Oregon Protesters Invite Tyranny. Right Cause, Wrong Tactics.


These protesters in Oregon should remain peaceful. They should load all weapons in a truck and have them driven away. THEN they should engage in peaceful civil disobedience only. Otherwise, any violence will be blamed on them and will increase tyranny in America.

This week, American Patriots took a stand against Federal government tyranny. Sadly, they are inviting an escalation of federal tyranny that may be irreversible. These Oregonian protesters, led by Ammon Bundy, occupied a Federal Land Refuge building in protest of the unjust, unconstitutional sentencing of two Americans over a land dispute. The Federal government has been slowly removing property rights and seizing private property from ranchers for decades in the mountain west, another injustice. However, these Oregonian protesters are making a fundamental mistake in implying they are willing to use violence as part of their direct action against government over-reach. The most effective means to demonstrate the tyranny of the government is to let themselves be arrested for completely peaceful civil disobedience. It is the path of Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Jesus Christ that should be their guide, not that of the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground and Black Lives Matter.

Federal control of land is inappropriately large in the west.

Federal control of land is inappropriately large in the west.

Make no mistake, the Federal government is in the wrong. Federal control of western land is out of control, with about 53% of Oregon under Federal control. Ranchers have been denied grazing rights on these lands as environmental groups abuse government power to get their way. Federal bureaucrats, eager to exert control over the local citizens, have abused individuals to set examples. This is the case for the Hammonds. They set controlled burns in 2001 that spread onto federal land – causing damage to 127 acres. They put out the fires. In 2006 they started a controlled burn to protect their properties from approaching lightning-induced wildfires. They received 15 months prison time since the judge felt the federally prescribed 5 years was “cruel and unusual punishment” under the US constitution. The Obama administration demanded they serve five years and appealed, leading to the increased punishment with a label on the Hammonds as “terrorists”. The men turned themselves over peacefully for their jail term today, while calling for the Bundy protest to end peacefully.

The Bundys and their supporters are to be admired for protesting the federal abuse of American citizens and Oregonians. They should protest. If they want to engage in time-honored methods of civil disobedience to demonstrate injustice, then an occupation of the Federal building is an effective way to do that. They should then be willing to be arrested and face the penalty for their civil disobedience. Then, they should use their protest, disobedience, arrest and punishment to spread the word to a sympathetic public about the tyranny of our federal government. However, they should not do so while calling people to “bring your arms”. They are playing right into the hand of the tyrants running our Federal government.

The Obama administration is looking for opportunities to further deprive Americans of their liberties. They will be certain to not let this crisis “go to waste”. As soon as any threat is perceived by an “armed” militia man at the Wildlife refuge, the Feds will use overwhelming force against it (like Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho). The media will assist with the progressive, pro-government narrative and describe the “right wing wacko”, “tea party”, “armed milita” people as terrorists. The American people will agree. It will not matter that the same media labelled rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson for “Black Lives Matter” as protesters with a legitimate complaint. The media will not give the hero treatment to the Oregon Protesters like they did to “gyro-man” or to Occupy wall street types plotting to blow up bridges and the Federal Reserve. No, the Federal government, the Obama Administration, the political class and media will have their narrative: “anti-government nut jobs can’t have guns”. Already, these patriots are labelled in every headline as “armed militia”, in contrast to the truly violent indicated above.

The Hammond protesters at the Oregon wildlife refuge need to lay down their arms now and demonstrate they will only engage in peaceful civil disobedience. If they don’t, a new dawn of tyranny will come to America this year. Obama is already introducing executive orders to promote gun control. He can now create a list of those unfit to own a gun which could easily include those who have been part of the tea party or other patriot groups.  The incident can be used to round up guns and ammo. Did you post a supportive comment on Facebook for these protesters? If so, they Obama could use it to remove your guns. A violent ending in Oregon at the Wildlife Refuge occupation could result in an even more aggressive federal posture to seize land, rights and harm citizens who will see the example of those who dare to resist.

The Bundy’s can do the most to help America by making a large media demonstration of loading all their arms, ammunition and military gear in trucks on camera for filming as they drive away. The media should then be invited inside their occupation zone to show there are no weapons. Then they should have cameras posted everywhere at their protest site to demonstrate that ANY violence was entirely one-sided, lopsided, unwarranted and exclusively exercised by tyrannical government authorities. That would bring freedom to America.


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  1. Rodger Dowdell

    Are you aware that the town posted notices of a public meeting to be held to discuss issues. At this meeting, We the People of Harney County, Iregon, elected a Committee on Safety. This committee drew up Petitions for Redress of Grievances , just like our Founders did.

    The government officials unconstitutionally and unlawfully ignored those petitions. The next lawful step is to call the militia to come together to protect both the Committee on Safety, but more importantly the Common Law Gramd Jury by the People which will be assembled to investigate all the crimes BLM and other government officials have been committing.

    In fact the building is being used for other victims of crimes by our government against We the People to come forward and give testimony and sign affidavits. These Patriots are doing exactly what they are lawfully supposed to do when the government ignores the Rule of Law and imposes tyranny upon the People by ignoring their sworn duty to protect and defend our Constitution. Since the government officials are breaching their oaths, the militia MUST step in to protect our Constitution !! Who else has this responsibility ? Nobody.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      All you have described is appropriate—except the implicit threat of violence. The American colonialisgts endured much greater and much harsher before pursuing violence. they also had a larger base of support. Merely lay down arms and then all other actions by you are just.

      By the way, do you disagree with my conclusions that violence there will lead to a larger tyranny across our nations that will be especially biased against patriots that stand up for the constitution?

  2. Rodger Dowdell

    Do we know factually that the Patriots occupying the building are armed ? What proof can you share with me please ?

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