Sunbeam Times Thanks its Readers!


Thanks to the readers of the Sunbeam Times. May the many blessings of God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit be on you and your loved ones.

As thanksgiving approaches, one is called to reflect on the many blessings in their lives and to pray to God for His grace and mercy. We give thanks for our family, our health, and our livelihood. We give thanks for our Church, our freedom and the little things that bring smiles to our faces. Many of us are grateful for our faith and the redeeming power of Christ who died for our sins so we can be saved for God and His kingdom. As I reflect on these abundant graces in my life, I also want to take this opportunity to thank the readers of the Sunbeam Times and its contributors.

This humble blog began on a lark in August 2011. It was designed to evaluate and shed light on the many factors impacting the lives of people in the Tampa Bay Area. They include government at all levels, social issues, activists (including me!), and global events.  All of these things alter the life of Tampa Bay residents whether they know it or not. We added the Friday Funnies and Truth Check over the last couple of years and will keep working to bring you more. Over the last couple of years, I have also written openly about God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have brought forward issues from the Catholic Church. Many readers may have been surprised at this and some have not been so grateful!  But I have received mostly positive feedback on that coverage as well.  The real presence of the Holy Trinity in our life may not be recognized at all points of our life, but it is present nonetheless, and that is also a reason for Thanksgiving.

I would like to specifically thank Helena Nunn who has regularly contributed her outstanding “new roundup”. Thanks also to Kerry Brown for his recent outstanding analysis on global warming. I would like to thank my incredibly talented, occasional and still anonymous illustrator. That person does the high quality original artwork (like thisthis and this), while the quick hackups from powerpoint are all mine (like this). Thanks to Nick Finzer, a talented programmer, webmaster and all around good guy! Thanks to my family for putting up with me and the blowback while I do this! Others are certainly welcome to offer contributions which almost always will be published.  The commenters on our site have been outstanding and I continue to keep it a space free from personal attacks and trolls.

I hope to continue to grow the Sunbeam Times as time and resources allow. If I win the lottery, I will hire professionals and grow really big! If you can, please spread the word to friends, family and colleagues and ask them to consider placing their email in the box at the top right for a free email subscription to posts. You can also have it linked to your home page collection of pages if you can so you can see it when you open the browser. This can be done with portal services like

So all I have is thanks as we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. God bless each of you with His abundant Grace and Mercy!


David McKalip, M.D., Founder, Editor of the