Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: We are not Greedy, but They are.

Only CEO's are greedy but business owners who lay off workers as they close three stores for their own profits are not.

Only CEO’s are greedy but business owners who lay off workers as they close three stores for their own profits are not.

The Sunbeam Times is proud to bring you a new series “Liberal Hypocrisy Alert”. Whenever a liberal complains they want freedom, but wants to deny it to another: “Alert”! If a liberal calls for more taxes for you, but not them: “Alert”. When a liberal uses the constitution to protect them, but harm you: “Alert”.

Today’s episode of Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: the case of the Bloviating Baker

NPR- in their typical breathless, three-alarm fire style- is reporting on the “disappearing middle class” in their “Hanging On” series. In this 5/1/16 episode, two bakery owners in Charlotte are talking about how they achieved the American dream, but are worried about the “greed” of CEO’s. Manolo Betancur, an American citizen and Colombian immigrant  and Zhenia Martinez, a Mexican immigrant (and American citizen) own Las Delicias Bakery in Charlotte, N.C..  They bake, as NPR reporters says in her affected Spanish accent (to impress her elite listeners) “Churros” and “Tres Leches”. Mr. Betancur is proud that, after arriving with $100 in his pocket and through hard work and determination (and learning English) he built a bakery with Zhenia Martinez. He rightly calls it an example of the American Dream, properly making all of us Americans proud to have provided an opportunity for a better life for poor, legal immigrants.

Ms. Martinez (Betancur’s wife) then goes on to complain about how American CEO’s are making millions of dollars but only through “greed”. They are greedy, she says, because they make profits by providing only part-times jobs and not providing health care to their workers. But then the hypocrisy is revealed as a footnote in the closing minute of the “hanging on” story when the NPR reporter says they had to close three bakeries due to the recession. These two business owners who made it through the American Dream are laying off workers by closing three shops, to protect their profits? Yet they are calling other business owners who protect their bottom line from Obamacare health insurance mandates greedy? The hypocrisy is as sickly sweet as their Churros.

This has been a Liberal Hypocrisy Alert. Had this been an actual emergency your life would have been improved by the liberals – and yet it is worse.

You may now return to reality.