9/11 and Jihad: Reasons, Goals and Hard Choices.

Islamic Jihadists attack because they are evil. They want all infidels dead. It really is that simple.

Islamic Jihadists attack because they are evil. They want all infidels dead. It really is that simple.

By David McKalip, M.D.

The fear and chaos of September 11, 2001 still causes me Post-traumatic stress. I remember racing to take my kids out of school after seeing the second tower get hit. I remember anxious, unanswered calls to my wife as the Pentagon was hit. The fear of preparing food and water for the unknown as the plane crashed in Pennsylvania and the towers plummeted to oblivion. All of this from St. Petersburg Florida – wondering if the Special Operations Headquarters in Tampa at MacDill was the next target or perhaps the bridges connecting cities across the bay. To this day, I can barely watch replays of the violent collapse of those towers. People racing away in terror. Mothers and fathers jumping from flaming heights. The death and the immense grief of lives lost in dust. Even writing this causes my throat to clench and tears to well to my eyes as my heart races and my cheeks flush. In the aftermath, one question loomed large in my mind: why?

As I pondered the “why”, the anthrax attacks came; then our invasion into Afghanistan, Iraq and the ensuing debacles in the Middle East. Right after the towers came down, I was leading domestic preparedness committees; creating community plans for unimaginable horrors like smallpox bioterrorism, VX gassings, society-ending EMP attacks and tactical nukes delivered by small pleasure craft. As a lifelong liberal and fallen away Catholic/agnostic, I had many questions to ponder .The pondering was colored by my first hand witness of self-serving politics and government waste in preparedness efforts. After much study and reflection I slowly turned away from the failed philosophies of American interventionism, big government control, agnosticism and liberal politics. I was the prodigal son returning to God, my Catholic faith, the American constitutional protection of natural rights and the power of freedom, free markets and charity.

But still the question: Why? Why would people attack in this way? My maturation from blame-America-first liberal and America-attack first interventionist was complete. But it was ultimately the nature of God and faith that reveals the obvious conclusion. We were attacked as part of an epic battle between good and evil. We were attacked by people whose goal is the growth of evil in our temporal realty and the death or subjugation of all others. We were attacked by Islamic Jihadists who simply want us dead because we refuse to subjugate ourselves to their evil ends. For those who aren’t clear on what evil acts are justified as “Islamic”, please look at the beheadings, caged drownings and burnings, executions of gays, murders over cartoons, bombings of marathoners, the Benghazi attacks, the kidnapping, enslavement, human trafficking and rape of women and children. Oh, and 9/11/2001. In short, we were attacked not because we may be good, but because the Islamic Jihadists are evil. Islamic Jihadists seek evil, worship evil and see evil as their ultimate salvation.

Oh! the wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth of the bleeding heart, shedding their self-serving tears and crying against this “bigotry” and “offense”. Oh! the tweed-coated academics bleating “it’s our fault anyway”– we had bases in Saudi Arabia! One shakes their heads at these fools as one would at a junkie overdosing as a dirty needle dangles from their arm. “Islam is a religion of Peace”! “Christians led unprovoked crusades and religion has killed millions”! Nonsense. Deception. Propaganda. Lies. These are the distractions of big government statists who seek control of the masses. Words of the enemy among us who seek to silence opponents of their quest for domination. The oratory of an emerging tyrant secretly enabling the final destruction of the small remnants of moral society remaining in America – in secret contempt of our once great nation. This is Satan’s text. The Jihadi rhetorical weapon decapitating opponents with words until they can finally line them up and sever their heads while claiming to praise God. Only Satan could be pleased.

It is true that American interventionism gave convenient excuses for attack by Jihadis. It is true that unconstitutional bombings of Libya and arming of Syrian rebels (Isis!) promoted the spreading Caliphate we see today. It is true that American economic, moral and military weakness enables the ever bolder destruction by Islamic Jihadists we see every day. But that doesn’t really explain WHY the Jihadi attacks.

Why? The Islamic Jihadists attacked us on 9/11 and attack everywhere they can today because they want each and every Infidel dead. They want submission to the evil means and ends of Jihadist Islam and there is no room for “tolerance”, “co-existence”, détente or partnership. Islam means submission for a reason. Submit to Islam you must or you will utter your last prayer to Jesus while watching your wife and children raped before your eyes as your head rolls from your shoulders and your lifeless body flops to the ground. Those infidels to whom they choose to grant temporary life will pay tax to the Mosque and work as slaves for the master. Then they too will die. This is a holy war between good and evil. The only faithful ones who fail to recognize it are the former holy ones: God-Fearing Christians scared into silence, seeking appeasement or duped into collaboration. The true holy Christians have been marginalized into irrelevance or are oblivious while praying in their churches and listening to nice music.

It is time for the Christian to embrace another crusade against the Islamic Jihadists. Just as the Jihadis were driven back from the gates of Vienna in the first 9/11 – in 1683 – so too must to today’s Jihadis be confronted and ground under foot. It is time to stand up with our weapons of peace and at times our weapons of war. We must rescue the innocent Christian from captivity in the Middle East. We must forge alliances with those who would aid in the cause of Christ and the destruction of evil on our planet. We must be prepared to fight on our soil with political weapons and if necessary with guns when the Jihadi warriors physically attack us here or abroad. That means reclaiming and rebuilding a moral people. A people of good and of God. It means rejecting evil in all its forms and finding the courage to stand and fight on all fronts in effective ways. The American government is invited to join the crusade if it likes – that would make it easier if done properly. But that would require the American people to reclaim control of their government as the true owners of that institution. But the victory over the evil of Islamic Jihadists will come only when people stand up for God and our country embraces God and the Judeo-Christian ethic once more. Our great reward will be in heaven, and the reward of the Jihadi will be only in hell.

God Bless Americans and Christians who fight evil everywhere.

Dr. David McKalip is a private practice neurosurgeon in St. Petersburg, a faithful Catholic and founder and editor of the SunBeam Times blog.