LGBT Bathroom Bullies Ignore Science, Seek To Destroy Fabric of Society.

submit to Gay agenda or else

Yet again, LGBT extremists and their allies seek to destroy the fabric of society. This time it is with ridiculous laws allowing men who are dressed as women to go into the girls bathroom. As always the LGBT (“Lets Go Boycott for Tyranny”) squad is boycotting, bullying, threatening, demeaning and attacking the 99.7% of people in America who are not transgendered if they are not allowed to impose their unwanted and extremist views on others through force.

Editors Note: In response to the “open Bathrooms to all” debacle in North Carolina* and elsewhere, Sunbeam Times founder and Editor Dr. David McKalip offers this view on the extremist LGBT agendas seeking to destroy the fabric of society itself.

By Dr. David McKalip

For those sensitive souls intolerant to other views or what they deem “politically incorrect”, please brace yourselves as some basic facts of life, science and necessary social norms are described. Men and women are different.  Those with XY chromosomes and born with Male genitalia are called boys or men; those with XX and born with female genitalia are called girls or women.  These natural genders continue to exist because they are required for reproduction so the species does not become extinct. Men and women are different physically and emotionally. There are ancient and appropriate social norms designed to recognize these basic scientific facts and protect the dignity, privacy, and safety of each sex. These include unique manners of dress, gentlemanly chivalry, maternal/spousal restraint on men, as well as separate dressing, locker, shower and bathrooms for each sex. The less than 4% of LGBT people among us have decided that those who are heterosexual and live based on scientific reality should change these norms to suit them. They expect society to let men and boys dressed as women to go into female areas, invading their privacy and jeopardizing their safety. Some men and criminals are taking advantage of this social breakdown and have expand their unwanted presence into the inappropriately permissive new environment.  Police records show that women have been assaulted, secretly videotaped, and raped by men dressed as women. There are many sexual predators and sexual deviants who seek to expose themselves and perform other obscene sexual acts in the presence of women.  There are women who are past sexual assault victims who experience PTSD type reactions when realizing they are in the presence of men in a previously safe female zone.  Confused or devious adolescent boys are now finding excuses to invade high school shower rooms. In each instance, excuses are offered by the liberal, progressive and sexual minority communities to justify or diminish all of these facts – while attacking those who dare to express the tiniest concern about it in public.  The result is a society that is damaged, less trusting, and less predictable. A disabled society that is unable to serve as a reliable foundation for the natural physical, emotional and social development of children and function of citizens.


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Real women have no choice about where to go; they are living according to their nature. The 99.7% of females who are naturally women trust that intact, common sense social norms will serve them when they need privacy and safety. However “transgendered” people have chosen to ignore their natural state and expect everyone else to be inconvenienced while they invade the privacy of others. Husbands and fathers must now worry about what their wives and daughters face in public.  Political extremists in local governments are imposing the views of tiny minorities on others by passing unnatural bathroom and similar space sharing laws to accommodate the estimated 0.3% of the population who choose a transgendered life. Through the force of these unjust and immoral laws*, they impose their extremist views and unnatural lifestyles onto others. The liberal political extremists then bully, boycott, shout down and personally attack anyone who dares to disagree with the invasion of their own natural personal liberty.

Those who seek to go into public dressed as another sex, should find ways to accommodate themselves without asking society to change social norms. Sadly, they are more likely to demand that society solve problems for them that they have caused for themselves. They will then have the unmitigated gall and audacity to equate themselves to the black civil rights movement so as to hypocritically gain undeserved political cover. The LGBT community is never satisfied with its political victories. It seems there is always a new frontier to further dismantle, erode or destroy social norms and thus harm the fabric of stable, moral, safe, and trustworthy societies.  Some would argue that is in fact the goal: to transform our society to one that has lost its moral compass. Such a transformation to the abnormal will set precedents so that small committees of political extremists can further abuse political power and impose new unwanted and unnatural realities on all of us with greater fervor and effect. Those who claim to be from the “tolerant” liberal left may now begin attacking me personally or boycotting me out of existence. Alternatively, those who disagree can re-consider their position or engage in rational, civil debate on pages such as these – another social norm that protects us all.


*Recently the government of the state of North Carolina did something rare. Something that governments are designed to do: they protected the rights of individuals and their businesses from authoritarian dictates and politically motivated activists. The City of Charlotte passed a law that mandated private businesses open to the public to allow men to go into women’s bathrooms. The state law made it illegal for the city to expose this extremist view on others through an out-of-control local government.  The over-the-top response from businesses like PayPal and rich, elite rock stars like Bruce Springsteen has been disgusting as they seek to boycott the state of North Carolina. 


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  1. ConcernedPatriot

    This supremacist agenda is really no different from Muslim groups (most infamously the HAMAS front group, and indicted co-conspirator in a terror trial, Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR) seeking to impose their own customs, values, and way of life on the rest of society, and forcing society to bend down to and accommodate their insidious demands. One reason we have come to this particular bathroom madness is that a decade ago, many states, localities, universities, colleges and airports caved to Muslim demands to install footbaths in public restrooms. In so doing, it established a very dangerous precedent and opened the door to what we are seeing now.

    In addition, there is an extremely subversive component to the promotion, glorification, encouragement, sanctioning and even spreading of homosexuality and transgenderism by our leftist political elites, as they are determined to bring down the entire society by destroying its moral structure. What’s more, a society that seeks to trample on the privacy rights, dignity and boundaries of women and eviscerate the innocence of children to appease a mere 0.3% of the populace, clearly couldn’t care less about women or children to so blatantly sacrifice them on the altar of LGBT supremacism. It is also a different side of the same coin as the foisting of Muslim “refugees” to Western countries, including the news that Obama is cutting vetting time for Muslims to next to zero while increasing the amount being imported here to hundreds of thousands, thus posing a grave terror risk to all of us. European Union elites are just as insensitive to the plight of women who have been sexually assaulted, and children molested, by Muslim “migrants,” as the lapdogs of the LGBT supremacist thugs are towards the crimes against women and children that have been enabled by this drive to bring us further down to the level of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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