Times Hypocrisy on Government Run “Failure Factors”: School Choice is Answer. Also Clinton and Alger Hiss, Marxists Conquer Democrat Party and More. Helena’s News Roundup

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers review.

Big Revelation in Pinellas Is an Epic Fail The Times misses the point. “This is what happens when School Board members and administrators do not recognize that black families are not happy in these schools but feel trapped in them and fear for the safety of their children. ”I have advocated school choice to help students “trapped” in poor schools and liberals have howled about the use of the term. I’ve also highlighted the discipline problems. The standard answer from apologists is that we should “fix” the gov schools instead of freeing the children trapped in them. FL leads in school choice. These programs help kids trapped in failing schools. But the Times never has advocated greater use of them…The liberal remedy never varies. Throw more money at the failing schools despite the lack of any evidence that it brings about better outcomes.”

Articles: The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party Must Read!”Marx’s theory was joined with Freud’s neurotic ideas..Their goal was a total transformation of society by breaking down traditional norms and institutions such as monogamous relations and the traditional family ….accomplished by promoting/legitimizing unhinged sexual permissiveness with no cultural or religious restraint..Alinksy succeeded..in the recruitment of young radicals- Hillary and Obama -who would go on to the top of power in the Dem.Party…One of Alinsky’s contributions was the tactic to avoid debate on the issues by silencing, ridiculing and marginalizing people of opposing views… allies in the media provided cover and ..acceptance for radical issues. Traditional values of morality, family,etc.were made to appear outdated ..and culturally unfashionable.. this evolved into what has become known as PC.”

Behind the Biden hype “Joe Biden wants to run.. But that doesn’t mean he actually will.. He’s playing the same wait-and-see game he’s played for the past 18 months, telling potential backers he’ll make a decision as late as early Oct. Since his 2012 reelection, Biden had opted for inaction over action ..On the other hand, his numbers are too good to ignore. Without even being in the race, he consistently polls in double digits and narrowly bested Clinton in head-to-head match-ups against top Rep. in key swing states… he’s regarded as much more trustworthy. enjoying a 20-point lead over Clinton in that metric among battleground state voters. Obama,.. is more inclined to support Clinton’s candidacy. Despite her woes, he sees her as a more electable candidate and a more effective keeper of his policy legacy. He’s done everything but endorse her already.”

Improving Your Private Property? Check with the EPA Nightmare!! “The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers have positioned themselves to regulate practically every square inch of our state. Beyond their normal or traditional jurisdictions, the Corps and EPA claim virtually all tributaries are now subject to the Clean Water Act — no matter how remote or inconsequential. It expands waters and lands “adjacent” to waters covered by the CWA and “neighboring” lands such as 100-year flood plains and lands within 1,500 feet of the covered waters. Own property near a stream or a ditch? If either contribute water to a tributary during rainfall or are located within a half mile of a 100-year floodplain, you may need EPA approval to improve your home or change your landscaping. That means layers of federal bureaucracy and expense will be added to what could have been a simple home improvement project.”

The U.S. Is on Par With Many European Welfare States: Study Why should anyone work? “The US is doling out more tax dollars in welfare benefits than some countries in Europe, known for massive welfare states, according to a new analysis by the libertarian Cato Institute. The study, “The Work Versus Welfare Trade-Off: Europe,” primarily focuses on European Union countries, but also compares the US to European countries, many of which are reforming their welfare systems with work requirements — requirements that have been scaled back in the US in recent years.“Benefits in the US fit comfortably into the mainstream of welfare states..”  “Excluding Medicaid, the US would rank 10th among the EU nations analyzed, more generous than France and slightly less generous than Sweden. Thirty-five states offer a package more generous than the mean benefit package offered in the European countries analyzed.”

The Fed’s Stock-Price Correction Must Read by Martin Feldstein, Econ Prof Harvard. “Market participants know that the economy is at full employment,..and that there is little risk of deflation. They know therefore that interest rates must rise, and that a return to normal levels will reverse the mispricing of assets. The Fed cannot hide that realization by postponing rate hikes for a few months. And so the Fed should get on with the task of normalizing rates, particularly so that investors and lenders are no longer tempted to sink deeper into mispriced assets.. There is no shortage of tax and budget policy prescriptions that could stimulate output without increasing national debt. It’s time to escape the unprecedented monetary policy that for a while stimulated demand—but then distorted prices and brought about the current corrections.”

Compare Florida Senate Candidates at a Glance Compare and contrast the candidates running in the  2016 Florida statewide election for U.S. Senate with the first installment of our Election 2016 infographic series.

Articles: Hillary and Alger Must Read!! Hillary is using the same tactics Hiss did 65 years ago. “Both Hiss and Clinton began with absolute denials. If Hiss had never met Chambers, then Chambers could not have witnessed anything — so Hiss claimed to have “never set eyes” on Chambers. Likewise, no classified material, no email problem. So Clinton asserted, “There is no classified material…Once Chambers had accurately described Hiss’s family, car, home, etc., Hiss could no longer credibly assert that he had “never set eyes” on the man…In changed testimony, Hiss claimed that he had in fact “set eyes” on the man who knew all these intimate details; but he knew him by another name, George Crosley:I did not say I have never seen this man. I said, so far as I know I have never seen Chambers.With this incredible move, Hiss lost any remaining credibility.”

