Obamacare Costs Spike; 10 SOTU lies; Obama’s Lieutenants Plant Seeds. Helena’s News Roundup

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

The Sunbeam Times is happy to welcome back Helena Nunn from a much deserved break!  Here is her outstanding news roundup!

ObamaCare costs set to spike for thousands “About 43,000 ObamaCare enrollees are bearing the full cost of their ins plans after losing the tax credits that are meant to make coverage more affordable.Those enrollees no longer receive ObamaCare tax credits because they failed to file a tax return for 2014, according HHS. The number has never before been released.Losing the tax credit can come with a sticker shock. HHS said in March that the average monthly ObamaCare premium before tax credits was $364, compared to $101 after the tax credit. The precise number of people who are losing federal subsidies is unclear, ­because even family plans are counted as a single applicant.. the IRS warned in July that 710,000 households were at risk of losing ObamaCare subsidies because they hadn’t filed a tax return.”

The morally repugnant response to the Cologne sexual assault gang Germany’s pol class seems just as committed to noble blindness and it could not be more unsettling… After news of the attacks began to leak out, Reker condescendingly advised women to adopt a “code of conduct” in order to avoid sex assault. She suggested that they “stick together in groups, don’t get split up…” This is fine advice for a mother to give. But a mayor should be promising safe streets…Merkel has tried to assure Germans that these crimes won’t be tolerated. Though the likelihood of arresting the perpetrators, convicting them, or deporting any seems remote. The pol class of Germany seems overwhelmed. Perhaps that is just deserts, considering that Merkel has been willing to saddle some small German towns with a # of refugees that exceeds their own pop by a multiple of 7. She simply has no idea what she has unleashed.

Fact Check: Top 10 Lies in Obama’s State of the Union – Breitbart Must Read!! “Here are Obama’s top ten lies1. “[W]e’ve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.” This is pure fiction. Obama has doubled the national debt, and it’s not because he cut the deficit. Rather, he spent staggering amounts of money in his first months in office–which he assigns, dishonestly, to the previous fiscal year, under George W. Bush.“…7. “No nation dares to attack us or our allies because they know that’s the path to ruin.” Of all the lies in Obama’s speech, this was undoubtedly the worst, coming hours after Iran seized two U.S. Navy boats and ten sailors. Obama did not even mention those Americans in captivity at any point in his speech, declining the chance to reassure the nation that they would come home safely. It is an omission that will define this address in history.”

Rick Scott Urges Legislature Back Tax Cuts, Enterprise Florida Funding in State of the State “.. Gov. Scott offered his 5th State of the State address looking to rally support behind his calls for $1 billion in tax cuts and for $250 million for Enterprise Fl to lure jobs to the Sunshine State. “While, I am pleased to report to you today that the state of Fl is growing, I must confess that our work has just begun.. “Now, we face the mighty task of keeping job creation going strong.. Now, we must be dedicated to making Fl not second to TX, but, first in the nation for job growth for years to come!“Our goals are mighty, our challenge is clear.. “We have two objectives. First, we must keep doing what’s worked the last 5 years to help Floridians get a job and live their dreams and keep cutting taxes! Second, we must diversify our economy and help small businesses grow by creating a new $250 million Fl Enterprise Fund.”

High court: Florida death penalty system is unconstitutional Interesting Supreme Court RULING!!”The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Fl’s system for sentencing people to death is unconstitutional because it gives too much power to judges — and not enough to juries — to decide capital sentences. The 8-1 ruling said that the state’s sentencing procedure is flawed because juries play only an advisory role in recommending death while the judge can reach a different decision.
The court sided with Timothy Lee Hurst, who was convicted of the 1998 murder of his manager at a Popeye’s restaurant in Pensacola. A jury divided 7-5 in favor of death, but a judge imposed the sentence. Florida’s solicitor general argued that the system was acceptable because a jury first decides if the defendant is eligible for the death penalty.”

The Fed Should Let Middle-Class Workers Prosper | Human Events Good Read by Kudlow!! “1st, the drop in Chinese currency is about 6% and the Hong Kong yuan has fallen 7.5% against the greenback. This is not a gov attempt to devalue…it reflects capital flight from an economy still looking for a bottom. It also reflects the unwinding of a hugely overvalued spec stock market… the Chinese are trying to stop the yuan from falling. Their reserves dropped $108B in Dec with overall reserves falling $418B. In all likelihood, the People’s Bank has been selling dollars to try to support the yuan. But it can’t beat the market, which is saying the yuan is overvalued for a weak economy….The dollar is up. Oil and commodities are down. There is no global rise of inflation. And there’s a strong worldwide demand for greenbacks. This is good according to free-market economist Reynolds. He’s right.”

Loretta Lynch: We’ll Position DOJ to Do Obama’s Work ‘Long After’ We’re Gone Heaven help us!! “For all those who revel in the fact that there are 374 days until Obama finally gets the hell out of the WH, a cautionary note: Obama and his colleagues are rigging the bureaucracy so that their unique brand of “hope and change” extends far beyond their tenure.The latest evidence: AG Loretta Lynch told NY Mag this week, “My goal is to position the [Dept of Justice] where it will carry on in all of these issues long after myself and my team have moved on.” She was responding specifically to questions about how she planned to prosecute gun sellers under Obama’s new executive actions.Lynch, unlike her predecessor Eric Holder, isn’t a bomb-thrower. Like Obama before his self-deification, Lynch hides behind vagary and a general sense of reasonableness..”

