Jolly: Crist a “Huckster and Fraud”; Obamacare Death Spiral Quickens; Government Corruption Tops Terrorism as American Fear; Work Overcomes Food Stamps!

What’s Behind Maine’s 22% Decrease in Food Stamp Recipients Since 2012 “Enrollment in the state’s food stamp program has decreased to 199,157, a 22-percent decline from a high of 255,663 recipients in February, 2012.“This is an important milestone for Maine’s economy and safety net,” DHHS Commissioner Mayhew said. “People on food stamps are living in poverty, and more food stamps does not equal less poverty. This admin. is focused on incentivizing employment rather than trapping people in generational poverty and welfare dependency..”LePage’s admin. re-implemented a work requirement for able-bodied adults without dependents enrolled in the program.According to Maine’s DHHS, “[t]he rule required simply that those adults work for 20 hours per week, volunteer for about one hour per day, or attend a class in order to maintain food stamps beyond three months.”

Editorial: Fund battle to save Florida’s groves from citrus greening “Lawmakers in FL and DC should respond with unreserved support for the nation’s largest citrus crop…And the fed EPA should support growers wanting permission to use bactericides that shows promising results. Citrus greening is spread by the Asian citrus psyllid, a tiny insect that carries the disease as it feeds on citrus leaves and stems. Over time, the infected trees produce misshapen and bitter fruit and eventually stop producing fruit. Infected trees die within years and must be removed.. There is no known cure. Chemicals, antibiotics and natural predators are all being considered…Finding a cure is particularly important in Central Florida, where an estimated 40,000 workers are employed in the industry and the lion’s share of Florida’s fruit is produced.”

Kerry: Climate Change Greater, Easier to Solve Than Terrorism What a simpleton with simplistic ideas!! “Kerry explained why climate change is..perhaps the defining issue of our generation..“The other being the rise of radical extremism, sectarianism, and the failure of states simultaneously surrounding it, and vast populations of young people needing jobs instead of mind-bending theories of false assumptions about Islam… Both are gigantic challenges..But “thankfully,” he said, “the solution to this particular challenge, climate change, is actually just as simple as the realization that it is the challenge that it is.”It is not that difficult to comprehend..It is, put quite simply, energy policy- clean energy choices.” In other words more money for Solyndra-like companies=crony capitalism!! Show us the scientific evidence that there is man-made climate change!

You Won’t Believe The Thing That Most Americans Fear Today Glad to see America wake up to the corruption now rampant in gov!! “Only one fear topped 50% for combined categories “afraid” and “very afraid”: Corruption of government officials. “In wave 1 (a survey last year) the biggest fear was walking alone at night..“This year it was a lot more about gov and technology…we were really surprised that [fear of corrupt government officials] rose to the top of the list.”Here are the top 10 fears:1.Corruption of government officials (58%)Cyber-terrorism (44.8%)Corporate tracking of personal information (44.6%)Terrorist attacks (44.4%)Government tracking of personal information (41.4%)Bio-warfare (40.9%)Identity theft (39.6%) Economic collapse (39.2%)Running out of money in the future (37.4%)Credit card fraud (36.9%)”

Canada’s Trudeau topples PM Harper in shock election win Heaven help Canada!! They just elected an Obama-like!! “The photogenic son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau pledged to run a C$10 billion annual budget deficit for three years to invest in infrastructure and help stimulate Canada’s anemic economic growth. This rattled financial markets ahead of the vote and the Canadian dollar weakened on news of his victory…Trudeau has said he will repair Canada’s cool relations with the Obama administration, withdraw Canada from the combat mission against Islamic State militants in favor of humanitarian aid and training, and tackle climate change..Trudeau has also promised to raise taxes on high-income Canadians and reduce them for the middle class.”

Muslims condemn Britain’s plans to combat extremism It’s a start! “British police arrested a record number of people last year on suspicion of terrorism offences, and say they have thwarted a growing number of plots hatched by young Britons, some of whom had been radicalized in just weeks via the Internet..Under the wide-ranging proposals, groups deemed extremist by promoting hatred will be banned; places where radicals thrive including mosques could be closed and the regulator Of com will get tougher powers to address TV and radio channels airing extremist material. The new law would also give parents worried that their 16 and 17-year-old children might travel to join Islamic State the power to apply to have their passports removed, while anyone with a conviction for terrorist offences or extremist activity would be banned from working with children.”

Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit | Commentary Must Read! “America is about to break every known immigration record.. The Census Bureau projects that the foreign-born share of the U.S. pop will soon eclipse the highest levels ever documented, and continue surging to new record highs each year to come. Yet … politicians who support unprecedented levels of immigration are never asked to explain how they believe such a policy will affect social stability, community cohesion or political assimilation. Immigration reform should mean improvements to immigration policy to benefit Americans. But in Wash, immigration reform has devolved into a euphemism for legislation that opens America’s borders, floods her labor markets and gives corporations the legal right to import new foreign workers to replace their existing employees at lower pay.”

