minutes notice to their American partners, Turkey launched a massive air strike of its own July 24 against a Kurdish militant group in the northern mountains of Iraq. The U.S. had barely enough warning to make sure its own forces were out of the way, according to a military source with knowledge of the tension Turkey’s attack caused in the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, the allied headquarters in the air war against ISIS.”

The Pentagon Is Keeping Half of Gitmo Locked Up—Against The White House’s Wishes Thank goodness Defense Sec. Carter is watching out for our national security, because Obama is not. “Shutting down Gitmo remains a glaring, unfinished Obama campaign promise, and its closure goes through Carter’s office. Carter’s signature is needed for the release of 52 of the 116 detainees cleared for leaving the detention facility by several government agencies that have reviewed their files..The 52 cleared detainees have been approved for release through an extensive interagency process, which includes the Pentagon.But it is Carter’s signature that leads to a detainee’s release. “The Obama administration is putting pressure on Carter to sign off on releasing some additional detainees. But some of the individuals they’re requesting, Carter doesn’t feel comfortable putting his name on the line, to sign off on them..”

Matt Vespa – Four Planned Parenthood Centers Cited In Florida Probe, Three Ordered To Stop Second-Trimester Abortions “After all 16 were inspected, four were issued citations. Three were conducting procedures that were outside of their licenses (a.k.a late-term abortions) and the last one was improperly logging the disposal of infant remains.Florida’s AHCA said it found no evidence that Planned Parenthood in FL was illegally selling aborted baby parts:After inspecting 16 Planned Parenthood locations in the state last week, the AHCA found that clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples have been performing abortions in the second trimester of pregnancies without a license to do so.”These facilities have been notified to immediately cease performing second-trimester abortions,..” “The agency may take additional actions against these facilities, including administrative sanctions.”The AHCA could fine Planned Parenthood up to $500 per violation.”

Why Trump Will NOT Run Third Party  “Trump is extremely unlikely to run third party for three reasons:1. It will cost him a fortune and, although rich, as we have seen The Donald is not quite as rich as he says he is. Running as an independent would put a serious dent in his net worth.2. It will put an equally serious dent in the Trump brand. Yes, it will keep him in the public eye, but many millions of Republicans will be very angry at him for throwing this important election to the Democrats, a significant portion of whom are such true believers they would vote for Hillary if she had to govern the country from behind bars. Think those millions of irate Repubs would be willing patrons of Trump’s hotels, casinos, golf courses, clothing lines or whatever? No way — and Trump certainly knows it. He’s a businessman.3. Trump doesn’t like to lose — and he would.”

When You’ve Lost David Brooks. . . “Brooks’s column today in the NY Times is brutal on the Iran deal. He says it is a loss on par with the Vietnam War: Wars are measured by whether you achieved your stated objectives. By this standard the U.S. and its allies lost the war against Iran, but we were able to negotiate terms that gave only our partial surrender, which forces Iran to at least delay its victory. There have now been three big U.S. strategic defeats over the past several decades: Vietnam, Iraq and now Iran.The big question is, Why did we lose?.. the Iranians were confident in their power, while the Obama administration emphasized the limits of America’s ability to influence other nations. It’s striking how little Obama thought of the tools at his disposal. He effectively took the military option off the table. He didn’t believe much in economic sanctions. . .”

Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency What happens when you google your favorite candidate?”.. a study published this week says that the order of those results, the ranking of positive or negative stories on the screen, can have an enormous influence on the way you vote. And if the election is close enough, the effect could be profound enough to change the outcome.In other words: Google’s ranking algorithm for search results could accidentally steal the presidency. “We estimate, based on win margins in national elections around the world,” says Robert Epstein, a psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and one of the study’s authors, “that Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25 percent of all national elections.”

Iran Already Sanitizing Nuclear Site, Intel Warns Can anyone be surprised by Iranians starting to sanitize their Nuclear sites ahead of inspections. Well, noone but Obama and Kerry!! “Burr said Iran’s activities at Parchin complicate the work of the IAEA inspectors who are set to examine the site in the coming months… “They are certainly not going to see the site that existed. Whether that’s a site that can be determined what it did, only the technical experts can do that,” Burr said. “I think it’s a huge concern…Several senior lawmakers, including Democrats, are concerned that Iran will be able to collect its own soil samples at Parchin with only limited supervision, a practice several lawmakers have compared to giving suspected drug users the benefit of the doubt to submit specimens unsupervised. Iran’s sanitization of the site further complicates that verification.”.