The Israeli Left Scrambles in the Wake of A Stunning Video Must Read!!”Israel has been rocked by a Middle Eastern Bizarro version of the Dred Scott decision. In that famous Supreme Court case from 1857, it was decided to send escaped slave Dred Scott back to slavery in the South. This triggered enormous public outrage and paved the way for Lincoln’s election. In the Israeli analogue, Jewish leftists are collaborating with the Palestinian Auth and turning over to it innocent Arab Dred Scotts, who have done business with Jews, so that the PLO will torture and murder them.The “star” of the story is a leftist extremist named Ezra Nawi.. “Nawi” is a well-known surname among Jews who came from Iraq. Most of these are patriotic Zionists, but a small minority of them were communists back in Iraq in the 1940s/1950s and have remained such. A few of these Iraqi Jews continue to embrace communism..”

Florida Citrus in ‘Dire State,’ Adam Putnam Says After Latest USDA Forecast  “The USDA National Agricultural Stats Service (NASS) released its latest forecast of Fl orange production and, while unchanged from last month, the figures remain almost 30 percent below what they were last season.  NASS continued to predict 69.0 million boxes of oranges from Fl this season, below the 74 million it forecast back in Nov and the 80 million included in Oct’s forecast. This latest number represents a 29% reduction from last year’s output. NASS forecast 36 million boxes of early, midseason and Navel oranges, down 24% from last year. The forecast for Fl Valencia oranges stood at 33 million boxes, down 33% from last season and an 11% drop from NASS’ prediction last month. Fl frozen concentrated orange juice continued to drop as well..”

Obama’s Veto Just Postpones the Inevitable Friday, the Pres vetoed H.R.3762, which would have repealed Obamacare’s worst provisions. This was not a surprise. Nor was it an indication that the fight is over. As Ryan put it, “The idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for good is a myth. This law will collapse under its own weight, or it will be repealed.… It’s just a matter of time.” Only one vote, Obama’s, saved it this time. If he is replaced by a Repub the “Affordable Care Act” will go shortly thereafter..And, because all that is required to banish Obamacare to outer darkness is a GOP victory next Nov, the health care law is in greater peril than was Prohibition. According to polling averages,Rubio would likely defeat Hillary in the gen election. Likewise,Cruz would probably put paid to her pres ambitions.”

Report: FBI Email Probe Now Investigating Potential Clinton Foundation Corruption Good news! Maybe the FBI is still not corrupted!! “According to reporting from Fox, the FBI probe of Hillary‘s email use has expanded and is now investigating whether the “intersection” of Clinton Found donations and State Dept decisions during Clinton’s tenure as Sec of State violated corruption laws.3 sources from the intelligence community confirmed the probe’s expansion. The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Found donations, the dispensation of State Dept contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” one source told Fox.Another source told Fox that there was strong internal pressure from within the FBI to investigate the possibility of corruption. “…Many previous corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging..” in this investigation.”

Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear “There are gems here. It’s hard to miss the irony of Hillary expressing surprise about a staffer using personal email for work, which the Sec of State noted in her own personal email. More consequential was Hillary’s ordering a staffer to send classified talking points for a meeting via a non-secure fax machine, stripped of their classification markings. This appears to be a clear violation of Fed law and the sort of thing that is a career-ender, or worse, for normals. The chairman of the Sen Jud Comm termed that July 2011 incident “disturbing,” and so it is to anyone acquainted with U.S. Gov laws and regs regarding the handling of classified material…But the biggest prob may be in a just-released email to Hillary about Sudan turns out to have explosive material in it. This message includes a detailed intel report from Blumenthal..”

Will the Supreme Court undo the damage done to the rights of millions of government workers? Must Read!! “In a 1977 decision that bolstered public-sector unionism, the court affirmed the constitutionality of a MI law requiring pub school teachers who are not dues-paying union members to pay “fair-share” fees…10 CA teachers are challenging that state’s law, under which nonmembers’ fees can be as high as 100% of members’ dues. The NEA gets a portion of nonmembers’ fees. The NEA began endorsing pres candidates in 1976 and always endorses Dems for president..Interestingly, the 10 CA teachers do not stress that they are conscripted into funding such direct, overt and explicit pol activity. Rather, they make the more lethal argument that even the use of their fees to fund core union activities such as collective bargaining constitutes a “multihundred-million-dollar regime of compelled” – hence unconstitutional- “political speech.”

Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy Must Read!”Why the need to bypass Congress? Rhodes had little need to elaborate. As the pres noted , “[T]here is hostility and suspicion toward Iran among Cong and the Am people”—and “Cong are very attentive to what Israel says on its sec issues.”..As far as the pres is concerned, the less we know about his Iran plans, the better.. those plans are central to his strategic thinking about the role of the US in the world, and in the Mid East…true from the beginning. In Obama’s1st term, an official would tell the NYT, “There were more [WH] meetings on Iran than there were on Iraq, Afgh, and China. It was the thing we spent the most time on and talked about the least in public.” All along, Obama has regarded his hoped-for “comp agreement” with Iran as an urgent priority, and consistently wrapped his approach in exceptional layers of secrecy.”

10 Myths About Guns “Gun shows lack any law enforcement presence and are a free-for-all for felons and other prohibited individs to obtain firearms. Fact:Local, state, and fed law enforcement are often present both in uniform and/or covertly in plain clothes to monitor and intervene in suspected unlawful firearms sales. Individuals who purchase firearms on the Internet are not subject to background checks. An individual cannot purchase a firearm directly from a firearms retailer over the Internet and have that firearm shipped to him directly. The firearm, however, must be picked up from a fed firearms licensee, such as a gun store. Once at the retail store, the Internet purchaser must then fill out the requisite forms, including ATF Form 4473, which initiates the NICS background check process