Why This Rand Paul Loyalist will Happily Support Ted Cruz for US President.


Senator Ted Cruz is a great choice for President if you have been loyal to Rand Paul. Senator Cruz co-sponsored Senator Paul's Audit the Fed bill.

Senator Ted Cruz is a great choice for President if you have been loyal to Rand Paul. Senator Cruz co-sponsored Senator Paul’s Audit the Fed bill.

By David McKalip, M.D.

Today Senator Rand Paul dropped out of the race for US President. Americans owe Senator Rand Paul a great debt – he elevated the debate and ensured that freedom and the constitution were priorities for Americans. He made sure that Americans cared about government surveillance, warrantless invasion of liberty, undeclared wars, government regulation and politicians without principle. Paul pointed out how Trump was not conservative and that Trump would not be a constitutional leader. Despite a respectable 5th place finish in Iowa, a good ground game in New Hampshire and great debate performances, he has recognized that now is the time to leave.  Rand Paul likely realizes that staying in the race at this point divides the conservative, libertarian voters and makes it easier for establishment Republicans to be elected. That clears the deck to allow Rand Paul supporters to reflect on the best candidate to carry the flame of liberty forward. If Rand Paul loyalists seek to preserve liberty and constitutional government, the clear and only choice for President is now Ted Cruz.

Senator Ted Cruz is the only remaining candidate that has a track record of standing up against the political class in D.C. He filibustered the Senate to stop Obamacare while RINO’s passed ineffective resolutions. He co-sponsored Rand Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Ted Cruz recognizes that the government is the source of our problems, rather than the solution (which people like Trump, Christie, Bush and the rest think). Ted Cruz would eliminate the IRS, Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Ted Cruz has argued cases before the Supreme Court and taken other actions to fight for the US Constitution on gun rights, religious liberty, free speech, right to assemble and more. As with all Rand Paul loyalists, I also want any foreign military intervention to be minimal and constitutional. Given his track record of constitutionalism, it is highly likely that any act of war will be done with the advice and consent of Congress rather than through unaccountable executive action.

Senator Rand Paul will return to the US Senate and take on the mantle of the de facto leader for the constitution and freedom.  This author has been very loyal to Rand Paul – I have contributed $750 to his campaign, I organized a tele-town hall meeting for him among physicians, I promoted his policies and messages repeatedly on social media and this blog. But the time has come now to support Ted Cruz for President since he has clearly stood for liberty and the constitution. It is also refreshing that a liberty minded candidate like Ted Cruz also has a great political campaign and wide spread support (not to mention and upset victory in Iowa).  Supporting Ted Cruz is a win for Rand Paul loyalists and those who once stood for Ron Paul. Rand and Ron Paul changed the political conversation, and helped Americans insist on a candidate that will take on the political class and lead in principled ways for Americans – all based on the Constitution. There is clearly only one candidate for a prosperous future for Americans based on the US Constitution and that candidate is a great choice for liberty: Ted Cruz for President.


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  1. JohnB

    I have a lot of respect for Rand Paul and could never understand why he did not get more traction with his strong support of conservative values. I support Ted Cruz as my choice for our next president; thank you for your informative analysis of our choices.

    “There is clearly only one candidate for a prosperous future for Americans based on the US Constitution and that candidate is a great choice for liberty: Ted Cruz for President.”

  2. Sandra

    I agree . Rand Paul has brought so much to the forefront with his Father Ron. I also have so much respect for Rand and hope Ted Cruz has a place for him in his cabinet. I support Ted Cruz as well and hope Rand Pauls supporters will come to a new home where we all believe 100% in our Constitution. God Bless America !!!

  3. Cindy

    Ted Cruz is a snake in the grass. Carpet bomb the Middle East? He is no different than any of the others, he just wraps himself around the bible and the constitution to try and fool people he is something he’s not.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Thanks for thde comment. I disagree with your characterization of Ted Cruz, it is not based in fact.

      Let me ask you this, is there a candidate in race now that you support? True Rand Paul supporterS would choose not to vote or write Rand in if they didnt have one they liked.

      What do you plan to do with your vote?

      1. JohnB

        Writing in a vote or not voting is a vote for Clinton/Sanders.
        I believe Cruz is using the term “carpet bombing” to articulate his point:
        “Right now Barack Obama is launching about 15 and 30 air attacks a day. He’s not arming the Kurds. We need to define the enemy, we need to rebuild the military, to defeat the enemy, and we need to be focused and lift the rules of engagement so we’re not sending our fighting men and women into combat with their arms tied behind their backs.

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