School Vouchers; Racism and Division in Obama’s America. Stopping Obama’s Executive Actions. Helena’s News Roundup.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Thousands rally for vouchers, school choice at Capitol “The rally, organized by the Alliance for School Choice, a national school choice advocacy group, wants lawmakers to support FL’s school voucher prog, which offers stipends to eligible parents to enroll their children in private or charter schools.Called the FL Tax Credit Scholarship Prog, it was designed to give poor families an alternative to failing public schools. Lawmakers have steadily increased the income eligibility standards and total funding for the program over the years, however, so that starting July 1 households earning up to 260% of the fed poverty level are eligible for the vouchers, although priority is given to those making less than 185% of the poverty level.The main focus of this year’s rally is a lawsuit by teachers’ unions challenging the program.”

Republicans Renew Inquiry Into Multi-Agency Attack On Businesses “Cong Repubs renewed their inquiry into an alleged multiple-agency secret attack against businesses..Repubs have been concerned fed agencies are secretly working together to drastically change employ law. The NLRB has worked to expand a critical bus contracting rule known as the joint-employer standard. The Dept of Labor has denied coordinating with them on the matter. The House Com on Ed and the Workforce, however, received docs Jan. 13 which conflict with those claims…Critics claim the change to the joint-employer rule is nothing more than an attempt to benefit unions. Under the previous standard, unions would have to org employ at each indiv comp within a single franchise as opposed to organizing all employ at once within the same franchise. The NLRB has been accused on multiple occasions of unfairly benefiting labor unions.”

What Happens if Hillary Isn’t Indicted? Note there were several dozen of these SAP emails..Those included satellite photos of N Korea.. Gross negligence is the crim standard here and it sounds as if it’s been passed by the country mile…we are being prepared for the recom of an indictment, probably indictments — and that they will come before we get too far into the primary season..This does not mean that Clinton will be indicted.The Obama Jus Dept could not be more politicized…But a democracy cannot exist without the consent of the governed. For that % in opposition, consent will have broken down pretty much completely.Civil war?That’s perhaps a bit excessive, but civil wars can be of various types and evolve in diff ways. All kinds of things could break down, which could result in anything from gen disobedience to the law to mass tax refusal.”

Editorial: VA secretary should pay a visit and demand answers in St. Pete “As recently as Aug, the Bay Pines reg office reported a sigreduction in the backlog of disability claims in 2015 and an increase in the accuracy of those claims. Then, earlier this month, VA insp released a troubling report that found the av wait times for vets to have their claims processed at the reg St. Pete office increased by nearly a month from the middle of 2014 to the end of that year..Of greater concern, perhaps, is the way claims were handled. The insps found a backlog of 1,600 boxes of claims and 42,000 packages containing an unspecified number of claims. According to the report, the claims were disorganized and not ready to be scanned to a dig format by a gov contractor. This disorg added to the delays. In addition, personal info about vets and their health care was compromised by the sloppy work.”

Here’s a list of Bernie Sanders’ $19.6 trillion in tax hikes | Fox News Bernie is the epitome of what is wrong with socialism. Can you believe what would happen to our economy with a 19.6 Trillion dollar tax hike over 10 years!! Bye Bye American Pie!! “As the socialist senator from Vermont gains traction in polls, Clinton has more aggressively attacked his policy proposals, forcing Sanders to release details on how he would pay for his ambitious economic and social agenda.Taken together, Sanders is proposing $19.6 trillion in new taxes over a decade, according to an analysis by the Washington Examiner, of which $14 trillion would come from his healthcare plan alone. To put that in perspective, the Congressional Budget Office projects that federal revenues over the next 10 years will be a total of $41.6 trillion, meaning that Sanders would raise taxes by 47 percent over current levels.”

Republicans Battle to Roll Back Washington’s New Transgender Bathroom Rules Will common sense prevail in the state of WA. “Hunt introduced a bill that bans transgender individs from using bathrooms, locker rooms, showers if such individs are “preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise [have] genitalia of a different gender from that for which the facility is segregated.”“I’ve tried to make this about the genitalia… “If you don’t have the parts…if you don’t have the plumbing, then you don’t go in.”The legis includes exceptions for parents and caretakers of minors or persons with disabilities, and enforcement, he said, “would be complaint driven…In order for his bill to reach the House floor, Hunt must pass the measure through the Jud Com,chaired byRep. Jinkins. Jinkins, an openly gay Dem from Tacoma is blocking the measure from coming to a vote, refusing to even hold a pub hearing on the bill.”

Articles: Obama’s Obsession with Releasing Terrorists Must Read!!”Obama began releasing illegal aliens with criminal records from the early days of his pres..Despite Obama’s misrepresentation to the Am people that these criminals were not dangerous, tens of thousands of illegals, many with violent criminal records, have been released from jail including illegals “charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking and homicide.” A Jud Com report revealed that between 2009-2011, the Obama admin released criminal illegal aliens who were later charged with 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes. Steinle’s murder last summer by an illegal alien with 7 prior felony convictions was inevitable…Obama also pressured Interpol to end the prosecution of 14 Iranian terrorists accused in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Ctr in Buenos Aires. In Obama’s eyes, Jewish lives don’t matter..”

