Trump, the Naked Little Emperor. A Modern Fairy Tale.

Trump the naked little emperor exposedAdapted by David McKalip, M.D. from the Hans Christian Anderson Classic “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.


There once was a little emperor who loved himself and his name so much that he spent all his money and time promoting both; his name was Donald J. Trump.  He did not care for the companies he made bankrupt or little old ladies whose houses were in his way. The only thing, in fact, he thought about was going on Television to tell everyone how great he and his name were: Trump. “I have the best brain” he would say, and “use the best words”. He would proclaim “I have never asked God for forgiveness” and “I win, win, win” at everything I do. One day Trump, the little emperor, decided that he would let the people make him the Great Emperor of their country.

The nation had been very happy in the past; but had fallen into disrepair as the government had destroyed peace and prosperity in the land. Emperor Trump proclaimed: if you pick me, “our country will be great again” because I will be in charge and I will know how to make the government work best using my very “good brain”. He said, “I know how to get things done” because I have built grand towers with the magic name Trump on them in big, golden letters.

One day a small group of swindlers saw an opportunity to make money from the littler emperor’s plans. They made the nation and Trump believe they were great King-makers using their televisions and their road show. The swindlers knew that they could make Trump pay them lots of money to help make him the great Emperor; they were the vendors, the media, and the consultants.  So they told little emperor Trump that they would weave him a great set of clothes from the best Trump materials that would be so beautiful and great that people would see that he alone would be the best emperor. Further, the new Trump clothes possessed the wonderful quality that only the smartest, most worthy people could see how truly great Trump was – and those who could not would be revealed as stupid losers, not worthy of consideration.

Trump agreed and poured tens of millions of his private dollars into the enterprise as well as his valuable personal time. The vendors, consultants and media weavers would take his dollars and pretend to work day and night on his magical loom to weave his Trump Clothes that could be seen only by the smart and the worthy. Of course they were laughing as they pretended to make the magic Trump Clothes on their empty magic looms. They took the Trump dollars and bought themselves new cars, homes, gold, jewelry and stocks. Day and night the empty Trump looms hummed to make the magic Trump cloth that would install him as the Great Emperor of all the land.

“I would very much like to know how they are getting on with the Trump Cloth” thought the little emperor. But he felt rather uneasy when he remembered that only the smartest, most worthy people would be able to see the cloth at all. Personally he was of the opinion that he had nothing to fear, yet he thought it advisable to send his best, most trusted advisors to see how matters stood. Everybody in the nation knew what a remarkable quality the stuff possessed, and all were anxious to see which of their neighbors were unworthy or stupid.

The first Trump advisor, Mr. Yes-Man, went into the room where the swindlers sat before they empty looms. “Oh No” he thought, “I cannot see anything at all”, but he did not say so for fear of being revealed as less than a worthy or smart advisor. The swindlers brought him closer and offered “See, how the Trump cloth glimmers?” and “We weaved in the best Trump words, breeding and winning ways!” So Mr. Yes-man proudly beamed, “This magical Trump Cloth will make the best Trump clothes around and all will see his greatness, like me!” He happily reported on the beauty of the Trump cloth to the little emperor and every Trump Yes Man did the same.

From them on the emperor Trump poured even more millions of dollars into the swindlers’ empty Trump looms. The vendor weavers made hats and tee-shirts with the magical Trump Cloth. The consultant weavers made campaign banners and canopies to festoon their grand Trump rallies. The Media weavers were rewarded best since they made tens of millions of more dollars whenever emperor Trump would appear on their shows to point out how he had the best brain, best words and so many amazing winning ways.

Finally everyone in the nation wanted to see the magical Trump cloth and see Trump in his magical Trump clothes for themselves. They hungered to win again and knew it was time for Trump to show off his magical Trump cloth with the key to bringing greatness to them all. Based on the many great reports from his Yes Men and the magical cloth weavers Trump knew it was time to wear and display the magical Trump clothes for a final Grand parade; he knew the time would soon come to allow people to make him the Great Emperor.

So Trump went to the magic weavers and approached the empty magic Trump loom. “What is this?” thought little emperor Trump, “I do not see anything at all. That is terrible! Am I stupid? Am I unfit to be emperor? That would indeed be the most dreadful thing that could happen to me.”

“Really,” he said, turning to the weavers, “your Trump cloth is truly the finest I have ever seen;” and, nodding contentedly, he looked at the empty loom, for he was horrified to admit that he saw nothing. All his Yes Men, who were with him, looked and looked, and although they could not see anything either, they said, like the little emperor, “It is very beautiful.”

