Impeachment. Dark Money. GOP Betrays USA. Suicidal Avocados & Beetle. ‘Nuff Said. Helena’s News Roundup

ambrosia beetleDrones and dogs save suicidal avocados from the dreaded redbay ambrosia beetle Foreign invaders are decimating FL avocados. Standing between the avocados and their attackers is an innovative detection program at FIU. Scientists fly camera-laden drones over avocado groves in order to direct disease-sniffing dogs to infected trees. FL’s avocado industry is small, with a value of about $13 million annually…Chump change. Consumers and officials may be unflustered about the avos’ plight in light of our other agricultural battles: Citrus greening! The invasion of giant African land snails! But pull back, and you’ll see CA’s avocado industry is 10 times larger than FL’s. Mexico’s is 100 times larger. Farmers in both places are terrified of what destruction the redbay ambrosia beetle might wreak. They have reason to worry — the beetles are on the move. If we do nothing, kiss our guacamole goodbye.

U.S. student performance slips on national test No surprise if schools are teaching this crazy new math that most parents do not understand!!”Fourth-graders and eighth-graders across the US lost ground on national mathematics tests this year, the first declines in scores since the federal government began administering the exams in 1990.Reading performance also was sobering: Eighth-grade scores dropped, according to results released Wednesday, while fourth-grade performance was stagnant compared with 2013, the last time students took the test.And the tests again show large achievement gaps between the nation’s white and minority students as well as between poor and affluent children, an indication that the nation’s disadvantaged students are not gaining ground despite more than a decade of federal law designed to boost their achievement.”

Liberal hero James Comey now the enemy for telling the truth about cops Comey’s sin is that he dares to tell the obvious truth.In2 speeches, the FBI boss said he believes crime is rising in much of the nation in part because growing criticism of cops has emboldened criminals and caused law enforcement to retreat. He said cops complain their every move is often captured on cellphone videos by hostile crowds, and so have backed off from making arrests…From the WH point of view, it’s one thing for mayors and police chiefs to defend cops. It’s quite another when a top member of the president’s law-enforcement team break ranks, which is why the hatchet is out for Comey.The idea that liberal criticism of cops is leading to more murder is so dangerous that it must be nipped in the bud. Recognizing a threat to its narrative that all cops are racist brutes until proven otherwise, the Times denounced Comey..”

Impeachment drags IRS scandal into the spotlight “Repubs were outraged that Lerner, who ran the IRS tax-exempt unit that was accused of targeting cons. groups, would not face any accountability.. The Justice Dept’s move reignited accusations that Obama has failed to hold members of the admin responsible for misconduct.. Issa blasted the Justice Dept’s decision as further evidence of the lawlessness in the admin.”Giving Lois Lerner a free pass only reinforces the idea that gov officials are above the law and that there is no consequence for wrongdoing..”This is a reminder that the Obama admin continues to refuse to hold anyone accountable at the IRS,” added Chaffetz. Chaffetz alleged Koskinen had stonewalled subpoenas and lied to lawmakers about the status of Lerner’s emails, many of which were lost in a hard drive crash but later recovered by the IG.”

The Boehner-Obama Budget Deal Explained in One Chart “Washington is addicted to spending.The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 deal, agreed to by Boehner and Obama, increases spending (including debt service and offsets) by $85 billion over the next 3 years. Nearly half of those offsets (including new revenues) are not realized until 2025—the last year of the budget window. Between this Boehner-Obama deal and the Ryan-Murray spending agreement of 2013 (the last time Congress revisited the discretionary spending caps), Congress has increased spending by a total of $143 billion before 2021 (the period covered by the Budget Control Act) paid for with $98 billion in savings not realized until after 2021.As we know from past experience, these “savings” sometimes never materialize because they’re so far into the future.”

Lawmakers Probe Taxpayer-Funded Academic Who Wants Obama to Prosecute Climate Change Skeptics Time to root out corruption on climate change!! “Taxpayer-funded college profrs et al who cite climate change to advocate regs that would raise energy costs for consumers have some explaining to do..A House committee wants to know more about the relationship between taxpayer money received by the academics and their urging of Obama to use fed racketeering law to go after businesses and other groups that oppose his aggressive agenda against climate change.Rep. Smith.. cites “serious concerns” in a letter to Shukla, a prof at George Mason U.. Shukla’s environ institute, Smith writes, “appears to be almost fully funded by taxpayer money while simultaneously participating in partisan pol activities by requesting a [fed] investigation of companies and orgs that disagree with the Obama admin on climate change.”

Feds Preparing to Undo ‘Citizens United’ by Forcing Disclosure of Donors to Conservative Groups  TAKE ACTION “The FEC has started the process to undo the Citizens United case – and only one day remains for Americans to provide comments asking the FEC to respect the First Amendment… Anyone can submit a comment at this link.The FEC is considering rules which could force non-profits such as a pro-life org to disclose the names of donors. The speech-regulating Left has long been in favor of forced donor disclosure, because it facilitates their most fanatical followers unleashing abuse on those donors.. Harassment of financial donors to conservative causes has become one of the standard tactics of the militant left. Speech regs issued by the FEC are therefore a necessary component of snuffing out financial support for conservative causes through harassment campaigns.”

