Sharia, Jihadis, Climate Tyranny and more. Helena’s New Roundup.

Guns are not the reason people like this seek to kill Americans. Islam is the reason.

Is this just a micro-aggression? 

Look Who Just Pledged $32 Billion To Promote Islam And Sharia Law In America This Saudi donation smells!! “. in 2002, Alwaleed “gave $500,000 to CAIR, which authorities have linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.”In 2005, the prince contributed $40 million to expand Islamic studies in the US. 20 million dollars went to Harvard to create a campus-wide Shariah law studies prog, while another $20 million was pumped into Georgetown U for a “Muslim-Christian understanding” prog. Activist Pam Geller sees Alwaleed’s generosity as a Trojan Horse, believing the money will go towards what she calls the “Islamization of America. ”The Saudis have spent billions already: 80% of the mosques in Am are Saudi funded. Islamic groups working to impose the sharia are largely funded by the Saudis.“We can look forward to 32 billion more of the kingdom’s brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam,” writes Geller.”

No, America Doesn’t Have a Christian Terrorism Problem “Thanks to good police work and changes in the pol’l climate since the Vietnam era, America has enjoyed a dramatic and decades-old decline in domestic-terrorist incidents. True domestic terrorism is shocking precisely because it is so rare. Am political discourse may be angry,.. but Am politics themselves remain remarkably peaceful.. Even before this weekend’s shooting at a CO PP clinic, left-wing sites trumpeted the threat of “Christian terrorists” while minimizing the threat of jihadists. This summer, the NYT hyped a transparently idiotic study claiming that homegrown extremists were deadlier than jihadists — by excluding from the death toll the almost 3,000 Americans who died on 9/11 and the nearly 7,000 Americans killed – not to mention the more than 52,000 Americans wounded at the hands of radical Islamists overseas.”

U.S. Should Secure its Border, Create Safe Zones for Syrian Refugees  Good Article by Dennis Ross!!”Referring to ISIS, Obama made the following claims mere hours before the horrific terrorist attacks took place in Paris: “I don’t think they’re gaining strength. What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them…Contrary to Obama’s blatantly false claims, ISIS is not contained and they are the greatest threat to our country. The terrorist attacks in Paris provide a warning of what could happen in America if we do not take appropriate and immediate action.Sadly, we are an easy target. Our borders are not secure and our resources are limited. The US is already dealing with a migrant crisis along our southern border. We should not further risk our nation’s security by taking additional Syrian refugees.”

Now more than ever, US must celebrate its exceptionalism Must Read by Rupert Murdoch!! “Recent tragic events have highlighted the importance of a robust military and especially of leadership — but also of the moral bankruptcy of moral relativism.For a US sec of state to suggest that Islamic terrorists had a “rationale” in slaughtering journalists is one of the low points of recent West diplomacy, and indicative of a serious malaise.For America to be embarrassed by its exceptionalism is itself exceptional and absolutely unacceptable.In his great book “World Order,” Kissinger writes: “America must retain its sense of direction.”For America to have a sense of direction, two conditions are essential. First, a US leader must understand, be proud of and assert the Am personality;..Second, there must be clear goals informed by values and by a realization of the extraordinary potential of its people

House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia “In full coordination with Iraq, we’re deploying a specialized expeditionary targeting force to assist Iraqi and Kurdish forces and put even more pressure on [ISIS],” Def Sec Carter told the House Armed Services Com. Although the term “expeditionary force” evokes large-scale mobilizations such as those seen in the Iraq War, Carter outlined a more limited deployment. But his announcement still provoked questions about the legal basis for the move, and caused one Dem to warn of the specter of nuclear war with Russia…Carter got a hint of just how difficult it may be to sell Congress on such legis when Rep Gabbard suggested that Obama’s decision to place Am fighter jets equipped “to target Russian planes” on the border between Turkey and Syria.. could lead the U.S. into a nuclear war with Putin’s regime.”


Why Silver’s guilty verdict should make Cuomo very worried What a prosecutor!! “.. the longest-tenured of Albany’s three men in a room turned out to be just another thief… Sheldon Silver of the Lower East Side had stuffed his jeans with at least $4 million — and that makes him distinctive by Albany standards: The capital city’s gutter-grubbers traditionally settle for chump change.But Mon afternoon, in federal district court, Shelly — the once-affable, supremely self-confident speaker of the NY Assembly — became simply Silver, a grim-faced felon soon to be delivered to the custody of the US Bureau of Prisons.Monday’s guilty-on-all-counts verdict was swiftly arrived at, and surely chilled the air in the nearby courtroom where US Attorney Preet Bharara has put another erstwhile Albany power broker, former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, on trial for his future.”

Parents: No Child Left Behind Rewrite Furthers Federal Intrusion on Education  “A group of Fl parents is joining forces with 200 other parent groups across the country to fight against a 2015 overhaul of the No Child Left Behind Act set to be voted on by Congress this week. No Child Left Behind, which is the current version of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires all states across the country to help each individual student develop basic skills necessary for educational success. Under the federal statute, states must administer assessment tests to measure academic progress.The rewrite of No Child Left Behind is supposed to lessen federal control over education, but Florida Parents Against Common Core and other education groups around the nation say the ESEA would do just the opposite, expanding federal influence and intruding in education.”