Here’s How Hurricane Katrina Changed Schools in New Orleans Must Read on Schools!! “In the aftermath of the 2005 storm, instead of rebuilding a public school system where roughly two in every three schools were deemed “failing,” the city transformed almost all of its traditionally run public schools into independently operated charter schools.Charter schools changed the city’s approach to education, eliminating attendance zones, removing unions and giving parents a real say where they send their kids to school.Today, 92 percent of students in New Orleans attend charters.Instead of graduating roughly 54 percent of its students before the storm, the city’s public schools (both charter and non-charter) now graduate 73 percent of students.”

Iran nuclear deal: Obama has power to circumvent Congress America now a Dictatorship? “Even so, Mr. Obama has broad executive authority to ease many sanctions on Iran by himself, analysts say. “He’s got enormous power to basically circumvent Congress,” said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “He always had in mind a plan that would not require congressional approval. It couldn’t be stopped, the way the administration has structured this.” Acting on his own, Mr. Obama can delist Iranian banks, commercial entities and individuals targeted for sanctions. He can order the Treasury Department to give out licenses allowing financial and commercial transactions with Iranian businesses. The president also could provide sanctions relief for Iranian oil exports by treating legislation passed by Congress in 2012 as unconstitutional.”

America’s Sanctuary City Nightmare “A litigation battle is raging between the states and Obama over his attempt to impose a nationwide “sanctuary” policy for illegal aliens. Yet, there is no question that existing sanctuary policies implemented by numerous towns and cities have victimized innocent Americans. Those sanctuary policies have enabled illegal aliens to commit thousands of crimes that would not have occurred had their perpetrators been deported in keeping with existing law. In 2011, the GAO released a study on approximately 250,000 illegal aliens locked up in our federal, state, and local prisons,.. more than a quarter of all of the prisoners in the federal prison system alone. The GAO’s “study population” had been arrested nearly 1.7 million times and committed three million offenses, averaging about seven arrests and 12 offenses per criminal alien.”

Obama and the Iran Nuclear Veil: Covering Up Iran Nuclear Weapons Cooperation with North Korea? “A big question, which has not figured in the debate over these secret side deals — though it certainly should — is whether Iran’s past work on nuclear weapons was done in cahoots with any other countries. For instance, the rogue nuclear-proliferating tyranny of North Korea.If Kerry and the rest of the Obama administration know of any such nuclear cooperation between North Korea and Iran, they have not officially shared this information with the public. Any such confirmation would be, in itself, a blockbuster piece of news raising huge questions about Iran’s potential use of North Korea’s lively nuclear production and test facilities as a back shop for the Iranian nuclear weapons program that under this deal Tehran is supposed to be giving up.”

Questions Every Planned Parenthood Supporter Should Answer Good Questions! “If a baby is outside the womb, with lungs, a beating heart, and a functioning brain, is it alive? And if it is, is killing that baby morally wrong?If not, do you support the unlimited right of women to dismember viable fetuses whenever they want for whatever reason they like? If so, what is the limit? Before 20 weeks? Before 30 weeks? A week before the delivery date? Before the umbilical cord is removed? When does the child deserve protection?(The position of most elected Democrats, incidentally, is never.)Do you believe it’s moral for a Planned Parenthood technician to cut through the face of a healthy fetus in order to harvest his organs? If so, do you believe taxpayers should be funding this practice? What is the moral difference between killing a viable fetus and a five-day old child?..”

Unemployment Drops to 5.4 Percent in Florida “I am excited to announce that more than 917,400 private-sector jobs have been created in our state since December 2010,” Scott said on Friday. “Thousands of Floridians are finding new opportunities to find a great job, provide for their loved ones, and achieve their dreams in our great state. We are working hard to continue cutting taxes and reducing regulations so more businesses will grow and expand here.” Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Executive Director Jesse Panuccio called July “another strong month of job creation” and said the Sunshine State was doing better than the national average when it came to job growth, even as the national unemployment rate stood at 5.3 percent in July.”

The administration let Iran do what?!? “According to a draft document Iran has agreed to cooperate with the U.N. in answering longstanding allegations about possible past work to develop nuclear weapons at its Parchin plant- but only with the Iranians conducting the inspections themselves. Iran would collect its own environmental samples on the site and carry out other work usually done by IAEA experts. The IAEA will be able to review the Iranians’ work after the fact. The deal on Parchin was between the IAEA and Iran. The Obama Administration was not a direct party to the agreement, but apparently was aware of it.. .This takes “trust us” to a whole new level and severely undermines the administration’s claim that the deal has a super-duper inspection scheme.”