Local Gov. Buys Positive Press! Proud American Socialists; Obama Spies on Americans; Government workers Earn 78% more than Private Sector. elena’s News Roundup

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Public agencies pay for positive spin from online magazine Public agencies paying for positive coverage using taxpayer’s money??”The agencies include the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, Hillsborough Community College, Largo, the Tampa Housing Authority, Hillsborough County and the USF etal..There are gov ethics as well as journalism ethics, and I would say it’s unethical for a publicly funded agency to subvert journalism ethics,” Brown said. The journalism ethics at stake involve 83 Degrees’ failure to disclose its financial relationship with the subjects of its stories — and the way some agencies, as records show, exert influence over what stories are published.83 Degrees pitches itself as a niche magazine that reports on “urban and emerging neighborhoods, entrepreneurship,” and features stories about “talent, innovation, diversity and environment.”

The Debate Lesson: America Now Has an Openly Socialist Party “Sure, this batch of candidates sounded like a bunch of loons. They contended socialism is mostly about standing up to the richest 1% and promoting small business; climate change is the biggest national security threat; college educations should be free; all lives don’t matter, black lives do; Obama is simultaneously a successful president in managing the economy and the middle class is collapsing and there’s a need for a “New New Deal.” The audience in Nevada applauded higher taxes, believes Hillary doesn’t need to answer any more questions, supports the shutdown of the NSA domestic surveillance program, and that Obamacare benefits should be extended to illegal immigrants..the candidates sounded like hard-Left, free-ice-cream-for-everyone, Socialist pander bears..because that is what the Dem Party’s primary voters demand.”

Obama Spying On Consumers Without Security Protections Why this invasion of our privacy? “The most powerful unaccountable agency in Wash is mining and amassing all your personal financial data..and it also isn’t adequately protecting them from hackers and id thieves.A just-released IG report found that the CFPB, is conducting a massive consumer data-mining operation without the security safeguards to protect the data from cyberattacks ..The Big Brother operation is being done surreptitiously, with the reluctant cooperation of banks. It’s an unprecedented invasion of privacy and the Obama admin has no good answers for why it’s amassing this information on private citizens..Love suggested that Cordray and the Obama regime are conducting a fishing expedition to find statistical “patterns” to frame lenders as unfair and abusive, and justify reallocating credit and capital.”

U.S. Leadership Ushers New Age of Christian Martyrdom Must Read!! “Earlier this year, the ISIS released a video depicting 21 Egypt Christians being decapitated in Libya…Over 1 month before the video appeared, the BBC had falsely reported that the majority of those now slaughtered Copts were “released.” Sadly, downplaying of Muslim persecution of Christians is standard for the BBC…The ongoing slaughter of Christians and the destruction of churches and antiquities must be laid at the feet of Western nations that paved the way for ISIS. As Putin said before the UN, while addressing those nations that supported the “Arab Spring,” chief being America:Instead of the triumph of democracy, we got violence, poverty and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

Bush Offers Solid ObamaCare Replacement Plan; Where’s Trump’s? Great Plan! “Bush aims to do what ObamaCare failed to deliver- lower costs, increase competition and improve quality… Bush would replace ObamaCare’s income-based insurance subsidies with a flat-tax credit available to anyone who buys insurance on the ind. market.He’d expand hsa’s, which have proved to be an effective way to control costs. These plans combine high-deductible health insurance with a tax-free savings account to cover out-of-pocket expenses .. Anyone who has continuous coverage can switch plans without fear of being charged more or denied care because of pre-existing conditions..where ObamaCare simply builds on the failing Medicaid program, Bush would transform it into block grants to states, which would then be free to experiment with ways to best serve their own poor.”