Defy America, Pay No Price | Human Events Must Read by Krauthammer!! “The danger is rising. For years, Iran has been supporting anti-regime agitation among Saudi Arabia’s minority Shiites. The Persian Gulf is Iran’s ultimate prize. The fall of the House of Saud would make Iran the undisputed reg hegemon and an emerging global power.For the US, that would be the greatest geopolitical setback since China fell to communism in 1949. Yet Obama seems oblivious. Worse, he appears inert in the face of the 3 great challenges to the post-Cold War Am order. Iran is only the most glaring. China is challenging the status quo in the So China Sea, just last week landing its1st aircraft on an artificial island . We deny China’s claim and declare these to be intern’l waters, yet last month we meekly apologized when a B-52 overflew one of the islands.The world sees and takes note.”

Niece of Martin Luther King Jr: ‘Racism Has Not Been Erased’ In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., his niece  (Alveda King) wrote the below article! “Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted this powerful scripture in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. He believed God’s word. He took his Bible—the one President Obama placed his hand on during his 2013 inauguration—very seriously; so seriously that he repeatedly risked his life to proclaim its message of love for God and love for neighbor. We could use some repentance and forgiveness right now in our shattered society. My Uncle M.L., like everyone, was far from perfect, but he loved the Lord. It was God’s word that he used to unite a movement and change our nation. For him, religion was the heart of the civil rights movement.”

How Obama has turned back the clock on race relations “Americans celebrating MLK Day today should be proud of the incredible prog made since the civil-rights leader’s birth 87 years ago. At the same time, we should lament one of Obama’s greatest failures.The last Dem and the last Rep pres both managed race relations more effectively than Obama. 7 years after Am voters made history by electing the country’s first black president, racial tensions have worsened…signs of Obama’s failure are on our streets, in our campuses and among our leaders, left and right.“Ferguson” has become shorthand for African-Am fury objecting to insensitive white cops harassing young blacks. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has spilled into Am campus culture, as privileged kids attending the world’s finest univs bemoan their alleged oppression — bullying anyone who challenges them.”

Bernie Sanders’ radical past: How the Vermont firebrand started wearing a suit and gave up on taking over big companies Must Read! “In July 1985, Bernie Sanders traveled to Nicaragua, where he attended an “anti-U.S. rally..Onstage,Pres Ortega accused the U.S. gov of “state terrorism” for supporting the rebels who were seeking to overthrow him. The Sandinistas and the CIA-backed Contras would fight into the next decade.., At the 1985 rally, Ortega vowed the Sandinistas would “defend the revolution with guns in hand.”Sanders was being hosted by the Sandinistas as part of a delegation of Am “solidarity groups.” He told reporters their decision to show “support” for the Nicar. gov was “patriotic…Sanders was elected on a socialist platform and led a mayoral admin that he boasted was “more radical” than any other in the country. Sanders believed his work in Burlington could spread socialism throughout America.”

The rape of the US Marine Corps: a lunatic drive for ‘fairness’ Must Read”Gen. Kelly is retiring after more than 4 decades as an active-duty Marine. His “greatest fear,”is that the vast “equal opportunity” pressure for women in combat roles will lead the Pentagon to water down standards.On average, the two sexes simply have different physical virtues. Men will dominate when it comes to upper-body strength, which is generally vital in combat roles. And Carter has vowed not to alter the high standards for those roles.But Kelly doubts that will last: “Whether it’s 12 months from now, 4 years from now…the question will be asked whether we’ve [truly] let women into these other roles.” Ideologues who don’t see the results they want will ask, “Why aren’t [women] staying in those roles? Why aren’t they advancing as infantry people?”

Sen. Tom Cotton: Mr. Obama, here’s why closing Guantanamo is a big mistake | Fox News Must Read!!”Guantanamo Bay is a first-rate detention facility that’s kept terrorists off the battlefield and kept Am safe. It’s critical role in our national sec cannot be overstated…Guantanamo Bay is also a critical tool in our counterterrorism efforts. It is secure from attack and allows us to concentrate trained experts in interrogation in one place, to extract intelligence of paramount importance in uncovering and stopping plots against Americans… Over 650 detainees have been released from Guantanamo, with 196 being confirmed or suspected of having returned to the battlefield– a 30% recidivism rate. This number is likely much higher and is made even more stark when measured against the recidivism rate of those who haven’t been released: zero.

Hagel says Obama ‘paralyzed’ Syria policy around Assad ouster – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East Wish Hagel and others would have spoken out sooner!!”Former Def Sec Chuck Hagel told a Wash audience Jan. 13 that Obama erred when he called for Pres al-Assad of Syria to step down early in the Syrian civil war. While Assad is a “brutal dictator” who must eventually leave office, Hagel said, the US should have learned from the chaos that followed the abrupt removal of Hussein and Gadhafi that taking out authoritarian leaders without knowing who will take their place is not the best solution.
“We have allowed ourselves to get caught and paralyzed on our Syrian policy by the statement that ‘Assad must go,’” Hagel said, adding, “Assad was never our enemy.”

Finally, a Strategy to Checkmate Obama’s Executive Actions Not a bad strategy!!”Many of Obama’s exec actions are already being or will one day be challenged in the courts. This is why it’s encouraging to see reports this week that lawmakers may finally make a real effort to checkmate the president’s proclivity to go around them and create laws on his own. It’s a strategy grassroots activists should demand. Though Cong has given up much of its power when it comes to using its “power of the purse” to stop exec overreach, there is one power it still holds, and there is absolutely no reason not to use it. Article II, Section 2 of the Constit, popularly known as “Advise and Consent,” requires the Sen to approve all pres appts of cab officials, ambassadors, and fed judges.The day of the Sen “consenting” and following a go-along get-along strategy on such matters should be over.”