Britain next? Doctor’s outrage at ‘refugees pushing German hospitals to breaking point’ Our future?? “The anaesthetist said the German health service has been overwhelmed by the influx of Muslim asylum-seekers who are REFUSING to be treated by female medics…now migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.Many have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases…If they receive a prescription they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts.. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words: ‘cure them yourselves!..’ the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also pharmacies…She said that the estimated 1.3M migrants are unemployable because they do not speak the language. And she added that the burden on the country’s failing health service will only get worse because at least 1 in10 of women arriving are pregnant. ”

DHS Incentivizes Employers to Hire Alien College Grads Over Native Grads
Follow the money of big business to Obama’s coffers!!”The new changes DHS is proposing as part of Obama’s exec action on immigration last Nov.. allows these students to stay in the US for an additional 24 months instead of 17 for a total of 36 months…Because DHS defines a recent college grad as a student, employees and workers can escape paying payroll taxes. This means that businesses can receive a bonus of $12,000 to hire an alien college grad over a native-born one.“This just means that still more Am workers will be denied jobs in favor of the OPT grads, because employers do not have to pay SS and Medicare taxes on students,. “No one seems to notice that this will rob the elderly by taking money out of the SS and Medicare trust funds..”

How Congress Stopped a Massive Obamacare Bailout Must Read! Obamacare “created new subsidies to help people make those purchases. And it massively expanded Medicaid, administered by insurers.The law also created 2 back-end bailout programs designed specifically to benefit insurers.. Goody No. 1 was a reinsurance program that reimburses Obamacare plans for most of the expenses run up by people with high annual claims. Funded by a tax on everyone with non-Obamacare coverage, the program shoveled $8 billion to insurers last year.The 2nd bailout provision was a “risk corridor” prog designed to collect payments from insurers who made excess profits-determined by the fed gov-and make payments to insurers with excess losses. If the gov didn’t collect enough.., taxpayers would be stuck with covering the “shortfall.”The design amounted to a double bailout, with taxpayers on the hook..”

ColoradoCare would replace Obamacare with statewide single-payer plan — at $25 billion cost
What a price tag for a single payer health plan proposed in CO-$25 Billion!! Under the proposal employers would be on the hook for the lion’s share, 6.67 percent, and employees would be responsible for 3.33 percent of the 10 percent. The program would be administered by a nonprofit coop run by a 21-member board.Much as CO conservatives may dislike Obamacare, they were quick to denounce the single-payer proposal.“‘Affordable’ care just got more expensive in CO,” CO Sen Repubs said. Lockwood, dir of the free-market Advancing CO, warned that ColoradoCare “will triple taxes to rake in a state budget-sized $25 billion a year.”“ColoradoCare is a charade, and their campaign has been deceptive on every level, preying on millennials and the underserved communities, promising them relief that will deliver pain,”

Iranian aggression since Obama nuclear deal looms as 2016 headache for Democrats
“Headlines about the GOP Senate’s failed battle.. had all but disappeared when Iran launched an Oct. 11 test of an ICBM. Suddenly foes of the deal were back in the news, accusing Iran of breaking the agreement.The WH and Iran countered that the launch did not violate the nuclear deal because it does not include missile testing. Even so, a group of Sen Dems responded with a letter to Kerry denouncing Iran’s move as a violation of U.N. Sec Council Res and calling for “unilateral and multilateral responses ..The episode exemplifies a worst-case scenario for Dems as they head into next year’s election, namely that Iran will give Republicans ample “I-told-you-so” opportunities by breaking the agreement, violating other international sanctions or keeping the issue in the public eye with recurring acts of aggression.. .”

Hillary Clinton Owns the War in Libya (And Its Horrible Aftermath) | RealClearPolitics “Libya is in chaos. It’s a festering pit of radicalism, anarchy and death, epitomizing everything that can go wrong when Western intervention has no clear long-term purpose. And a woman who believes she should be pres. of the US.. believes that what’s going on in Libya is a success.This point seems pertinent. So beyond any facts surrounding the deaths in Benghazi, the blatant lying about her computer server.. , one of the most politically relevant topics examined.. is her insistence that Libya was not a “disaster.” Over and over Clinton argued that Libyans had elected “moderates” and that democracy had thrived and that all things were peachy (though she does concede there were security risks). And she was still praising the Arab Spring long after its collapse into violent radicalism across the Arab world.”

Charlie Crist, Washington’s Perfect Fit Great Read!! “He’ll be for clean air, clean water, clean energy- “the environment.” He’ll be for cheap gas, good public schools, more stringent gun laws, blah, blah.and blah.. All-purpose platitudes slickly delivered — that’s Charlie’s schtick…on Capitol Hill, Charlie won’t stand out. There are dozens in this flawed Congress like him — loving the “scene,” loving the publicity and the perks and the preening, harboring delusions and taking good care of No. 1 above all. They might not be as high-profile as the man who hugged a president, who angled to be vice president or who made national news on a book tour. But these members of Congress all figured out fast how to look good to constituents back home and survive inside the Beltway while moving the needle of good government not a tick.Charlie will, too.”

The Dark Money Behind Florida Redistricting Plaintiffs’ Extraordinary Coup Who was behind the challenge in FL redistricting? A Democratic coalition. “ King- partner in the Orlando law firm..-benefits from, a shady, well financed litigation juggernaut that’s taken in $4 million..Yet, he plays the victim card. Politico quotes him as saying, “These folks have unlimited funding and ability to fight us until the cows come in.”The “folks” he speaks of are the duly elected legislators defending against litigation he initiated and is being paid millions to direct.The plaintiffs’ maps Judge Lewis recommended were drawn by John O’Neill, an analyst hired through Strategic Telemetry, a Wash-based Dem consulting firm…Someone is footing the bill… Much of the money behind the recommended plaintiffs’ maps came from a soft-money haven called the Nat’l Dem Redistricting Trust.”