Government Causes College Tuition Inflation; Pythons, Lizards, EMP Attacks and more. Helena’s News Roundup.

A single powerful nuclear bomb detonated at high altitude could wipe out our electrical grid. The resultant civil unrest would likely lead to millions of deaths and a very weak society prone to military attack and conquest.

A single powerful nuclear bomb detonated at high altitude could wipe out our electrical grid. The resultant civil unrest would likely lead to millions of deaths and a very weak society prone to military attack and conquest.

Stephen Moore – Hillary Clinton Would Make College Even More Expensive  “There are dozens of colleges this year that charge students and their families more than $50,000 a year.. College tuition costs have gone up faster than the costs of health care and even housing over the past decade. In the digital age, education costs should be falling. You can now take online courses for a tiny fraction of what it costs to sit in the classroom.Clinton’s plan would only make the crisis worse by having taxpayers foot an even larger share of the cost of tuition. She wouldn’t make it free — that’s the Bernie Sanders idea — but only a small fraction of college cost would be borne by the students. This third-party payer system is what has caused the spiral of inflation in tuitions in the first place. The only other industry that has a similar government payer system is health care, and look at the runaway costs there.”

Drudge, Fox News could be censored under new federal rules, experts warn Beware! “If rules such as these are not reviewed under the most rigorous scrutiny possible, government favoritism and censorship masquerading as ‘neutrality’ will soon cascade to other forms of mass communication,” the center argues. Furchtgott-Roth argues that the differentiation between content providers and broadband providers is an unconstitutional division. “In addition to compelling speech, the order impermissibly singles out broadband providers without imposing similar requirements on the speech of other Internet entities who also act as gatekeepers,” his brief states.”If the court upholds the FCC’s rules, the agency’s authority over the Internet would extend from one end to the other,..” Specifically, Campbell said, the FCC will likely try to control political speech.”

Random Thoughts  Great Article by Thomas Sowell! “The endlessly repeated argument that most Americans are the descendants of immigrants ignores the fact that most Americans are NOT the descendants of ILLEGAL immigrants. Millions of immigrants from Europe had to stop at Ellis Island, and had to meet medical and other criteria before being allowed to go any further…”Despite an old saying that taxes are the price we pay for civilization, an absolute majority of the record-breaking tax money collected by the federal gov today is simply transferred by politicians from people who are not likely to vote for them to people who are more likely to vote for them.”

A family in public housing makes $498,000 a year. And HUD wants tenants like this to stay.  Time to clean up the abuse at HUD and every other!! “In LA, a family of five that’s lived in public housing since 1974 made $204,784 last year but paid $1,091 for a four-bedroom apartment. And a tenant with assets worth $1.6 million including stocks, real estate and retirement accounts last year paid $300 for a one-bedroom apartment in public housing in Neb.In a new report, the watchdog for HUD describes these and more than 25,000 other “over income” families earning more than the maximum income for government-subsidized housing as an “egregious” abuse of the system. While the family in NY with an annual income of almost $500,000 raked in $790,500 in rental income on its real estate holdings in recent years, more than 300,000 families that really qualify for public housing lingered on waiting lists.”

Conservative Review – New Report: Massive Immigration Surge from Mexico “..this report reaffirms record high levels of immigration across the board and from Latin America…The nation’s immigrant population has grown 4.1 million from the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2015, with roughly 2.1 million of the growth coming from Latin America, of which 1 million are from Mexico. Over the past year alone, the immigration population has grown by 1.7 million. Seventy-one percent of this growth has come from Latin America (1.2 million) and 44% (740,000) from Mexico alone. Overall, there are 42.1 million immigrants in the country, 13.3% of the nation’s total population, which is the largest share in 105 years. As I noted in my immigration report in June, that trajectory is projected to explode. By 2060, the immigrant population will grow to78.2 million – 18.8% of the total population.”

Flood of water-damaged vehicles hitting local repair shops  “The damage hasn’t been compiled yet, but flood-damaged vehicles have poured into repair shops and salvage yards, where those that can’t be returned to the roads are scavenged for parts. “Once the car is totaled from flood damage, they won’t put it back on the road,” Caines said. She said less severe damage ranged from fried starters to moldy floorboards. One customer, Caines said, opened the door to get out of his stalled car and water rushed in, causing fungus to form. If too much of the car is submerged, the wiring harness can be short-circuited and spores can overtake the interior, said Dan Pena, service manager at Guy’s Automotive. Among the myriad ways flooding can total cars.. is water that gets sucked into the air intake. “When the water goes in there, it locks the pistons going up and down inside the engine,” he said.”

Senate Panel Passes Altered Redistricting Map “One amendment from Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, would place eastern Hillsborough County (which includes Brandon) in one congressional district. Base maps have this specific portion of the state’s fourth most-populous county split into three congressional districts. The former Senate president’s plan also puts the entire city of Tampa back into the 14th Congressional District, which is currently represented by U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor. Sarasota County would also be kept in one congressional district…Lee’s amendment was the only one that made it out of the Senate Reapportionment ring Monday.”

Republican plan to eliminate IRS union, as it elects new leadership, could threaten federal unions generally Eliminating the IRS union would be a great first step. Then eliminate all gov’t unions!! “The Republicans said the law “must be amended to designate the IRS as an agency that is exempt from labor organization and collective bargaining requirements.” Their rationale is “the nature of their work requires them to be completely apolitical,” like employees in a handful of agencies, including the CIA, FBI and the Secret Service. Yet, law enforcement officers in the Border Patrol and Customs are unionized, as are correctional officers and airport transportation security officers. Furthermore, the requirement to provide services without political favoritism applies to federal employees generally, certainly in the executive and judicial branches. That’s the basis of the civil service.”

