Trump – American Dictator

Do you REALLY trust this man to respect your freedom. No, Trump is a dictator. Americans should be afraid and any tea party activist should be ashamed of supporting him.

Do you REALLY trust this man to respect your freedom? No, Trump is a dictator. Americans should be afraid and any tea party activist should be ashamed of supporting him.

By David McKalip, M.D.

Donald Trump may be registered as a candidate for President, but it is clear that people want to elect him as a dictator. He would be a dictator’s dictator – proudly, brashly and impiously crushing all under foot who would dare oppose him or speak other than a kind word around him. The evidence is everywhere to see. What is most concerning about his rise to American Dictator are the Americans warmly embracing him as the man who can “get something done”. Americans who have been fighting against the anti-constitutional overreach of Obama are now embracing Trump who is promising to use the same techniques of authoritarian rule. The great sadness is that Trump will end up creating more subservience, more national misery and less opportunity for all. The only ones who will prosper in a Trump regime will be the cronies and lackeys who praise him at every turn.

Donald Trump has admitted that he plans to be an authoritarian ruler if elected.  He is constantly trumpeted as a man who, as he says, will “get things done”. He will do it by being a “good manager” (even though Trump was ousted as manager of Trump Place!). He will “make America Great again”, by sheer force of will.  He has demonstrated that he will aggressively work to destroy anyone who dares criticize or displease him (Megyn Kelly, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Reporters, sound guys). Write a critical news article (even citing well known facts, like bad poll numbers) – you will be publicly ridiculed as “stupid”, “worthless” and “lying”. Dare to set up a microphone that makes Trump look bad (because of his own error), he will call for your immediate firing in public from behind that microphone. If he makes a mistake, like arguably misstating the tile of a book of the Bible, he blames others rather than admit a minor mistake (he even admits that the entire reference was not his idea, indicating his lack of true principles and beliefs). Dare to support another for election against him and he will launch baseless attacks about you, usually on irrelevant and unprovable claims that “no one likes you”. He even admits he launches such baseless claims for purely political reasons – to take out an opponent who is upstaging him. This is not the kind of person who can be trusted with control of the IRS, FCC, EPA, and other powerful agencies of government.

Trump has campaigned on his plan to get things done while ignoring the constitutional limits of government. His rhetoric and style easily predict how he will behave against the constitution if elected to head our government. If he wants Ford to pay higher taxes because they dare escape a bad American business climate and build cars in Mexico, he will just do it by Executive Order. He will threaten to destroy them by making their regulatory life so miserable they will face bankruptcy if they don’t comply. If he wants a wall built, he will just find the money allocated for something else and order people to start building. If private property owners don’t want to “donate” their land to the government for the Trump wall, he will use Eminent domain to seize their land. If Congress members dare to stand up to him, he will work to destroy them.  If he finds it convenient to spend government money to benefit him he will – witness his support for ethanol subsidies in Iowa to garner votes.  If he wants to shut down criticism of him and his rule on the internet, he will use Obama’s precedent of net neutrality and control of free speech to shut down blogs and websites he dislikes. He has called “foolish” those who stand for “Freedom of speech”.  He wants the government to interfere with free speech by limiting spending on political campaigns – would be mighty convenient once he bankrolls his own. If he believes you are a threat to the nation, even if you are merely a political enemy, he will send his federal agents to harass you, charge you with crimes, litigate against you or likely just jail you in Guantanamo Bay. Due process won’t matter.

Dictator Trump has bragged proudly about how he is the “most militaristic”. He will direct military strikes and actions against any and all targets he blithely selects. Obama has set the stage for that.  He will not seek, nor desire, any declaration of war. If it is time for him to “bomb the oil fields”, the command will be issued. If it is time to face off against Putin in the Ukraine, then so be it. If his cronies have business interests in Africa, it will be time to send out elite military units to secure their interests through force. America will cheer, but not for long. As the military footprint and actions start blowing back on Trump, he will institute further control on freedom of expression, work and association for “national security”.   He has already stated that rounding up the Japanese in war time made sense. Rounding up political critics under some thin excuse will be easy for Trump to contemplate. When the time comes, he will easily return to his gun control roots to disarm Americans who would dare attempt to remain free and independent of his control. He has stated that people on “watch lists” who have been declared “enemies of the state” should have their guns removed. Does anyone doubt Trump would place his political enemies on such a secret list?

Trump doesn’t need a lawful reason to do anything. No law will matter to him. Trump will dictate what should happen based on his whims. If he decides, for whatever reason, that freedoms must be removed, businesses crushed, opponents destroyed, he will “just do it”.  That is the sine quo non of the “rule of man” over “rule of law”. Trump is clearly the strong man dictator described in the “Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich Hayek. The disillusioned people of America are rightly disgusted at the state of America under decades of destruction by the political class, the latest iteration being Barack Obama. But these disillusioned Americans fail to see that Trump is part of that political class. As the “cost of doing business” Trump gave $50,000 to elect Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago – the liberal, corrupt authoritarian and past Obama Chief of Staff. He endorsed the out-in-the-open socialist Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio. He bragged about giving money to the Clintons and other politicians to “get things done”. As he says, “when I need something from them, two years later, three years later, I call them, and they are there for me”. He has stated: “I have all these lobbyists, you know. I know them all. I’ve hired many of them over the years. They’re very good.” Trump is a crony corporatist, an unprincipled man who cares only about himself; a man with such a pedigree doesn’t destroy the political class, he takes control of it.

Trump is a strong man dictator, the type of which has been seen many times in history. He will not make “America great again”, but instead will transform us to country of oppressed people. He will create a further schism among Americans of those who blindly support their chosen dictator and the enemies of the state. Men and women will turn against each other and turn over for destruction those who believe in freedom and fight for it. America will not be better under Trump, it will be worse – transformed into just another petty dictatorship seen so many times in history. America under Trump won’t be “great”, it will be hobbled. Those who claim to be “tea party” activists should be ashamed of fervently supporting a man who cares so little for the US constitution, rule of law, limited government and freedom. There are many worthy alternatives who have a proven track record of taking on the political class and winning: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Those men are honorable constitutionalists who will respect those truly in charge of America – its citizens. Trump will be a national disaster and dictator that could mean the end of the America created by our founders.


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    “Your Fired”, music to my ears, and I am willing to see if he can get rid of 50% of the Feral Gov personnel, whom I have seen up close and personal lounging, and never working unless going to an hour lunch is work and driving home at 3:00 pm is “work” after arriving at 9 am for breakfast.

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