Trump vs. Cruz on Policy. Chameleon Trump vs Reliable Cruz.

Cruz funny that gov can solveDonald Trump continues to gain much support among the American people. He has done so with 24 hour free media coverage – bragging he is spending less on his campaign than other candidates. He does so stating he can “change into anything he wants to change to”. Trump spouts the propaganda of hope and change while offering few details on policy. When he accidentally talks policy, he supports Democrat, progressive or big government policies. For instance, he wants “universal” health care, with the government paying the bill and a mandate for Americans to buy health insurance (a’la Obamacare). He wants the government to use induced price control strategies on medications, rather than free market forces. He embraces eminent domain to grab land for private companies and taxpayer subsidies for preferred businesses like ethanol producers in Iowa. Trump thinks massive land areas owned by the Federal government should not be returned to control by the states. The list goes on and on.  The Pinellas for Ted Cruz Campaign has offered a detailed list comparing Trump and Ted Cruz – a proven conservative in the race. Cruz has stood up against Obamacare, won Supreme Court Cases supporting gun and first amendment rights and stood up against big government many times in D.C.

Policy or Issue Trump Cruz
In 2013, supported Amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
In 2015, supported “touchback” Amnesty for every illegal alien in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported Partial-Birth Abortion Yes No
In 2015, lied to gun media about his past support for an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
Supports seizure of private property by the government using Eminent Domain (Kelo) Yes No
Supports Mitch McConnell’s habitual lies to constituents and fellow GOP Senators Yes No
Currently courting and being courted by GOP establishment Yes No
Currently supports crony capitalism: billions in taxpayer ethanol subsidies Yes No
In 2000, supported Extended Waiting Periods to Acquire Firearms Yes No
Amount of debt owed to bankers Many billions $1 million
Amount donated to the bogus Clinton “Foundation” $100,000 0
Endorsed by GOPe icon Bob Dole, who thought Ronald Reagan was “too fringe” Yes No
Number of bankruptcies declared by firms he led 4 0
Amount of debt defaulted on $4.7 billion $0.00
Number of times married 3 1
Number of “birther” conspiracy theories circulated 2 0
Praised/endorsed Communist for Mayor of New York Yes No
Spends virtually every waking moment on social media Yes No
Appears to shift his position on important issues literally overnight ? No
A guy so stable, sober and poised that you want his finger on the button ? Yep

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  1. Jim McConnon

    Just more truth that the trumpsters will overlook! Cattle being led by the ring in their noses! They just don’t care about their own or their children’s futures! When you present an intelligent person with a PRO/CON list, their first instinct would be to read it, consider the differences, and than make an informed choice! NOT THESE MORONS! I don’t like name calling, BUT, Donald Trump’s bad influence seems to be rubbing off, even on ME! ONWARD Christian Warriors, persistence pays off in the long run!

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