Contact Local Governments for Action to Stop Islamic Attacks in Tampa Bay Area.

Guns are not the reason people like this seek to kill Americans. Islam is the reason.

It is time for our local leaders to step up to their duties and stop Islamic jihadi attacks in the Tampa Bay area and other American communities.

Take Action and send a letter to Mayor Rick Kriseman and St. Pete City Council members asking them to prevent Islamic Terrorist attacks in the Tampa Bay Area. See sample message at end of article. ;

Another horrific attack was conducted on innocents in Europe by Islamic Jihadists. Islamist Jihadi soldiers who have invaded Europe amidst Syrian Refugees overwhelming Europe.  In December, in Paris, 130 people were killed and 368 injured by Islamic soldiers attacking soft civilian targets. Yesterday three simultaneous attacks were made in Brussels Belgium killing over 30 an injuring 200 at the airport and in a metro station. These are not random criminal attacks, or even “terrorist” attacks designed to scare people. These are not political attacks. The Islamic soldiers in Europe are engaged in asymmetrical warfare in their quest to conquer Europe and kill infidels (non-Islamic people). There is a stated goal of creating an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Middle East, through Europe. These attacks are coming to America and it is time for American officials to start taking the threat seriously. It is time for citizens in our community to demand action of our local, state and national governments.

The Islamic State (ISIS), the main sponsor of these Islamic attacks, have stated they plan to attack Washington D.C. There have been two major Islamic attacks on American soil, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the December San Bernardino massacre. There have been multiple other attacks including a machete wielding man shouting “Allah Akhbar” and attacking customers in a Cleveland Restaurant.  The man was on the FBI Terror watch list and attacked an Israel establishment, the “Nazareth Restaurant”. Four marines were killed in a Jihadi attack in Chattanooga, TN last July. Jihadis attacked an art exhibit in Garland Texas in May 2015 since they disagreed with the American free speech exercise of a Muhammed art exhibit. In February, National Intelligence Director James Clapper warned that Islamic Jihadis were likely to launch attacks in America in 2016, and he was backed up by Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Lt Gen Stewart stated:  “ISIS was taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow,” and are “pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate lers.”

Many of the politically correct crowd use term like “loan wolf” and blame the attacks on poverty or as a “just” or at least “understandable” response to conditions in the middle east. These are dangerous voices that should be dismissed by a rational people. At this point in American history, it is time for local governments to work with state and national authorities to prevent Islamic attacks on our soil. This will not be easy to do but it can be done in a constitutional manner. It is better to take action now before any attacks come so that the natural rights of American citizens can be protected and lawful means of surveillance can be performed.  Acting after attacks will lead to a fever-pitch frenzy of overly aggressive and unconstitutional activity against Americans such as warrantless searches, data mining and phone taps.

syrian refugees in europe

A map of the over 600,000 “refugees” pouring into Europe. There are thousands or more of Islamic Jihadi soldiers embedded in the massed. The remainder are supporting their Jihadi brothers as they launch their attacks on Europe.


The first step to prevent Islamic jihadist attacks in our community is to stop the flow of refugees to the area. The United States has agreed to take 10,000 Syrian refugees by November 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry stated in September 2015, that the US will increase the total number of refugees it will accept by 45,000 from 2016—2017 (a total of 100,000 for all refugees, up from 70,000 in 2015). Hillary Clinton and other democrats have called for the US to take 65,000 Syrian refugees. Thankfully Governor Rick Scott has spoken up and joined Governors from other states to request that Washington D.C. not bring these refugees into the country.  Unfortunately local Mayors, like Rick Kriseman of St. Petersburg have sent a separate letter encouraging refugees to come to our communities. This despite the fact that of the over 600,000 refugees effectively invading Europe, a large percentage (a majority at one point) of them are not even from Syria. They are as far afield as Afghanistan and Pakistan according to the U.K. Daily mail.  As US Intelligence Director Clapper indicated, Jihadi soldiers are adept at hiding in these “refugee” crowds.

The Tampa Bay area has a history of taking in refugees, including from Cuba and Serbia. Florida takes in about 27,000 refugees a year. Unfortunately there are financial incentives for groups re-settling the refugees using federal dollars which is causing perverse incentives to make matters worse. In the past most of these communities have assimilated into the American way of life. However circumstances have changed and the Islamic Jihadi threat means a new approach is required. No matter what the level of screening, a large percentage of them will be Jihadis as evidence by the San Bernardino Jihadi who conducted the Islam-inspired massacre in December, 2015. The Female San Bernardino Islamic Jihadist was screened using the same methods, but still was let in to the country. Tampa Bay mayors must say no more refugees from Middle East countries given the risks. The refugees should be resettled in neighboring countries such as Saudia Arabia and Iran. The Sunbeam Times learned from St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman last November that Kriseman was more interested in a politically correct approach.


It is time to begin efforts to place undercover agents in Islamic groups to surveil for possible terrorist activity. The politically correct thought police will no doubt cry “Islamo-phobia”. However it is clear that Christians, Jews and Hindus are not regularly and aggressively bombing Americans and others in an effort to murder “infidels” who are not part of their faith. Such surveillance was done in New York City by Mayor Giuliani and later by Mayor Bloomberg and also reportedly by the FBI. If police can put undercover agents to stop drug trafficking, they should also do so to stop Islamic Jihadist attacks. Tampa Bay Mayors should begin such efforts immediately or enhance them if they already exist.

Citizen involvement and a Report to Citizens.

Citizens should be educated about these threats. They should be taught how to look for packages left in public places that may in fact be bombs. They should be told how to spot suspicious activity. For instance, are there unusual strangers present in an office building or shopping mall that are not part of the normal pattern? Is there odd activity in a neighborhood or apartment building that should be reported (as was not done in San Bernardino)? People should be told not to be worried about appearing as “Islamo-phobic” or politically incorrect. The local leaders also need to immediately stop using the politically correct rhetoric that is stopping common sense in our community and preventing people from stepping forward for fear of being labelled a “racist”. They need to stop shaming people who merely are speaking the truth.

Take Action

An effective government is one that is being controlled by and responds to the needs of its citizens. Such a government should prioritize its actions to those things that citizens can do themselves with the most obvious being lawful and constitutional security activities.  Citizens are encouraged to send a letter to their local mayors and city council members asking them to take action.
Here is the letter that this author, Dr. David McKalip, Founder and editor of the Sunbeam Times is sending to the City Council members and Mayor of St. Petersburg. Others are encouraged to copy and paste it into an email and send a similar letter today.

Their email addresses are,

Dear Mayor and City Council members of St. Petersburg,

As a concerned citizen in the Tampa Bay area, I ask that you make all efforts to lower the risk of Islamic terror attacks in our community. I ask you to do the following:

  1. Advise the Federal Government that our local government will not cooperate in settlement into the Tampa Bay area of Syrian refugees or others from areas with known Islamic Terrorist communities.
  2. Instruct your Police Department to begin constitutionally permissible and lawful operations to monitor Islamic organizations to collect intelligence and ensure there is no planning of terrorist activity.
  3. Work with local governments and law enforcement organizations to educate citizens to be on the lookout for unusual activity such as suspicious packages and unusual by persons in our community.
  4. Address the City to advise your citizens on actions you are taking to keep us safe from Islamic terror.

I understand that such actions must be done within the  constraints of the U.S. and Florida constitution to protect the rights of the innocent. As elected representatives of the people you are in the best position to direct available agencies to act appropriately to protect our community.