#Trump-O-Nomics: Making Americans SERFS Again! Friday (not so) Funnies.

trump hires illegals trumponomics stealing trumponomics campaign financetrumponomics protectionism trumponomics health care Trumponomics money launderingBy David McKalip, M.D. – Enemy of Dictators.

Donald Trump is clearly the dictator we were warned against in Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom”. Hayek’s prophetic 1944 masterpiece described how a population (in that case Hitler’s Germany) happily surrenders itself to a dictator.  Hayek was a Nobel prize-winning Economist, renowned for his work on free markets. The descent to serfdom has been ably described in video form. Hayek describes how citizens rely on central planners to control society- made up of “the best” (the elite) .  On the road to serfdom the lawmakers give away their legislative power to authoritarian bureaucrats who are made up of the most greedy and least able (“The worse rise to the top”). Ultimately the people keep losing (as we are now with Obama) and then a Strong man is called for “to get the job done”. The strong man becomes a dictator – which clearly is what Trump is becoming.

Donald Trump is the dictator on the Road to Serfdom. He offers phony economic solutions and his loyal followers ignore his hypocrisy, failures, greed and multiple red flags. Trump followers are falling for the same con job of Obama, putting their hopes and dreams on him like a blank canvas. Trumps followers are buying the “hope and change” argument from a guy who routinely proves he will abuse power to destroy his political enemies and never mentions the restraints of the constitution (all identical to the Obama playbook).

Trump is Obama, the Strong man a frustrated and desperate people call on for salvation. Trump is a dictator in waiting.

So the Sunbeam Times is proud to bring you some of the examples of the Trump hypocrisy and show readers how he will “Make Americans Serfs Again” (like with King Geroge) rather than make America “great” again. If one day Donald Trump is elected and this site disappears and I disappear along with it, you will know why – I took on the dictator directly.

Trump is Obama, the Strong man a frustrated and desperate people call on for salvation. Trump is a dictator in waiting.

The descent to serfdom has been ably described in cartoon form. A Clip from that video


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  1. Gary West

    Picture a country. The ruling class refuses to listen to its people. Their voices goes unanswered by those in high office. The country’s leader has made the nation an object of ridicule and scorn worldwide. Even the smallest and weakest of the worlds republics have no respect for this once proud land. The economy is in shambles because of the incompetence of the elected. A few of the well-connected hold vast wealth due to their previous relationships but the general populous has seen there economic position slide. The country’s present leader feels most emperor-ish and promotes divide based on race and religion.

    Now there appears a bully, a gasbag, to save the country. To make it great again. Although he has no plan, no focus, the masses flock to this populist. Certain factions of the media kneel in adulation. Others verbally walk side by side with this savior hoping to back in his glory and share in his & their imagined future power. He too, like the present leader, advocates the removal of certain people because they are imagined to cause evil. This is met with great huzzah and approval.

    Where are we? Germany 1930 or America 2016 ?

  2. Kerry Brown

    Trump is the conservative “hope and change ” guy. Frustration with RINOs and the GOP establishment is understandable, but what an over reaction. Cruz first and Rubio second are not of that old establishment. Remember Rubio beat RINO Charlie Crist in the senate primary.

        1. Sun Beam Times Post author

          Gives a whole new meaning to “TrumpTrain”.
          BTW, he just said in Ft. Worth that he would “Open up the Libel Laws” as president to punish the PRess when they say things he doesn’t like.
          WAKE UP PEOPLE!

          1. Gary West

            As an American citizen of German heritage I’ve often wondered how a people could be so taken by the obvious lies and deceit such as what blighted Europe and the world then subsequently brought about World War II. While serving in the US Navy in the late 1960’s I was stationed in Italy and used the opportunity to travel throughout Western Europe. During these travels I spoke or attempted to speak with Germans who lived under the yoke of the 3rd Reich. Specifically I wanted to understand how they could, individually and as a nation, be scammed by such a farce as Hitler. Their answer was frightening simplistic. They wanted to believe in something so they chose to believe in anything. Along came someone who professed to have all the answers, who promised all the solutions, who appealed to populist, nationalistic fervor and the hook was set. A small potion of the population bought into the fanatical rhetoric, the rest said little. Many of the people with whom I talked said they realized everything they heard was wrong but everyone said they thought that “others would stop it”, whatever that meant.. Which rings the phrase “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”
            Does this past predict the future? Hopefully not but the similarities are frightening on so many levels.

  3. Kerry Brown

    So when will Cruz and Rubio shake hands and take Trump down? Though I favor Cruz, maybe he should defer to Rubio and moot the Canadian birth issue. And if Trump is nominated , will you vote and work for him? Yes to vote, not so sure that I would work for him.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      I will not work nor vote for Trump and I will keep working against him if he gets the nomination. I will also work against Hillary. I know that sounds bizarre but they will both be equally bad. The only way Trump would be worse than Hillary is that he will have no checks and balances against him as Hillary will have checks and balances if she’s elected.

      Rubio should defer to Cruz since Cruz is the only one who can beat Hillary. His birth status is not an issue. He is clearly an American citizen and has every right to run for president of the United States as was done so many times before with other candidates in our history who are also born outside of the borders of our nation.

      It is so fun 2 have a discussion with my good friend when we may not agree on an issue. We often find ourselves in total agreement.

      Please forgive any voice transcription errors in this I will correct them later if I can.

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