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illegal alien criminalReport: Released Criminal Aliens Committed Nearly 10 Times More Crimes Than Obama Admin. Told Congress – Breitbart

More lies and more damage than terrorists!! “The Obama Administration “grossly misrepresented” the number of crimes the criminal aliens it released from custody in FY 2014 subsequently committed by nearly tenfold, the Federation for Am Immigration Reform (FAIR) charges. According to FAIR, ICE records obtained via a FIOA request reveal that the 30,558 criminal aliens ICE released in FY 2014 committed 13,288 additional crimes.The number of subsequent convictions contained in FIOA documents is far higher than the 1,423 additional offenses ICE reported to the Judiciary Comm last July… “Despite its rhetoric, the fact remains that the Obama Administration continues to willingly free dangerous criminal aliens, allowing them to continue to prey upon communities across the US.”


Obama is gutting Medicare

Must Read-Eye Opener!”Under the guise of “reform,” Obama is dismantling Medicare…The stakes are high, because Medicare and the access it gives patients to medical innovations have transformed aging. Before Medicare, older folks languished in nursing homes or wheelchairs with crippling illnesses. Now, seniors dodge that fate, thanks to hip and knee replacements, cataract operations and heart procedures- all paid for by Medicare…The president’s Medicare reforms make it harder for seniors to get joint replacements. His new payment rules shortchange doctors, discouraging them from accepting Medicare in the first place. New ER rules clobber seniors with bills for “observation care.” Under ObamaCare, hospitals get bonuses for spending less per senior, despite having higher death rates and infection rates.”


Clinton Foundation gives tiny fraction of $2 billion in revenue to veterans groups

“The Clinton Foundation has collected more than $2 billion in revenue since it formed -but has given only the tiniest fraction to veterans groups, instead preferring to focus on international causes and in-house operations that provide far more control and less transparency. Meanwhile, a separate private charity, the Clinton Family Foundation, has donated about $100,000 to vet groups, according to Clinton’s campaign…An examination of the foundation’s 990s, the IRS form that tax-exempt 501(c)3 charities must file annually, do not show any direct grants to veterans groups since 1998, when Bill Clinton established the organization. Most of its domestic grants are directed at health care and anti-poverty organizations and disaster relief, and amount to a small % of its cash. The foundation took in some $338 million in 2014 and doled out just $4 million in 10 grants in the U.S.”


While the CDC Spreads Fear That Zika Is Coming, TB Is Here

Must Read! “And while the CDC and the press focus on Zika, what else is happening on the infectious disease front for which no such alerts are being sounded?Could it be that our politicized CDC is distracting the American public from a much bigger threat with a potentially lethal infectious disease,TB, which is far more serious to many more people?Consider these reports just in recent weeks:35% of refugees in VT test positive for latent TB, yet officials are silent on how many have active, infectious TB and how many are being treated for the disease. 22% of refugees resettled in M! tested positive for TB in 2014.MI has one of the largest Somali refugees, and Somalia is one of the top 10 countries globally for deaths from TB.18% of all refugees resettled in AZ have latent TB on arrival.”


Vindictive Barack Obama

“So you think Obama is Mr. Nice Guy? Don’t even. On Monday the pres thumbed his nose at the city of Orlando and the 49 dead and more than 50 wounded in the June 12 terrorist attack on a crowded gay nightclub.By turning down Gov. Scott’s request for a declaration of emergency — remember, we’re talking about the worst mass shooting in the nation’s history — that is precisely what Obama did. In his June 13 letter to the president, Scott sought two forms of federal aid: “provision of health and safety measures,” as well as “management, control and reduction of immediate threats to public health and safety.” An emergency declaration would have given Fl up to $5 million in initial federal funding.Scott got the presidential finger in a letter..What will Obama’s response be to Fl if a hurricane hammers the state and Scott asks for fed assistance? ”


new book proves common core is bad for american education |

Must Read!! “Peter Wood, Pres of the Nat’l Assoc’ of Scholars has written Drilling Through the Core: Why Common Core is Bad for Am Ed. Dr. Wood demonstrates that Common Core did not make standards higher, it made them lower so more kids could get higher scores. The goal was revealed in a famous “white paper” that Common Core architects Coleman and Zimba wrote for the Carnegie Corp in 2008. Coleman and Zimba called for new standards that would result in “dramatically raising the number and diversity of students performing at the highest levels.”How much more proof do we need that it’s time to get rid of common core and move to real standards)…As Dr. Wood explains, though, the word “higher” did not mean higher intellectual content of the standards, but a higher % of students passing them.”


New evidence of Iran’s chicanery — and the Obama administration’s

Why were we not informed? “The Obama admin concluded that uranium particles discovered last year at a secret Iranian military base likely were tied to the country’s past, covert nuclear weapons program, a finding that contradicts Tehran’s longstanding denials that it was pursuing a bomb.Traces of man-made uranium were found at Parchin by investigators from the UNs’ nuclear watchdog,.. It also appears the administration has been hiding the inconvenient evidence that Iran cheated in the past: “The Obama administration didn’t comment about the uranium when the IAEA released its report;..“If this were not Iran.., we would be demanding further inspections and interviews with scientists. . “Since this is Iran, we won’t be asking because we won’t get any further inspections and the administration lives in fear of doing anything that could collapse the deal.”



