America’s Enemies March on Multiple Fronts: Helena’s News Roundup.

america and constitution in crosshairs_smallEditor’s Note:  The enemies of America are on the march. Anti-freedom PC-police, Anti-prosperity globalist “climate change” alarmists, Anti-freedom Islamic extremists. Thanks to Helena Nunn for our outstanding and regular news roundup.

2 attack suspects dead after French police raid north of Paris Just the beginning!!”Gunshots and explosions rang out from the suburb of Saint-Denis early Wed as more than 100 French police and army troops laid siege to an apartment with at least 6 terror suspects, potentially including the alleged ringleader of Fri’s deadly attacks in Paris..If Abaaoud was among those., it would.. suggest that the high-profile figure of ISIS chased by European intell had managed to slip into France from the battlefields of Syria.The key figure has eluded attempts to apprehend him, including in Jan when authorities staged an operation to arrest him in Athens… A Belgian, he hails from the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels, a largely Muslim area that has become one of the world’s main breeding grounds of violent Islamist extremists.”

Stretched FBI braces for Islamic State holiday terror attacks We must be vigilant!! “..Dir Comey has put a brave public face on the bureau’s fight against ISIS that masks significant tensions behind the scenes with the Obama admin.Bureau officials are deeply worried they don’t have enough resources to track a growing number of radicalized Americans inspired by ISIS, with more possibly entering as Obama opens the borders to thousands of Syrian refugees…Likewise, the bureau is frustrated that the WH and Justice Dept have not pressured Congress to act more quickly to force tech companies to help break the encrypted communications of suspects, fearing pol appointees have been too deferential to a politically connected, well-monied industry.“We have suspects we’ve been tracking that have gone dark, because we can no longer follow their encrypted activities.”

Obama’s inaction plants doubt he can keep America safe Must Read! “Even after Pres Hollande gave a rousing speech to Parliament, declaring, “We are in a war against jihadist terrorism, which is threatening the whole world,” and urged Obama to join a coordinated effort, the pres said no.“It’s best that we don’t, you know, shoot first and aim later,” Obama said.So much for solidarity with the French..” But passive resistance is not a viable strategy against medieval madmen.Obama did show one streak of passion — while denouncing as “unAmerican” calls to block Syrian refugees from being resettled in the US. Thus, he got animated only to denounce other Americans, a strange thing for an Am pres to do on foreign soil.. This is World War III, and the free West is under attack, just as it was during the first two world wars.Imagine if Obama had been pres during those watershed events.”

Gambling the World Economy on Climate  Must Read!! The U.N.’s climate chief says openly that the aim of the talks is “to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.” That outlook will be welcome among attendees like the delegation from Bolivia. That country’s official material submitted for the talks proposes a “lasting solution” for climate change: “We must destroy capitalism. ”Perhaps capitalism as “a system of death” is a minority view, but the agreements coming out of Paris are likely to see countries that have flourished with capitalism willingly compromising their future prosperity in the name of climate change. But before ditching that economic model, it’s worth considering how much progress it has brought.”

Florida, Orlando at Top of Charts for Job Growth Nationwide  “According to Prof McPheters at School of Business at Arizona State U, the Sunshine State climbed toward the top among states and cities that experienced the strongest growth in non-agricultural jobs over the first three quarters of 2015, ranking second in overall job growth, and in the cities category, Orlando ranking second for job growth.Florida tied with Washington for the second spot, seeing a job growth rate of 3.5 percent during the first three quarters of 2015. One-third of the nation’s jobs come from Florida, Texas, or California…Orlando received a similar ranking for its own job growth, placing second overall in the list. The Central Florida city saw a 4.1 percent growth rate in 2015, placing it above much larger cities like Dallas, Atlanta and San Francisco.”

FRC warns of nationwide ‘bathroom bill’ in Senate Outrageous!! “Sen. Cory Booker is sponsoring the “Equality Act,” which would amend current fed laws to protect homosexuals based on claims of discrimination… the Equality Act mirrors the non-discrimination bill that was recently defeated in Houston. In fact, he says, it also includes the “public accommodations” requirement in Houston’s HERO law.. The Equalty Act would give homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, trangender, and “gender noncomforming people” access to “places of public accommodations,..” “And it does not make any exception for facilities in which there’s a normal expectation of privacy from the opposite sex such as restrooms, locker rooms and showers,” Sprigg warns. “So it would be a bathroom bill on a national level being forced on all 50 states.”

Feinstein breaks with Obama: ‘ISIL is not contained’ Feinstein sharply contradicted Obama on Mon., disagreeing with his claim that the Islamic State is “contained.”“I’ve never been more concerned,..I read the intelligence faithfully. ISIL is not contained. ISIL is expanding.They just put out a video saying it is their intent to attack this country. I think we have to be prepared,” On Mon, ISIL warned it could attack Wash. if the U.S. participated in France’s response to the events in Paris…While she said didn’t know the exact number of troops that were needed in Syria, Feinstein urged Obama to send more than the few dozen he has announced so far. “We certainly need more than 50 specials ops and we need the ability to really make a difference on the ground,” she said.“Candidly, I don’t think bombing runs alone, we have done about 8,000 now, can really make a difference.”

