American Empire Endangers Americans

America needs to rethink our global posture. We are inviting economic devastation, insecurity for our children and global government.

America needs to rethink our global posture. We are inviting economic devastation, insecurity for our children and global government.

Americans are in danger. Their future is threatened along with the security and prosperity of their children. The dangers certainly exist from the contemporary threats – like radical Islam, moral decay and ever expansive government domestic policies. But another threat endangering Americans is often unrecognized but has brought down nations and made people low for millennia: Empire. Americans and the country they created are under threat from the empire building and global expansion of our Federal government supported by the political class and much of society. The Cheerleading for further military misadventurism and American hegemony endangers all of us. This American Empire building feeds into a modern attempt at global government that will end our sovereignty after it destroys our economy, our freedom and our security.

An Empire defined and in Expansion

America currently is estimated to have 686 military “bases sites” in in 74 nations, which often don’t count some obvious places like Qatar, Kosovo and Kuwait. 50,000 troops are based in 179 German bases, 50,000 in 109 bases in Japan and 28,000 troops are still in Korea. The cost to Americans is huge and the host nations enjoy massive economic benefits as they divert spending from their own military defense to massive and unsustainable socialist government programs. Meanwhile, the political class thinks this is just fine and should in fact expand.

So called “maverick” Senator John McCain (AZ) is making the pop culture rounds promoting an ever increasing global military presence. On the Stephen Colbert show McCain indicated we should put “a couple of thousand” troops into Syria and then indicated that a more permanent presence may be necessary. When challenged about a Syrian presence, he glowingly indicated that Americans had troops in South Korea for decades. McCain then showed up on NPR this morning glowingly indicating we will need a permanent military presence in Afghanistan. This Maverick seems more like a rusted out cheap Dodge than an old west pioneer.

Foolhardy Foreign Policy

Our fool hardy foreign policy has made the world less peaceful and created conditions that threaten America. To be certain, the Islamic extremists are not attacking us because of these bad American foreign policy decisions. However, they are taking advantage of a new terrain in the Middle East and the world created by American misadventure. These Islamists now have perfect conditions for launching their vision of global conquest to create a Planetary Caliphate. The Islamists have always wanted all “infidels” dead or in slavery. But we made it a lot easier for them. Examples of such bad foreign policy/military misadventures this century are writ large and controlling all are actions today. They include:

  1. Deposing Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi after launching cruise missiles to help overthrow his regime. Chaos ensued in Libya and the American consulate in Benghazi was attacked on 9/11/12 leading to the death of American diplomats and their defenders. Now Islamic extremists rule the day in Libya and corrupt American politicians (Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama) deepen the corruption in American government with cover-ups.
  2. Attempting to overthrow Syrian President Assad – Arming the Syrian “rebels” led to weapons ending up in hands of ISIS. We now have a new global caliphate growing and are facing attacks from ISIS.
  3. Overthrowing Saddam Hussein in Iraq – led to a massive power vacuum that has created ISIS now, an Iran on the march and global chaos.

Costs to Americans

Americans are finally starting to feel the strains of bloated and unsustainable government – economic recessions, slow “recoveries” and a “new normal” of government imposed economic stagnation. Europe could handle this – they have always had big brother America to pay for their defense. But America now is paying the price for an overspent government, $18 trillion in debt and also carrying the tab for the American military presence overseas, not to mention the costs of lives lost, wounds sustained and the blowback on American of bad policy moves gone awry.

The costs to Americans go beyond direct military costs, death and destruction. America is forced into massive debt to finance the military and our concurrent domestic misadventures. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Corporate welfare, Obamacare and more are built on socialist economic models that require massive debt. The additional debt created by our military and foreign policy misadventures creates more danger to America. The Debt is owed to foreign countries to be sure, but the majority is owed to shadowy central bankers. The Federal Reserve prints money to pay to the cronies and for the government. This sets us up for a devalued currency and an American citizenry that must suffer from the inflation it causes and the debt “owed” to the central bankers. President Eisenhower, a World War II General and hero, warned Americans of the dangers of a “military-industrial complex” when he left office for reasons such as these.

Global Visions

The biggest danger of our American empire building is the creation of a new global political authority. Endless “alliances” must be created for our military misadventures. These are foreign “entanglements” referred to with disdain by President George Washington in his farewell address. These entanglements require monitoring on the world stage in the mind of the globalists. Already President Obama is calling for the US department of Justice to investigate the accidental bombing of the Afghani Hospital this week. This will feed legal arguments by many in the world calling this a “war crime” subject to prosecution by the world court. Obama is also working with the UN to place UN style police efforts to combat “extremism” in cities through a “Strong Cities” program. The U.N. also has eyes on our economy all couched in the terms of “sustainability” based on the phony “climate change” narrative through the U.N.’s agenda 2030. Sadly Pope Francis is assisting in this form of global community organizing. Building an American empire lends itself to global oversight and integration. It creates more opportunity for UN intervention in the empire as our footprint touches the entire world. In the end, a global political authority will control citizens in America and our military itself. National and citizen sovereignty will be trampled. This is dangerous to Americans.

Prior to the new global political authority controlling our country, there will be expanded state control over our lives. To “protect us” from terrorist threats enabled by our empire building, we will need a big brother police force. There will be cameras everywhere and citizens turning in neighbors. To ensure our economy is “sustainably developed” and complies with agenda 2030, there will be government monitoring of our “sustainability footprint”. The authorities will then impose their vision for sustainability on us all for the good of the state and its “strapped budget”. This will extend to rationing for medical care and euthanasia to remove “unproductive” citizens said to be sapping state resources. All of this infrastructure will then be adopted as a handy apparatus for the global political authorities to come. There will be no elections and no representation for the imposed taxation from afar.

A Better Path for America

It is time for Americans to come home. It is time for our military to close down most of our bases overseas. Let other countries pay for their own defense. Let other empires suffer the consequence of empire building. Let Russia get stuck with Iran in a Middle East Quagmire fighting ISIS. Let Europe recognize it must be strong militarily on its own and stop wasting money on social welfare that creates high unemployment, forced six week vacations and 30 hour work weeks with retirements at 55. Let America come home and be strong economically. Once we are strong economically we can then be strong militarily again. We have enough military strength to defend the homeland for now, but if we continue to expand in an attempt to “dominate” the world stage, we will be weak and unable to defend our homeland. When the global caliphate then finds it is stopped in Europe, we will be ready to confront them should they decide to expand further. When our allies need us for conflicts that are truly in our interest, then we will be prepared to fight decisive wars that end quickly. When our interests are attacked overseas, we will be ready to annihilate our enemies quickly and then come home. But we can never hope to do these things if we continue on our current American Empire trajectory. Lessons on the success and failures of empires are available in the Roman empire, the Bonaparte Empire, and endless others throughout the ages.