ObamaCare is entering its dreaded ‘death spiral’ “Despite subsidies.. most of the uninsured who are eligible for ObamaCare are saying “no thanks.” Only 1 in 7 is expected to sign up. That’s despite a hefty increase in the financial penalty next year for not having insurance…Bad enough that healthy people aren’t buying. Worse is that the administration is spending billions of your tax dollars covering up the problem, paying insurers to keep offering the plans, even though they’re losing their shirts. But facts are facts ..Many states are looking at premium hikes of 30 percent or more.. If you get insurance at work, you’re paying an extra tax to fund “reinsurance” for ObamaCare plans. It’s a fund to defray the cost of their most expensive enrollees. In short, you pay a tax to make ObamaCare look more affordable than it is.”

Boom: A Federal Judge Just Handed The Obama Admin A Loss And The GOP A Win District Court rules in favor of GOP vs Obama and Obamacare “The congressional Republican push to dismantle Obamacare scored a judicial victory this week when a federal judge determined that the U.S. House of Representatives has legal standing on which to pursue a constitutional challenge to the Obama administration. According to CNN, the issue before U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer related to Obama’s implementation of a federal reimbursement program that would repay insurers forced to reduce costs for low-income enrollees. According to House Speaker John Boehner, the White House failed to obtain the legislative approval needed to enforce such a provision.”

Feds Hide Secret List Of 11 Staggering Obamacare Insurers “Fed officials have a secret list of 11 Obamacare health ins co-ops they fear are on the verge of failure, but they refuse to disclose them to the public or to Congress…5 of the original 24 Obamacare co-ops announced plans to close, bringing the total of failures to 9 barely two years after their launch with $2 billion in start-up capital from the taxpayers.. All 24 received 15-year loans to offer health ins to poor and low income customers and provide publicly funded competition to private, for-profit insurers.. Taxpayer groups also expressed anger over the government secrecy. “There is no excuse why taxpayers should not know the names of the people and groups who misspent and wasted tax dollars on publicly financed health insurance co-ops,” said ..the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.”

DEA Secretly OKs Killer Quantities of Oxy and Morphine This should be investigated!! “The fed gov is actively fueling a killer drug epidemic behind closed doors.The DEA—tasked with fighting the war on drugs—has for the past two decades approved ever-greater quantities of controlled substances like oxycodone for manufacture and sale in the U.S. by pharmaceutical companies. In 1993, the DEA allowed pharmaceutical companies to manufacture 3,520 kilograms of oxycodone. In 2015, the DEA authorized production of 137,500 kilograms of oxycodone. That’s a 39-fold increase in 22 years, the equivalent of turning two Buicks into four Boeing 737s. Either Americans are in 39 times more pain than we were 20 years ago, or something else is wrong.” Follow the money!!

David Jolly crashes Charlie Crist announcement, denounces him as “huckster” – Florida Politics “I care deeply who is going to represent me in Congress; I’m a constituent. And in Charlie Crist, you would have what I believe would be the worst member of Congress you would ever see serve,” Jolly said to reporters.. “A person who is in this out of political convenience, not political conviction, a huckster, and a fraud who will say absolutely anything he wants, just to get elected,” Jolly said…  And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that there’s someone other than Charlie…Jolly said he has spoken to Baker, and says that even though the newly drawn district strongly favors a Democrat, “Rick Baker has won many of the new precincts before. I know he’s a person of conviction, unlike Charlie, and I know that if it were Rick Baker vs. Charlie Crist you’d see a contrast in leadership, versus just political convenience.”

In 5 segregated schools, black kids get worse teachers “Between 2008 and 2012, the southside schools became the county’s poorest and most challenging places to work. But during that time, district offered their teachers no extra money…This year, for the 1st time, teachers in all 5 schools began getting $3,000 recruitment bonuses. They’ll be eligible for another $4,000 bonus if they stay in the schools at least 3 years. Other urban school districts are paying much more than Pinellas to attract teachers to low-performing schools. Duval Co is raising $50 million to pay teachers in its struggling schools incentives of as much as $20,000 each ..Hillsborough Co pays teachers in some struggling schools up to $9,400 in incentive pay and other extras. None of these districts has problems on the scale of Pinellas where 5 of the state’s 15 worst elem schools are clustered in the county’s black neighborhoods.”

A Path Out of the Middle East Collapse Great Analysis by Kissinger!! ” As competing regional powers strive for comparable threshold capacity, the nonproliferation regime in the Middle East may crumble. If nuclear weapons become established, a catastrophic outcome is nearly inevitable. A strategy of pre-emption is inherent in the nuclear technology. The U.S. must be determined to prevent such an outcome and apply the principle of nonproliferation to all nuclear aspirants in the region..What we need is a strategic concept and to establish priorities on the following principles:The destruction of ISIS is more urgent than the overthrow of Assad.. Making sure that this territory does not become a permanent terrorist haven must have precedence. The current inconclusive U.S. military effort risks serving as a recruitment vehicle for ISIS as having stood up to American might…”

Articles: Find out what’s going on in your community with ‘refugee resettlement’ “Preferred Communities Program (PCP): This program targets small towns and rural areas for refugee resettlement. The rationalization is that these settings are best suited to attend to the myriad needs of refugees as compared to large cities, and that smaller communities are more welcoming to refugees. PCP collaborates with the Office of Refugee Resettlement and partner agencies to identify communities they deem most ideal for refugee resettlement. Here’s the deal: Small towns and rural communities often have easy access to public assistance programs. That’s it. It’s all about where to get free money and services. (That’s how you wind up with pockets of Somalis in places like Wyoming.) Meanwhile, conservative areas of the country are being targeted, helping to turn red states to blue….”