Ted Cruz Rally Saturday, 2/20, 1-3 pm at Quaker Steak & Lube, 49th St. N.

cruz and familyEditor’s Note:  Sunbeam Times founder and editor Dr. David McKalip will be speaking at this Ted Cruz rally on Saturday. The Founder’s Monuments will also be on display. Come rally for Ted!


There will be a HUGE rally for Ted Cruz on Saturday, February 20th at 1:00 P.M. The event will take place at Quaker Steak & Lube at 10400 49th Street North in Clearwater/Pinellas Park.

rally picture qslWe chose a central location with plenty of parking. This is THE event where grassroots voters can gather and prepare to “Paint it Red for Ted” (and America) in the Tampa Bay area. Our goals are to make sure that voters are fully informed, and that they vote in the primary on March 15th.

Find out more about Ted Cruz and where he stands on the issues, and hear from our guest speakers speaking on Ted’s behalf. Come to our “Cruz´n the Coast” rally (rain or shine). Guest speakers include Florida Senator Alan Hays and Carl Jackson of AM 860 WGUL.

See picture below of a previous event at the same location – this is going to be a truly great event ! Please RSVP to our event so that we know how many people are coming. Please share this e-mail with friends….and CLICK HERE to see this e-mail on the web and post this event on Facebook.

We want to remind you that February 15th (the day after this e-mail is sent out) is the last day to change your party affiliation ahead of the March 15th primary. If you wish to do so, please contact the Supervisor of Elections of Office in your county. Are all your family members registered to vote? Now might be a good time to check ahead of the November general election.

Ted Cruz has been a tireless fighter for liberty his entire life because his family knows what it’s like to lose it. Ted’s father fled brutal oppression in Cuba at age 18. Knowing little English, he managed to graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Mathematics.

Ted Cruz himself has a truly remarkable resumé, graduating cum laude from Princeton University, and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. At age 32, Ted Cruz was appointed Solicitor General of Texas and served with distinction for over 5 years.

However, we aren’t electing a resumé. Ted Cruz has a proven commitment to “the ground rules”, namely the US Constitution. That’s more important to us than his resumé because when we don’t stick to the ground rules, we build a house of cards ending with a collapse.

With rising debraise debt ceilingt, open borders and crony capitalism, it’s time to push back and stand up for the middle class. Other candidates will fight for every cause…but they won’t fight for you. Empowering the American people is what Ted Cruz believes in. Create the right conditions, and the rest takes care of itself.


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  1. JohnB

    Ted Cruz is the only true conservative candidate that has a PROVEN track record supporting the constitution, religious freedom, repealing Obamacare, immigration, tax reform, the second amendment, a strong military, Israel, life, marriage, family values and jobs. He presented nine cases before the Supreme Court as solicitor general of Texas for five years . He is the only candidate who has argued for our constitution before the Supreme court.
    No other candidate has been unwavering in his defense of our constitution. Here’s a WSJ video from 2011 with Ted Cruz discussing his defense of our religious freedom before the Supreme Court:
    (one of the cases involved keeping “under God” in our pledge)

    Can anyone even imagine Donald Trump (or any other candidate) arguing on our behalf before any court?
    Mr. Trump was actively ($$$) supporting Hillary in 2011.

    The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has officially endorsed Ted Cruz. Jenny Beth Martin said, “We seek a candidate who shares our values: personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.”

    Pinellas County will make the difference in Florida – attend the rally, show your support and volunteer to make sure Ted Cruz wins the right to defeat Hillary (or Bernie).

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