House Republicans Seek to Cut Off Funding for Syrian Resettlement Program Let’s see who votes against this bill!! “Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Repubs are proposing to block fed funding for resettling Syrian refugees until a series of new conditions are met..The growing momentum behind new legislation, still being drafted, sets up a future clash between the WH and Congress as the Obama admin seeks to offer residency to 10,000 Syrian refugees…It would prevent funding for the resettlement of refugees from the Middle East until authorities adopt “processes to ensure that refugee are not able to be co-opted by would-be terrorists.” Once those processes are in place, details of the security checks must be given to Congress and the admin must establish a “longer-term monitoring process” to track refugees in the U.S.”

Road to Sunshine Summit A Compilation of all the articles and speakers from the Sunshine Summit!!

The Islamic State’s trap for Europe Must Read about Terrorist Tactics! “ISIS is executing a global strategy to defend its territory in Iraq and Syria, foster affiliates in other Muslim-majority areas, and encourage and direct terrorist attacks in the wider world. It has exported its brutality and military methods to groups in Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan etc. Now it is using tactical skills acquired on Middle Eastern battlefields to provoke an anti-Muslim backlash that will generate even more recruits within Western societies. The US and its allies must respond quickly to this threat.The ISIS strategy is to polarize Western society — to “destroy the grayzone,”. The group hopes frequent, devastating attacks in its name will provoke overreactions by European govs against innocent Muslims, thereby alienating and radicalizing Muslim communities throughout the continent.”

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes claims proper vetting procedures and databases are in place for Syrian refugees contradicting sworn FBI congressional testimony that sufficient databases don’t exist. More lies from the admin. about the capability of vetting the refugees! Ben Rhodes asked about the ability of the Obama administration to properly vet a wave of 10,000 Syrian refugees..Rhodes’ response that measures to properly vet the Syrian refugees are in place flatly contradicts recent sworn testimony of FBI officials…FBI Steinbach testified “about the quality of info available on anyone coming out of Syria:The concern in Syria is that we don’t have systems in places on the ground to collect information to vet…You’re talking about a country that is a failed state, that does not have any infrastructure, so to speak. So all of the dataset, the police, the intel services that normally you would go to to seek information doesn’t exist.”

How Obama is bankrolling a non-stop protest against invented outrage One of Obama’s legacies will be the crybullies on campus!! When will violence begin? “The senseless protests we’re seeing break out on the campuses of the U MO, Yale and other colleges, as well as on bridges ..and outside police stations, are precisely the kind of thing Obama was trained to organize while attending leftist agitation schools founded by Chicago communist Saul Alinsky. He learned well how to “rub raw the sores of discontent.”These self-absorbed, belligerent brats will “hands-up, don’t shoot” themselves into every cobwebbed corner of society.Now Obama is .. training and cloning an army of social justice bullies to carry on his revolution to “fundamentally transform America.” He’s doing it mainly through a little-known but well-funded group called Organizing for Action which will outlast his admin.”

The Rise of the College Crybullies Must read!! “The truth is that Am univ are among the safest and most coddled environs ever devised by man. The idea that one should attend college to be protected from ideas one might find controversial or offensive could only occur to someone who had jettisoned any hope of acquiring an educ. Many have been warning about a “higher ed bubble.” They focused mostly on the unsustainable costs of college, but the spectacle of timid moral self-indulgence also deserves a place on the bill of indictment. There are some encouraging signs. When a dean at Claremont Coll resigned after being accused of racism because of a carelessly worded email, some brave students publ a dissenting edit. in which they berated hypersensitive students for bringing spurious charges of racism and the dean and the pres for cowardice in not standing up to the barrage.”

Will the Senate stop DOJ’s community organizing bonanza?  More Abuse Exposed!! In a letter to then AG Holder in 2014, Rep. Goodlatte and Rep. Hensarling exposed DOJ’s misdeed.“First, the settling banks must donate $150 million to activist groups like La Raza and Neighbor Works, which funds a national network of community organizers. Second, for each dollar donated above the minimum, banks earn two dollars’ worth of credit against their overall consumer relief commitment. By contrast, direct forms of consumer relief, such as loan modifications, earn only dollar-for-dollar credit. This makes donations to activist groups far more attractive to banks than providing direct relief to injured consumers. As a result, the settlements appear to serve as a vehicle for funding activist groups rather than as a means of securing relief for consumers actually harmed.”

The Government Netted $4.5 Billion in Cash, Cars, and Houses Taken From Americans Last Year Gov’t will continue taking property away from Americans because they can keep what they take!!”According to a new report from the Inst for Justice, the fed gov has seen a substantial increase over the last 13 years in the amount of money deposited into forfeiture funds governed by the Depts of Justice and Treasury..In allowing agencies to keep some or all of what they forfeit, civil forfeiture laws permit, if not encourage, law enforcement to police for profit. And agencies have responded with zeal.”In recent years, a growing number of stories have arisen involving innocent Americans who had property forfeited yet were never charged with a crime. Additionally, civil forfeiture has been called a “gold mine” and “pennies from heaven” by the very law enforcement officials who benefit from the proceeds of cash, cars, and property forfeited.”