Trump is Next Obama, Not a Tea Party Candidate.

Trump is Obama, the Strong man a frustrated and desperate people call on for salvation. Trump is a dictator in waiting.

Trump is Obama – the Strong man that a frustrated and desperate people call on for salvation. Trump is a dictator in waiting.  Trump is no Tea Partier. He is merely a milepost on the Road to Serfdom.

Let’s get something straight, Trump is NOT a “Tea Party Candidate”.  Some people have actually assumed that because he falsely calls himself a conservative, he must be “Tea Party”. Others have assumed that since Obama opponents have come out in large numbers, he must be “Tea Party”. They assume that since he is an “outsider” (false), and taps into people’s anger about America’s decline, he must be a Tea Party candidate. One takes notice when national treasure and a Tea Party founder Amy Kremer labels him “Tea Party”. Amy Kremer will go down in the annals of our country as a hero of the republic, but in this case she is mistaken to label Trump “Tea Party”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Tea Party candidates are those who support key principles of freedom, limited government and rule of law versus rule of man. Trump embodies the opposite and actually bears a striking resemblance to one inspiration of the Tea Party movement: Barack Hussein Obama.

Let’s look at some of the key features of Trump and see how they line up with Obama. Trump is the head of a personality cult promising “Hope” and “Change”. Sound familiar? He promises to “do things” and to be sure that the “Smartest” people run government “right”. Sound familiar? He says that he will take action as President to impose taxes on private companies he doesn’t like and order military strikes when he wants. Sound familiar? He demeans and attacks anyone who disagrees while him dismissing them as “Stupid”. Sound familiar? Trump is Obama redux!

Trump never mentions freedom, the Constitution, separation of power, limited government, consent of the governed, equal justice, property rights, rule of law or natural rights.  These are fundamental principles on which a great nation is based and generally the basis of the Tea Party movement. Trump has abused eminent domain (see more here) and on the anti-property rights Kelo decision stated he supported it “100%”. At the first Republican debate, Trump actually bragged he has politicians in his pocket for influence peddling through money and power. Using money and cronies to further your own interests at the expense of others is an anti-Tea Party ethic.

Most Tea Partiers are faithful and religious, yet Trump treats religion like a check box on a spread sheet.  When asked about his favorite quote from scripture, “Mr. Straight Shooter” says that is “personal” and he would rather not say. Translated, that means he doesn’t have a clue on scripture, doesn’t read the Bible nor use it to guide his life.  Heck, he couldn’t even come up with “Love your Neighbor”? To justify his faith, he resorts to the name dropping device invoking “the Best” minister – Norman Vincent Peale – after all he listened to his sermons in the 60’s and he is “the Best, THE BEST!”. He goes to church on “Easter and Christmas” – because, why worship more?  He says he has never asked God for forgiveness. Why should he, he is perfect in every way – just ask him!  A Tea Party leader has humility and puts themselves below the people. A Tea Party leader recognizes that there are higher authorities -the people and certainly God (or nature and natural law for those who have no faith). 

 Trump is the “strong man” that people would seek along the Road to Serfdom which Americans now walk. Freidrich Hayek detailed the rise of Nazi Germany in the Road to Serfdom, summarized in five minutes in this compelling video.   At some point, social crisis leads to the emergence of a strong man who is “smart” and can “get things done”. Damn the consequences and the Constitution – there is a list of horribles that Trump has annunciated for a frustrated American people and he is going to “fix” them. You know like “immigration” and, well, immigration. Anything else Mr. Trump? You can’t “Make America Great” just by saying “trust me” and “I wrote the Art of the Deal” and I will “talk to Putin”. No, America’s greatness is based on her people, not you Mr. Trump.

Should Trump be elected, here is what America will see. Endless executive orders to implement his visions. Cronies will be lining up to gain his favor. He will be doing “deals” with his friends to promote their interests. He will be seizing private land for government projects (imagine the Eminent domain issues as he builds that wall to be named in his honor). He will demonize and attack any one who disagrees with him – he will build a black list of enemies. Imagine being chilled out of all government contracts if you dare say anything other than good things about him. Imagine the unconstitutional, careless wars he will wage since, as he said in the CNN debate on 9/16/15, he is “Very militaristic”. 

Mr. Trump is not Tea Party. He is Trump Party. True Tea Party candidates exist – Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Walker and possibly Carson. But to turn off our minds and engage in tribalist worship of Trump demeans the Tea Party movement. It is not enough to say the things many are thinking or to point out that our government is hapless and dangerous.  To be a Tea Party candidate, one must truly believe and have a record of acting on the principles of the Tea Party. One must not have a track record that prove you are in favor of big government as long as it is “run right”. No, Trump, you can pretend to drink the tea, but it turns out the drink you are handing out is Kool-Aid. 


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  1. Kerry Brown

    Thank your David for this excellent analysis of Trump. I credit Trump for bringing to the forefront the huge illegal immigration problem we have, but not much else. And maybe he has given some other candidates “more energy” and more “chutzpah”. Otherwise he creates in me a sense of unease.

  2. Matthew

    Well he is entertaining, but I’m not voting for him. I’ve always said if there is a brain surgeon running, vote for the brain surgeon.

  3. Tom Rask

    I think you mean “separation of powers”, not “division of power”.
    Agree – Trump is not Tea Party (even though there is no one definition for that term)
    Agree – Trump may be Obama 2 or bad in general.
    But among the other candidates who can win in the general, every single one will say one thing and then go DEM on me. With Trump, I don’t know that for sure will be the case.
    If nothing else, let Trump be a wake-up call to the GOP that selling America down the river to special interests and big gov is not a winning strategy.

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