Meet Mary Thomas in St. Pete Wed., 12/9. For a Better Florida Congressional Delegation.

mary thomas taxpayer protection pledgeMeet and Help Elect Mary Thomas in a Fundraiser at the Office of Dr. David McKalip. The Reception will be Wednesday 12/9 from 6-8 pm at 1955 1st Ave. N, Suite #101.

Co-hosts include Pinellas Republican leader Paul Jallo, Dr. George Thomas, Drs. Tom and Annie Thomas, Past Hillsborough Republican Chair Debbie Cox-Roush, Dr. Vipul Kabaria, Dr. George Korath . Drs. Manual Lopez and Kavita Thomas.

The Florida Congressional delegation is disabled.  Right now it includes a hard core Obama Liberal, Gwen Graham, daughter of past Florida Governor Bob Graham. Thankfully there is a woman who can run her out of Congress and bring solid representation for Floridians to D.C. – Mary Thomas. Mary Thomas is running to be the first Indian-American woman to serve in Congress and would truly represent American founding principles: freedom, limited government, rule of law and property rights. She is running from the newly re-drawn Florida Congressional District 2 from the Eastern Panhandle down through Levy County. But to face off against Gwen Graham, Thomas must first beat an establishment Republican in the primary, Dr. Neal Dunn.

The mainstream media and the Democrat propaganda machine are working hard to label Graham as a moderate with a “third way” on policy. Sorry folks, not so much. The Freedomworks score card shows that Graham has a 6% score. Gwen Graham has voted against repealing Obamacare, no on repealing the death tax and Amtrack subsides and no to ending subsidies to rich power companies. Gwen Graham has voted to end privacy online, give data to the NSA and to support crippling EPA regulations that would devastate our economy so she can support an extreme climate change agenda.

Mary Thomas believes in America and the power of free Americans to restore greatness to our nation. She signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to support a flat or fair tax. She has pledged to stop common core and repeal Obamacare and opposes the Iran Nuclear deal. Mary is pro-life, Catholic and married with children and signed the term limit pledge. She also serves in the Rick Scott administration as General Counsel at the Department of Elder Affairs where she manages and oversees the legal department of an agency that administers a $900 million budget.  Mary is endorsed by Maggie’s list, State Representatives Charles Van Zant, Charlie Stone and Air Force Veteran and Conservative grassroots leader Mike Hill (also a State Representative). Mary is a principled leader who won’t cave to deal making and political expediency.

The opposite is true of her primary opponent Dr. Neal Dunn.  Dr. Dunn is a banker who stopped practicing medicine a few years ago. He is part of the Republican establishment, and when he announced his candidacy he said he would only work to ‘reform’  Obamacare and would not seek an ‘immediate repeal’. Only when Mary Thomas made it clear that Obamacare must be repealed did he play political catchup and call for a repeal. I worked with Dr. Dunn for years as a leader and officer at the Florida Medical Association. He has a smooth, friendly style, but when the doors are closed, the true nature is revealed. As I and Dr. Dunn met in closed meetings of the Executive Committee of the Florida Medical Association, Dunn Made it clear that he supports the key machinery of Obamacare. That especially includes the Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) that ration care so that insurance companies (and bankers) can make money on denying care to patients. He supported efforts by the FMA to endorse a massive expansion of rationing panels and cookbook medicine in Medicare through the “MACRA” bill. He worked behind the scene to shepherd through a state rationing panel that would give the Florida government seal of approval for Florida insurance companies to ration care. The Bill, SB 784, was sponsored by Senator Don Gaetz and would create a panel of doctors that would sign off on rationing protocols and then allow the Agency for Health Care Administration to use them to approve insurance company rationing. This is no different than the system created by Obamacare. Whenever I worked to have our FMA oppose SB 784, Dunn would step up to protect it. He clearly supported the policy itself, but mainly wanted to protect his friend (former) Senate President Don Gaetz from embarrassment. It turns out that the FMA never vetted the legislation in the Council of Legislation run by Dunn and clear FMA policy opposed such legislation. The protection of SB 784 became clarified later when Dunn was endorsed by Gaetz.

If Floridians want a Florida Congresswoman they can trust, they should help elect Mary Thomas to Congress. That means beating RINO Neal Dunn in the primary and then liberal Gwen Graham in the General Election. Those who want to help Mary, can contribute online at or come to her St. Petersburg fundraiser hosted by Dr. David McKalip and many others on Wednesday 12/9 at 6 pm at 1955 1st Ave. N..