4/27: Join Citizens and Tell Hillsborough “No Transit Tax”!

no taxEditor’s Note. The Transit Politicos will not stop trying to raise taxes for their rail dreams. they will masquerade as an economic benefit, but it is always a boondoggle. Citizens everywhere should help stop the Tampa Tax to send another message to them: “STOP!”

By Sharon Calvert, No Tax for Tracks, Tampa.

Sales tax hikes boondoggles continue bouncing around the Tampa Bay area. And it’s back. A proposed unnecessary sales tax hike is back in Hillsborough County. Instead of another sales tax hike, we must hold our local elected officials accountable for where they are spending our current tax dollars, especially as our county revenues continue to grow.

Our highest priorities, which includes our roads and transportation needs, must be funded first over spending on pork projects, subsidizing special interests and lower priority items. The proposed plan includes numerous boondoggle projects, including high cost rail projects that all taxpayers will be paying for and are simply bad policy.

Non-Tampa citizens in surrounding counties Beware: We need to stop this sales tax hike again in Hillsborough or it will be heading to your county next. Please help Hillsborough by attending the sales tax hike public hearing on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 6pm at All People’s Life Center, 6105 Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL

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  1. Gary West

    To the average politician the thought of a new tax matches the the dreams of free drugs and alcohol to an addict.
    Tampa and Hillsborough taxpayers would do well to think back to the Community Investment Tax that bought, for the Glazers, the “Hello, Sucker” stadium. Describe to me how that tax helped your quality of life.
    Politicians everywhere have no concept of money management because it isn’t their money, it’s yours. If you give them this bucket of tax money they know they’ve opened the tap to your wallet and that is one financial drip that no one can stop.
    Tell them to keep their hands off your faucet.

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