Report: Danger of Government-Created Solar Bubble Bursting When Subsidies Expire in 2016
Good article on the problems with solar power–requires taxpayer subsidies!! “Would the solar industry be viable without government subsidies?” asked him.“That’s the $39 billion question. We need to see that,” Williams replied. “I hope it is. I hope that we can get to a point where solar power isn’t subsidized and it survives, because we really need an all-of-the-above approach when it comes to energy. But we can’t prop up an industry just because we think it’s cool and we like it.”The U.S. is not the only country that is phasing-out solar power subsidies.After heavily promoting solar power, the Spanish government cut subsidies to its solar companies last year, leaving them 22 billion euros in debt.”

The TRUE Reason Gay Marriage Was Legalized, And What It Really Means For The Future Excellent analysis of the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage.
The Obergefell decision was perhaps the most fraudulent Supreme Court decision in US history. The logic was non-existent, the arguments were phony, and the decision itself was a totally political one that, as Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “has no basis in the constitution or this court’s precedents.” And the ramifications of this decision are disturbing, with significant impact on children, on American culture, on the institution of marriage and on the First Amendment rights of Americans — in particular churches, Christian-owned business, and religious schools. Justice Samuel Alito warned that the decision will be used to oppress the faithful “by those who are determined to stamp out every vestige of dissent.”

JAMES WOOLSEY, PETER PRY: EMP, a Shariah-approved nuclear attack
Must Read by former CIA director!! A single nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude over the US would generate an EMP that could black out the electric grid and other life-sustaining, critical infrastructures, such as communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water. The Congressional EMP Commission estimated a nationwide blackout lasting one year could kill anywhere from two of every three Americans up to nine of 10 Americans by starvation and social disruption…“ Tehran’s military is planning to be able to make a nuclear EMP attack..The EMP Commission found that Iran has practiced launching missiles and fusing warheads for high-altitude EMP attack.. Iran has apparently practiced surprise EMP attacks.. Iran launched its fourth satellite on such a trajectory as recently as February 2015.

Foreign Policy Experts Warn Against Iran Deal The amount of money the US will be giving Iran is “larger than the entire Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe..,” What you’re looking at is a Marshall Plan for the Islamic Republic that is going to…have tremendous salutary effects for anything relating to the Iranian economy, including both its domestic reconstruction and its ability to engage in foreign ventures.” The Obama administration has maintained Tehran will place this money toward debt payments, trade costs, and domestic reconstruction. Berman and Ottolenghi are skeptical, contending the majority of the money would fund terrorist groups.According to Berman, Iran spends $200 million annually to support Hezbollah and $25 million per month to support Hamas, and Iran sends $6 billion annually to Syrian dictator al-Assad.”

Ex-DIA chief: Obama ‘willfully’ allowed rise of ISIS “The former director of the U.S.D.I.A claims the Obama administration made a “willful decision” to allow ISIS to form in an attempt to unite Sunni Muslims against the government of Syrian President Assad. Ret Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said the assertion that the rise of ISIS caught the administration by surprise isn’t true.The WH made a conscious decision when it sponsored the radical jihadists who later became the Jabhad al-Nusra and ISIS, to fight the Assad regime …“The Obama administration should not have been surprised by the rapid rise of ISIS, since it was anticipated by DIA,” Pry said. “Incompetence and ideology probably account for why the administration was surprised. This will not be the first time the administration has ignored the advice of military and intelligence professionals.”

Hunters, Pythons Await in Bigger-Better 2016 Challenge “The Python Challenge™ is back. The Challenge is a conservation effort that includes public outreach on invasive species and a month-long competition to remove Burmese pythons from public lands in Florida…In 2013 the Python Challenge attracted roughly 1,600 hunters. and made headlines worldwide …among a population of an estimated 200,000-plus snakes, hunters netted only 68 of the creatures…By skipping the last two years, the state was able to beef up its established programs that train licensed hunters and people who regularly work in areas known to contain pythons to kill or report exotic snakes..The dates of the python removal competition in south Florida are set for Jan. 16 to Feb. 14, 2016. Participants will be able to sign up as an individual competitor or as part of a team of up to five people.”

Yipes! More Uninvited Aliens! Now It’s Tegu Lizards “Make room, Burmese pythons … Tegu lizards are crowding your turf, they’re big and scary, and they’ve been multiplying in South Florida ever since the first one was spotted in 2008 near a Homestead trailer park in the southern part of Miami-Dade County.Tegus are an invasive species which reproduces quickly and ravenously consumes all kinds of things, including small animals and the eggs of many wildlife species. Tegus are now known to have established significant breeding populations in Miami-Dade, Polk and Hillsborough counties, but plenty have been spotted in Lee, Collier, Palm Beach, and even counties much farther north.  The black-and-white tegu is about 3 feet in length and is native to South America — specifically Brazil, Paraguay, Uraguay and Argentina.”

New York Times Reassured By Obama Foreign Policy. Our Allies? Not So Much The carrier Teddy Roosevelt is currently stationed in the Persian Gulf keeping a watchful eye on Iran..” the American naval presence off Iranian shores is now more important than ever as the administration seeks to assure Middle Eastern allies and a skeptical Congress that the US will continue to keep an eye on Iran.”However,in a few weeks, the Roosevelt is leaving the Persian Gulf, not to be replaced by another American carrier for months…So, if the American presence in the Gulf is important to “assure Middle Eastern allies” that we will “keep an eye on Iran,” how reassuring is it that there will be no significant presence in the Gulf at precisely the moment the nuclear deal is meant to go into effect?” Plus the US says it will pull its Patriot missile units off of the Turkish border with Syria?”


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