EMMETT TYRRELL: The Clintons’ long and mendacious road Must Read!! “For those of us with unflagging memories and abundant experience, it goes back decades. I would date the first charges of Hillary’s crookedness and reckless disregard for the law to Watergate in 1974 when she improbably served on the Watergate impeachment staff. Her boss then was the general counsel and chief of staff for the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman, a Dem. In a personal evaluation of Hillary’s performance he wrote, “I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust.” Why? Mr. Zeifman had learned that “she had lied” to him and to others repeatedly. Had Americans been attentive then, or at least had Dems been attentive, America might have been spared Hillary’s decades-long cavalcade of mendacity and intrigue.”

Three Cheers for Carbon Dioxide This paper by Goklany is an excellent corrective to warmist hysteria: CO2 fertilizes plants, and emissions from fossil fuels have already had a beneficial effect on crops, increasing yields by10-15%…Between 1990 and 2013, although global pop increased by 31%,food supplies increased by 44%. Consequently, the pop. suffering from chronic hunger declined ..Sea level has risen 400 feet in the past 20,000 years, and continues to rise, albeit much more slowly than in times past. That it continues to rise today is unremarkable..Anthropogenic global warming should cause an acceleration in sea-level rise, but several studies have failed to detect one…alarmists’ models predict there will be fewer extreme weather events, since the temp differential between the poles and the equator will diminish. Global warming shills never mention this..”

Top Physicist Freeman Dyson: Obama Has Picked The ‘Wrong Side’ On Climate Change Must Read!!”The climate models used by alarmist scientists to predict global warming are getting worse, not better; carbon dioxide does far more good than harm; and Obama has backed the “wrong side” in the war on “climate change.”So says one of the world’s greatest theoretical physicists, Dr Freeman Dyson, the British-born, naturalised American citizen who worked at Princeton University as a contemporary of Einstein and has advised the US government on a wide range of scientific and technical issues.In an interview Dyson expressed his despair at the current scientific obsession with climate change which he says is “not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to the obvious facts.”

Inconvenient Truths: 2014 Global Natural Disasters Down Massively! …No Trend In Tornado/Cyclones Since 1950!  “The Internat’l Red Cross released its 2014 Natural Disaster Rep..the news is very good with huge drops in losses.. US hurricane and tornado activity trends since 1950 have remained flat or are decreasing respectively..A total of 8186 people died in 2014 because of natural disasters. “2014 the number of deaths from natural disasters was almost 90 percent under the 10-year average of 76 500 deaths.” That’s hugely good news, but you’d never know it hearing the media! According to the IFRC, in 94 countries there were a total of 317 floods, earthquakes, forest fires, cyclones and a number of other nature events with deaths. “But that was the lowest number in 10 years.“, BILD reports.But the IFRC report insists that the news is bad no matter what, and warns that the good news won’t last,.. because of global climate change.”

Freed by Supreme Court, Pasco man walks off death row Outrageous!! “Hodgkins is the beneficiary of a Fl Sup Court decision that overturned his conviction for first-degree murder, finding that a jury had insufficient evidence to hold him responsible for the 2006 stabbing death of his former girlfriend. He will not have a new trial — he can’t be prosecuted again for the same crime — nor will he spend a day on probation..Convicted in 1988 of kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl in Hillsborough Co, he spent 17 years in prison before his release on lifetime probation. In 2013, when he was placed on death row, a judge terminated that probation and sentenced him to prison time, assuming probation made little sense for a man sentenced to death… Although he was convicted of a violent sexual assault on a minor, Hodgkins is classified as a sexual offender, not a predator.”

