Hope for America – but Progressives still want Boys in the Girls room and a Pothead society! RINO’s Shocked by Tea Party Governor Win! Lessons for Tampa Bay Area.

Common Sense Prevails as Voters Reject the Liberal Nonsense pushed by extremist power abusing politicians.

Common Sense Prevails as voters reject the liberal nonsense pushed by extremist power abusing politicians.

There were some major victories for common sense seen in elections around the country last night. These offer a sign that Americans are perhaps starting to reject the extreme leftist nonsense offered by Progressives and the Democrat party. However, no one should let their guard down. As has been seen here in the Tampa Bay area, the liberal extremists never stop (just consider the continued push for light rail despite clear defeats in 2010 and 2014). While voters overwhelmingly rejected phony LGBT “equal rights” ordinances in Houston and Marijuana in Ohio, the supporters can never take “no” for an answer. RINO’s should learn that REAL conservatives win elections, not “Democrat-Light”: See Matt Bevin as new Governor of Kentucky. As Americans and Florida Suncoast residents, it is our call and duty to stand up and continue to beat back the growth of the liberal extremist agendas that are destroying our lives and the futures of our children. It is time to support candidates that support true freedom and governments that are so small they can’t harm us.

Houstonians reject Men in Women’s Showers

The liberal lesbian mayor of Houston was abusing her role of mayor of all city residents by pushing an extreme law to extend unacceptable public activities of other homosexuals. The ordinance would have allowed men who claimed to be women (transgendered) to enter women’s rooms and even locker room showers! Voters said “no” by a 62-38 margin with a voter turnout three times the normal. The city had gone so far as to subpoena the sermons of local clergy members to make sure that their preaching was approved by the government in charge!  The leftists had called in movie stars like Sally Field. In a top candidate for the ironic statement of the year, the Houston Mayor said ““No one’s rights should be subject to a popular vote”. This is just more leftist propaganda, because that is exactly what the ordinance would have done if it had passed – use a mob vote to remove the rights to privacy of women and little girls as well as the rights of business owners and clergy! Sadly, Pinellas County passed such a law without the vote of the people in 2013 – so that men can use women’s bathrooms. This morning on NPR the liberals could be heard to swear that they will never stop battling for this outrageous law that uses state powers to violate the lives of so many.

Ohio Rejects Recreational and “Medical” Marijuana

Liberals NEVER stop pushing their extremists and dangerous agendas.

Liberals NEVER stop pushing their extremists and dangerous agendas.

By a nearly 2-1 margin (65-35) Ohio voters rejected an effort to amend the constitution to legalize marijuana for recreational and so-called “medical” use in the state. Yet again celebrities and big money were pushing the law and kept hyping the poll numbers claiming that voters would pass it on election day.  That is just another common propaganda ploy used by liberals to try to get their way. A University of Akron poll showed a 46-46 tie going into the vote. Clearly their methods must have been flawed (probably intentionally) and the pot advocates were using it as a tool to suppress the vote. It didn’t work as voters showed that the only poll that counts is the one on election day. Yet again, Liberal actor/singer Nick Lachey is uttering the post-defeat rallying cry “Change Takes Time” in a tweet that included #Democracy as a hashtag. American voters and those in Pinellas should recognize that this is the standard progressive playbook: Push, lose, Push, Lose. PUSH, PUSH, ATTACK, Demoralize and Win by a close voter eventually. Liberals never stop and those mainstream Americans who want to preserve their freedom should remember they must always be on the watch against these extremists. Some REAL Social Justice? Nick Lachey spent $25 million on the campaign- and lost!

Kentucky elects Bevin, First Republican – a non-RINO

Shocking the Democrats and the Republican RINO establishment, Conservative Matt Bevin won the Governor’s seat in Kentucky 53-44. Even the New York Times reported how establishment Republicans were surprised that a person who stuck by and campaigned on conservative values could win. Kentucky has had a Democrat as Governor for all but four of the last 44 years! The lesson here is that the Republican Party should return to true foundational principles of our country – freedom, free markets, and limited government – and stop being afraid of Tea Party Candidates. Sadly, the Republican establishment is really just a slightly less liberal version of the Democrat party these days – preferring the power and money that comes with big government.

Lessons for the Florida Suncoast – Be Proud of Morality and Small Government.

The message for the Florida Suncoast is clear. The local Republican Party should run conservative candidates. Milquetoast candidates with an “r” after their name often lose to the progressives who are clear in their advocacy for extreme agendas. Look merely at Darden Rice defeating Carolyn Fries for St. Pete City Council, Kriseman defeating true RINO Bill Foster for Mayor of St. Pete. Good examples are Conservative Jeff Brandes defeating RINO Jim Frishe for Senator in the past and the victories of conservatives Dan Calabria in South Pasadena and Curtis Holmes in Largo. OF course, the defeat of Greenlight Pinellas by 62-38 in 2014 and the Tampa Light rail in 2010 show that voters have common sense when someone merely steps up and points out the big government nonsense to them (even when outspent and outgunned). Nevertheless, the liberals are ignoring the voters and STILL pushing rail! Pinellas and Hillsborough voters should be asked to reject the liberal agenda that continues to permeate the bay area on rail, transgendered privacy invasion, increasing taxes and every “social justice” cause these extremists push by abusing their power.