Obama, the president who lost his voice Must Read!! “The presidency has changed Obama…his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade, which is something of a surprise. You can speculate that if the Obama of today and not Winston Churchill had led Britain in World War II, the Old Vic theater would now be doing “Hamlet” in German.The president has lost his voice.. Obama has the approval of only 44 percent. During his time in office, Congress and much of the nation have gone Rep..It’s not that Obama has lost his gift of eloquence. His problem is that he often has nothing to say.. To a large degree, Obama became president on the strength of his eloquence. To a large degree, that is what has deserted him. He is out of words because he is out of ideas. Consequently, he ought to listen to others. They’re not the ones who are popping off. He is.”

Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris Must read and watch trailer!! “The film is the first climate documentary to profile scientists who have reversed their views from supporting the so-called “consensus” position to a conversion to skepticism. The film also profiles politically left scientists who have now declared themselves skeptics of man-made global warming.David Rothbard, CFACT president and exec producer of the film says, “Climate Hustle is the most important climate documentary since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth… Noted climatologist Dr. Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Tech, who is featured in the film, adds “Climate Hustle is a refreshing and entertaining antidote to the sillier and alarming claims about climate change and its impacts that people regularly hear from politicians and the media.”

Obama doesn’t have the power to sign onto international environment commitments Must Read by Mitch McConnell!! ‘It would be irresponsible for an outgoing pres to sign the Am people up to internat’l commitments based on a domestic energy plan that is likely illegal, that half the states have sued to halt, that Congress has voted to reject and that his successor could do away with… The courts appear likely to strike it down, the next pres could tear it up, more than half of the 50 states have filed suit against it, and a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress just approved legis to expressly reject it.That bipartisan opp remains even if Obama tries to veto the legislation. So it wouldn’t make much sense to ask Congress to allocate resources for global commitments predicated on a plan the pres went around Congress to impose…”

How Obamacare Could Limit Insurance Options for Americans in These 34 States “UnitedHealthcare, the largest insurer in the U.S., told shareholders it was considering pulling out of the state- and federally run exchanges in 2017, with a decision likely to come in early 2016. UnitedHealthcare announced it will evaluate whether the plans it offers on the exchanges can remain viable. However, the possibility of the insurance giant leaving Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges could have a significant impact on consumers purchasing insurance in the 34 states where UnitedHealth sells plans.According to enrollment data, more than 500,000 Americans using the exchanges purchased plans from UnitedHealthcare. Those consumers will have to purchase new plans in 2017 should the ins company leave the exchanges”

Obama’s Intel Scandal MUST READ!“More than 50 analysts working out of Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria were being altered ..they understood by formalizing their complaints they would be challenging their superiors and an entire system that encouraged analysts and other nat’l sec officials to downplay the jihadist threat…this new primary-source intell undercut happy-talk from the WH about progress in defeating jihadist terror. Al Qaeda wasn’t dying; it was growing. The Afghan Taliban wasn’t moderating; its leaders were as close to al Qaeda as ever. The same Iranian regime promising to abide by the terms of a deal to limit its nuclear program had provided safe haven for al Qaeda leaders and their families and had facilitated al Qaeda attacks on the interests of the US and its allies.”

Debbie’s Dilemma: Democrats Drenched in Debt “The committee that Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz chairs disclosed last week it spent $5.25 million in the past month but only brought in $4.45 million in contributions.It ended the reporting period with just $4.7 million in cash on hand. Compare that to the $6.9 million in debts it owes. Including a $2 million loan from union-owned Amalgamated Bank, the debt grew this month from the $6.7 million it reported in reports the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is struggling with a $13 million debt load.”The 2014 elections didn’t just wipe out the Democrat majority in the Senate,” said the news service. “The election saddled the party committee with heavy debt, borrowed to defend its precarious majority in the GOP landslide last year.”


Hillary Clinton, Underdog | RealClearPolitics Must Read!! “The most important measure of the pol climate is the pres’s job approval rating. Obama’s ratings are in the low-to-mid 40s. That’s a danger ground suggesting that he will be a drag on his party’s nominee. At the moment, it’s a prob for Clinton rather than a crisis. But if the pres’s ratings go much lower, it will become extraordinarily difficult for the Dems to retain the WH. On top of that, consumer confidence has just fallen to its lowest level in over a year. An index of manufacturing sentiment is now at the lowest level in more than two years. The country may not be in a recession, but the econ recovery is anemic.And then there’s the foreign policy disarray in the wake of the Paris attacks. Foreign policy generally has only a modest impact on elections and 2016 is not likely to be any different.”

The Clintons’ Colombian connection: a secret investment fund More Scandal linked to the Clintons!! “Even as Hillary Clinton is upping her anti-Wall Street rhetoric, here comes word that the Clinton Foundation is running a private-equity company down in Colombia…The foundation’s Bogota-based firm, Fondo Acceso, was started in 2010 by Bill Clinton, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and mining magnate Frank Giustra, with seed funding of $20 million from the foundation’s Clinton-Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative and the SLIM Foundation, the Wash Free Beacon reports.Anything to hide here? Well, Fondo Acceso took down its Web site once the Beacon broke the story. And the venture wasn’t even registered as a private-equity fund in Colombia, thereby skirting gov oversight. A good move for an investment firm linked to the US secretary of state.”