Iran Tests Long-Range Missile, Possibly Violating Nuclear Accord “The missile launch may have violated the terms of the agreement, reached in Vienna with six world powers. According to some readings of the deal, it placed restrictions on Iran’s ambitious missile program. Experts have been debating the interpretation of a UN Security Council resolution, adopted a few days after the accord was agreed upon, that bars Iran from developing missiles “designed to carry nuclear warheads. ”Hard-line Iranian officials had for months been demanding new missile tests, a common practice before the negotiations over the country’s nuclear program began in 2013..Also on Sunday, members of Iran’s Parliament voted in favor of a bill approving the generalities of the nuclear agreement, but they had been denied information on its details.. ”

Obama Admin Has Not Audited Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies Since 2007 “Now, new reports claim the Obama administration is not exercising proper oversight over PP’s body parts business because it is receiving federal funds. As a report in The Stream indicates: “Under the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993, HHS should be performing audits on PP, since PP is involved in research on aborted fetuses and HHS is supporting its work with funding. Specifically, according to HHS’s own documents, ‘Section 498A of the Public Health Service Act [42 USC 289g-1] requires the annual submission to Congress of a report describing research involving therapeutic transplantation of human fetal tissue supported or conducted by the NIH. ‘”But reporter Rachel Alexander indicates the Obama administration is not doing that and she points to redacted emails the news web site received under a FOIA request to HHS as proof”:

Nearly 1,000 People Move From Blue States to Red States Every Day. Here’s Why. The new Census data .shows that the top 7 states with the biggest % increase in in-migration from other states are in order: N Dakota, NV, S C, CO, FL, AZ, and TX… Brown, author of “How Money Walks,” shows that 2 of the leading factors of human capital are 1) whether a state has a right to work law and 2) how high the top income tax rate is in the state. 9 states have no income tax today, and they are creating twice the pace of jobs as are high-income tax states. Data from the IRS show a similar trend.. The numbers for the most recent year are gigantic and put the lie to the claim that interstate migration is too small to matter in terms of the wealth and economic opportunity in one state versus another. In 2013, Fl. gained $8.2 billion in adjusted gross income from out-of-staters. TX gained $5.9 billion—in one year.

Circuit Court Judge Recommends Plaintiffs’ Congressional Maps “Judge Lewis ruled on a new congressional map Friday,recommending the state use the map proposed by the League of Women Voters… Lewis’ recommendation now heads to the Fl Supreme Court,..Lewis agreed with the bulk majority of the state’s congressional map, leaving 20 of Florida’s 27 districts intact, the way the state Legislature intended to craft the maps.. where everyone in the area south of the Alafia River in E. Hillsborough Co would end up being represented by Rep. Buchanan. If the map is accepted, Rep. Gwen Graham has a strong possibility of losing her seat in Congress, as her district would become more Republican. Rep. Webster’s district 10 would be entirely redrawn, becoming more saturated with Democrats and Hispanics, making it difficult for Webster to win in that area.”

Study: Government Workers Make 78 Percent More Than Private Sector This pay difference is outrageous!! “The study found that fed gov workers earned an average of $84,153 in 2014, compared to the private sector’s average of $56,350. But when adding in benefits pay for federal workers, the difference becomes more dramatic. Fed employees made $119,934 in total compensation last year, while private sector workers earned $67,246, a difference of over $52,000, or 78 percent. “Since the 1990s, fed workers have enjoyed faster compensation growth than private-sector workers.. The fed gov has become an elite island of secure and high-paid employment, separated from the ocean of average Americans competing in the economy,” the Edwards wrote. The report noted that 2.1 million people work for the fed gov, costing over $260 billion in wages and benefits this year.”

OBAMA SQUEEZES REPUBLICANS’ THROATS ON DEFENSE SPENDING Must Read “Obama’s strong stand on Gitmo underscores two vital points. 1, Obama does not fear defunding America’s national security. 2, Obama does not fear Reps in Congress. The current NDAA fully funds the military through a workaround measure,… Now Dems complain that the workaround measure isn’t good enough: Reps should bust open the bank again… The fact that Obama would dramatically cut America’s military funding, even as Russia takes over Ukraine and Syria, as Iran gears up for a big regional military push, as China continues its aggressive behavior, demonstrates Obama’s top priority is doing leftist work, not protecting the US. In fact, Obama’s choice to prioritize Gitmo above national security isn’t a choice at all: Obama wants America’s military slashed, and he wants Gitmo closed.”