Environmentalism-The oldest and newest religion. CLIMATE CHANGE—PART III

global warming religionBy Kerry Brown, esq

Tens of thousands of years ago the cave art of prehistoric man suggests a worship of animals and objects in nature. Fast forward to September 15, 2003 in San Francisco where Harvard Med. School educated Michael Crichton in an address to the Commonwealth Club stated that”… the greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda.” He then points to environmentalism as an example. “Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists…[for them]…it seems facts aren’t necessary, because the tenets of environmentalism are all about belief.”

Crichton parallels environmentalism and Judeo-Christian beliefs. It is worth reading. He gives many examples of the myths of this oldest and yet newest religion such as the “noble savage,” blissful nature that is brutal in fact, the “sky is falling” Paul Ehrlich in the 60’s predicting the scarcity of oil and other resources, and mass starvations. In fact, modern science and capitalism have fed countless new billions and oil/gas production has boomed.

Crichton then turns to the doom and gloom de jour of warming alarmists:

“What about salvation, sustainability, and judgment day? What about the coming environmental doom from fossil fuels and global warming, if we don’t get down on our knees and conserve every day?”

I know a local owner of a successful sign business in St Petersburg. Shortly after we met 5 years ago, he gave me a bumper sticker which he printed “Global Warming—the Newest Religion.” It was reassuring that a small business man with a high school education sees right through the faith-based science of global warming activists.

The sign business owner is sandwiched between two brilliant minds who agree with him. This next luminary is Freeman Dyson who has resided for decades as a scholar at The Institute of Advance Studies in Princeton. Yes, that institute where Einstein and other geniuses go to ponder the great scientific questions. Dyson graced the front cover of the New York Times Magazine March 29, 2009. Like Crichton he does not hang out with the Koch brothers and he drives his car around Princeton with an Obama sticker. He has hung out with the great scientists of the 20th century, and was acknowledged as one of the smartest physicists by Oppenheimer, Feynman, et cetera. While he admits he is not a climate scientist per se, he has been involved off and on since the late 70’s in a number of climate studies, some paid by the defense department. He states:

“Climate change has become an obsession- the primary article of faith for a worldwide secular religion known as environmentalism.” He points out many mistaken beliefs of the past including the belief that Hitler had the atomic bomb, the Y2K frenzy, global cooling and the scarcity of oil and so on.

 The National Association of Scholars has published an eye-opening report “Sustainability—Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism.” On campuses across the US “…where sustainability has become dogma, honest investigation of global warming is nearly impossible.” Authors Wood and Peterson cite numerous examples of academic intolerance including shaming and shunning. Sounds like bad old time religion.

I also commend a lengthy essay by Joel Garreau in The New Atlantis magazine where he writes sarcastically of “carbon fundamentalism” with Al Gore as Christ being ”…crucified in the 2000 election and then rising from the political dead and ascending into [secular] heaven two times, not only as a Nobel deity, but as an Academy Award winner.”

Finally, I could write a separate essay on Pope Francis. A humorous read by Christopher Monckton confirms the bias of the Vatican on the issue of climate change. His clandestine entry into the Vatican during the recent assembly of climate experts (not one a skeptic) is entertaining though troubling. The Pope calls for an open debate on the issue, but how can you have a debate with only one side invited to the debate? Heartland.Org has Monckton’s essay and there are plenty of “hits” on the internet. I will not attack the Pope, but I believe he was influenced by the radical Latin American politics of the 60’s which detested capitalism.

Yet again, I have not addressed the science, or lack of science on the subject. Back in 2009 while in New Zealand I had an extended visit with Dr. Vincent Gray whose papers helped me slog through the many complex facets of climate. I am soon traveling to interview Princeton physics professor Dr. William Happer who will also help point me in the right direction. Maybe I will be lucky enough to meet Freeman Dyson.

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  1. Keir

    As a boater and fisherman I support many environmental initiatives. Climate change is BS and the feds know it. The religious factor is the religion of government. More people get gov’t assistance than go to church and that is how they want it.

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