The swindling Trump cloth weavers then explained they had made him an amazing Trump Cloth Suit.  One approached with the Trump shirt, his arms empty, saying “this is the most beautiful shirt ever, and is light as a cobweb so you will not feel it. That is another amazing quality of the cloth because of all the magical Trump qualities woven into it.”  One by one, the little emperor Trump put on his shirt, his Trump Trousers, coat, tie and hat. As he donned his magical Trump clothes, his Yes men all exclaimed: “My, how amazing” and fawned, “now everyone will see your true greatness”. They exalted him, saying, “how can anyone doubt the brilliance of a Trump Emperor when they see you in such fine Trump cloth!?”

He gazed at himself in the mirror, looking approvingly at his own Trump image. No one should know he didn’t see his own great Trump Cloth. Of course each Yes Man nodded admirably, so as to ensure that none of them would be considered unworthy or stupid. Finally a long Trump Cloak was placed around his shoulders to be carried by the train bearers. Others in the parade would carry the Magic Trump canopy and banners over the little emperor.

Out went the little Emperor Trump, on his parade to convince people with his fine Trump Clothes – woven from his winning ways- that he should be the Great Emperor of the entire land. His Yes Men picked up his cloak’s train and pretended to carry it for they feared being deemed “stupid” and “unworthy”. The canopy and banner holders also held their empty sticks aloft with the magic Trump Cloth weaved from the “best words” and the “best brain” of the little emperor Trump. Proudly marched Trump in his magic Trump suit, perfectly naked in front of the parade but refusing to acknowledge that not even he himself could see the cloth that revealed the stupid and unworthy.

Along the parade route the crowd could see Trump’s magic procession coming in the distance; cheers and adulation arose. They were eager to finally see how Trump would, as the nation’s Great Emperor, make the country great again. A reporter shouted “Won’t your plans to raise taxes on imports make everything cost more?” Trump shouted back “Clearly you are stupid and by the way can’t you see my amazing Trump suit – if not you are unworthy”.  Another asked “Won’t using the government treasury to buy health care for even more people deepen the nation’s debt?” Trump, looked down his nose and said “Excuse me! Excuse me! Do you not see how I have I said that it will work well or can you not see my amazing Trump cloth banner – be gone!” The crowds began calling, “Why did your chief advisor attack and bruise a woman reporter just for doing her job and lie about it?” and Trump stopped, staring coldly at the crowd, “Truly, you are stupid because anyone can see for themselves that he did not touch her; I bet you can’t also can’t see my wonderful Trump canopy either!” Some in the crowd yelled “We see your great magic Trump Clothes!”, for they too did not want to seem stupid or unworthy. The Trump lovers then chastised the others, “how dare you question the great Trump who will make our nation great again!” Some of the people who claimed they saw the magic Trump Clothes began pushing and shoving the others who dared challenge him with impertinent questions.

As the procession continued; Trump mocked more questions as reporters and the people exposed more half-truths and lies. Finally, a child stepped forward from the crowd. The Child had just finished reading the nation’s constitution and yelled out, “Mr. Trump, why are you parading around naked? Put on some clothes!”

The boy’s father said “My goodness, listen to the voice of an innocent child”, and one whispered to the other what the child had said. “But he has nothing on at all,” cried at last the mass of people. That made a deep impression upon the little emperor Trump, for it seemed to him that they were right. But he could not tarnish his own self-image, his beautiful name, good words, brain and winning ways by admitting that he was in fact an Emperor with no clothes. His Yes Men took the cue from their little emperor who put his nose up in the air, raised his arms high as he shouted “I am the best and my wonderful Trump Cloth proves it. If you can’t see that then you are stupid and unworthy.” On they marched in pride.

As Trump, the naked little emperor, promenaded away in his magic cloth charade some followed and praised him but many fell away in disbelief. They wondered if they really wanted an emperor or king after all. Finally they asked the child how he became so smart as to see through the deception, but the child simply said “I just read our nation’s constitution and it was all perfectly obvious”.  The people then realized it was not the little emperor Trump who was at fault for the grand deception. They were at fault for believing and perpetuating the myth that one man should be Emperor over their lives. Then the child’s father whispered, “I remember now how our nation was once great” he gazed at the crowd and spoke up, “We were great when the government was subject to the will of the people, rather than us being subjects of the government.” The people then remembered their founding principles and constitution, crying, “Yes, once the government did only the few things we allowed them in our constitution, and only with our consent.”  They remembered how great they and their nation were in those days and went home to pray.


The original classic by Hans Christian Anderson.




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