Call to Stop Massive Obama Spending by Republicans: Illegal Immigrant Amnesty, Paris Climate Change, Planned Parenthood, Big Government

Enough is enough. The Republican Congressional leadership is advancing Obama's agenda with spending. Help stop them today.

Enough is enough. The Republican Congressional leadership is advancing Obama’s agenda with spending. Help stop them today.

CALL, EMAIL, TWEET NOW – Stop the $1.1 trillion Federal Omnibus Spending Bill (Heritage). (Click the “Dashboard” option). You can also register at the Freedomworks action center (enter Zipcode on Right).

See List of Florida Congressional Delegation below and US link here. (If you do one thing, contact YOUR Representative today).

48 hours. That’s how long Congressmen and women have to read and digest a highly technical 2,000 page government $1.1 trillion spending bill. That is $500 million per page with less than 2 minutes to read each page. The bill is an Obama administration dream and the biggest insult to America is that the so-called “Republican” party leaders are supporting it. The alleged defenders of small government, freedom, low regulation and individualism are participating selling Americans down the road. Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican deal makers, sell-outs and RINO’s are telling Americans to sit down and shut up – be loyal subjects to your federal overlords.

While there are a couple of bright lights in the bill, they are overwhelmed by the massive spending. They are overwhelmed by the failure of Congress to stop spending on big government programs of Obama: like Executive orders for Amnesty, his climate change agenda, EPA regulation of rain water falling on your property and more. Congress did continue to stop the bailout of the insurance companies by defunding Obamacare “risk corridors”. This and two or three other things could be accomplished with separate bills.

Here is a list cobbled from a variety of sources. Please take action today (see links above and list below).


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Senator Bill Nelson (D- FL) 202-224-5274 202-228-2183
Senator Marco Rubio (R- FL) 202-224-3041 202-228-0285 …

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