Ted Cruz – Prosperity, Peace, Law and Order without Mob Rule.

Cruz funny that gov can solveBy David McKalip, M.D.

Voters go to the Polls to cast their vote tomorrow in the presidential primaries and only one candidate has set himself apart as the true servant of the people – Ted Cruz. While other candidates cast themselves as the “right” person to run the massive federal government, Ted Cruz has proven that he will shrink government and bring it back under the control of the people. Ted Cruz has acted on the self-evident fact that it is government that has created most of the problems we now face in America. Ted Cruz knows that Americans will know prosperity and peace again only after Government is down-sized, controlled and brought to respect Americans more than government respects itself. The stakes are high and Americans deserve a President who will follow the severe limits placed on government
by the US Constitution and Ted Cruz is that candidate. As disunity and mobs threaten Americans, Ted Cruz will ensure that law and order is restored using only constitutional means and will not encourage violence between competing mobs working for Trump or socialists.

The contrasts could not be higher and is on full display as all other candidates besides Ted Cruz trumpet government power as their promise to America. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton promise bigger government programs, more taxes, less freedom and Americans constantly suffering as they embrace European Socialism. Rubio and Kasich promise the same but under the Republican brand name without admitting they are promising progressivism that is equivalent to socialism. Donald Trump also promises more government power over our lives. Trump promises to impose 45% taxes on businesses that flee an American economy disabled by excessive government, ignoring that tariffs and trade wars helped lead to the Great Depression. Trump promises to take property through eminent domain to give to corporations he favors, alter libel laws to stop free speech by the press, and issue illegal orders for the military to torture Prisoners of War and assassinate those he deems as a family member of combatants. Trump never refers to the Constitution and asserts that he will act unilaterally as an Executive without any help from Congress – just like Obama. Trump claims to be a Republican while giving to liberal politician campaigns for decades. Trump has been shown to be a hypocrite on immigration and foreign business as he is caught red-handed hiring illegal immigrants and foreign workers at his hotels and properties – all while making his Suits in China and Mexico!  In this race, it is clear that only one candidate can be trusted with our tax dollars and as a steward of the power citizens have temporarily delegated to Washington, D.C. and that candidate is Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz has worked to protect our free speech and gun rights in the US Supreme Court – and won. Ted Cruz stood up to stop spending on Obamacare while the Republican establishment attacked him as an extremist – while being exposed as hypocrites for not stopping it themselves. Ted Cruz knows that the government was created by and serves the people – that the people do not serve the government. Ted Cruz has promised to work with Congress to end the current corrupt income tax system and institute a flat tax while abolishing the IRS. Cruz will work to shut down the massive government bureaucracies destroying business, freedom and our economy- the EPA and the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy and Housing and Urban Development. All are bastions of destructive energy policies, common core, crony corporatism and bigger taxation and regulation. Polls consistently show that Ted Cruz beats Hilary Clinton, Trump loses to Clinton while Rubio and Kasich have no path to the nomination except through a brokered convention by power players.

The events of the weekend cast an even bigger light on what is at stake for Americans. Over the weekend, highly paid and organized socialist and liberal mobs attacked the rallies of Donald Trump to foment violence. This is clearly not Donald Trump’s fault, but the violence occurring by his supporters is Donald Trump’s Fault. Trump constantly foments violence by encouraging his supporters to attack opponents and promising to pay their legal bills, stating he would like to punch opponents in the face and more. America will see more of these violent mobs over the next four years as the Liberal/socialist agitators throw violent temper tantrums while their dreams of conquest are lost. However Trump will stoke those fires – he will have violent mobs on his side. Trump has promised to shut down free speech of opponents (by strengthening libel laws) and it is obvious that even those who oppose Trump for his violation of Constitutional principles will be targeted. Under a President Trump, he will have violent supporters taking down tea-party type protesters at his speeches and Trump will abuse the power of government to prosecute, marginalize and financially ruin opponents with valid concerns.  President Cruz will only use Constitutional means to restore law and order. Rather than asking mobs to punch out opponents, he will have law enforcement arrest them for violence – not free speech. President Cruz will not push anti-free speech laws and give easy targets for the liberal mobs to attack. President Cruz will protect private property rights and respect the military – issuing only lawful orders – further weakening the case of socialist mobs who will quickly be seen as only supporting government power, not truly supporting freedom.

America deserves a President who respects them and the Constitution, not nationalist authoritarians (Trump), well-healed Republican and Democrat political power players (Clinton, Rubio and Kasich) or Socialists (Sanders and Clinton). People deserve a person like Ted Cruz who is honest and truly serves them, not a Donald Trump who lies about being an outsider while giving political payoff money to government for decades. Ted Cruz is America’s best chance to end the power of the corrupt political class embodied by Trump and all the other candidates. Americans should go to the polls and select the one Candidate, Ted Cruz, who never wavers and has demonstrated he will be the same on the day after the election as he is now – not someone like Trump who proclaims proudly that he changes to anything he wants to be and is a different person in private than in public. Ted Cruz will act according to the same revelation under which Ronald Reagan acted: Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.  For freedom, prosperity and peace, and constitutional government Ted Cruz is the clear choice for America’s best future.




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  1. Gary West

    I have no issue with Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president however I’d very much like to here Mr. Cruz state unequivocally that he WILL NOT support Trump.
    It’s a disgusting fact that, if Trump is the Republican nominee for president, we better get ready to say Madam President because H. Clinton will be in the White House.

  2. Kerry Brown

    I forwarded this excellent piece , with my own comments, to about 40 friends and clients , most of whom I think are GOP registered.
    I also sent it to about 3 or 4 Ohio folks as well.

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