ISIS threat to U.S. air bases, S. Korea warns

Wow!! ISIS has collected information on 77 U.S. and NATO air force facilities around the world and is calling on supporters to attack them, according to S Korea’s intelligence agency…The NIS says ISIS’ hacking organization, the United Cyber Caliphate, collected details of U.S. air force units in S Korea including Osan Air Base, and addresses and Google satellite maps have been released through the Telegram messaging service. Mapping Isis across the world. In a statement, U.S. Forces Korea said it took the safety and security of its installations very seriously.”Through constant vigilance and exercises with our S Korean counterparts, we remain prepared to respond at any time to any emerging threats,” Over the past 5 years, 50 people suspected of being part of terrorist organizations have been deported from S Korea..”


From 9/11 to Orlando attack, Florida a den for terror plots

STAY Alert!!”In 2001, Fl-trained hijackers carried out the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor. Last week, a Fl man’s shooting rampage in Orlando became the worst attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.The events bookend a rash of cases that illustrate the state’s evolving threat of terrorism, from the highly-coordinated outside attack to a harder-to-track danger lurking in local communities, schools, workplaces and places of worship.Since 9/11, Fl has seen more than a dozen high-profile terrorism cases.Tampa Bay endured the saga of alleged terrorist supporter al-Arian and the recent case of Osmakac (the Pinellas Park man) an Islamic extremist sentenced to 40 years in prison for what authorities said was a plan to kill hundreds of people in the area.”


CIA Chief Contradicts Obama On ISIS Threat, Warns Of Intensified Terror Campaign

Lies exposed! “Less than 48 hours after Obama reassured the nation that his strategy against ISIS is working, Obama’s CIA director told the Senate the exact opposite… ISIL continues to lose ground in Iraq. … ISIL continues to lose ground in Syria as well..Sounds like Obama’s really on top of the situation..Except that Thurs CIA Dir Brennan told a far different story,.In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Brennan said.. that “despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach…” ISIS is “training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks (and) has a large cadre of Western fighters,” and is busy trying to infiltrate the West through “refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate means of travel.”


441 Syrian Refugees Admitted to the U.S. Since the Orlando Attack, Dozens to Florida – Breitbart

“According to State Dept data 441 Syrian refugees have been resettled across the U.S. Just five of the recent arrivals are Christian the rest are Muslim, including 434 Sunni Muslims and one identified as simply “Moslem.” One is listed as having “no religion.”The 441 new arrivals have been resettled across 26 states, with IL (60), FL (49), and AZ(38) taking in the most Syrian refugees..Of the 49 new Syrian refugees resettled in FL since the attack, 10 have been resettled in the greater Orlando area — with 5 resettled in Orlando proper and five resettled in Kissimmee. The rest of the refugees settled in FL were placed in Clearwater (six), Delray Beach (five), Miami (five), Pensacola (five), Tampa (18). Scott says he is opposed to resetting Syrian refugees in his state amid ongoing vetting concerns.”


Positive Turnabout: Indian River Lagoon Solutions Finally Got a Look

“FL Institute of Technology scientist Windsor said the 5 million cubic yards of mayonnaise-like muck along the northern Indian River Lagoon is enough to build a 5-foot wall along all six lanes of I95, stretching the entire 70 miles of Brevard Co.”That’s a lot of muck,” Windsor said. “We ought to do something with it. We did it … Let’s stop it from getting in.”That’s exactly what happened earlier this month at .. the first-ever Indian River Lagoon summit..These are some of the ideas the summit produced, according to the paper:A blanket federal permit for dredging muck from the lagoon, to speed up projects;Maintain a five-year muck-dredging plan;Enforce the June 1 to Sept. 30 ban on fertilizer use;Increase street sweeping;Add more oysters and other filter feeders, as well as shoreline vegetation to buffer pollution.”


Conservatives Battle Virginia Governor’s Order to Allow Ex-Felons to Vote

Let’s hope the Conservatives Win!!”On multiple fronts, conservatives are challenging Gov. McAuliffe’s order to restore voting rights to ex-felons who have completed their prison sentences.This week Judicial Watch, filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court, seeking to prevent ex-felons who gain from McAuliffe’s order from voting in the pres election.The lawsuit was filed on behalf of several VA voters, who claim their “lawful votes” will be “diminished” by the votes of the ex-felons. Repub leaders of VA’s House and Senate filed a similar lawsuit in May, this one before the Supreme Court of VA. In both cases, the plaintiffs argue that McAuliffe, a Dem, violated the state constitution and exceeded his authority by restoring voting rights to 206,000 ex-felons as a group-rather than individually.”


Israel Goes Full Trump on Gaza: Massive Concrete Wall Above And Below Ground Along Entire Border – Breitbart

SMART!”Israel’s defense plan to build a concrete wall tens of meters underground as well as above ground along the Gaza Strip border was revealed Thursday ..The wall will stretch along the 60 miles around the Gaza Strip, and will in fact be the 3rd defense system of its kind Israel has built along the border.The first 60-kilometer barrier was constructed in 1994 following the Oslo accords, while the 2nd system was built .. in 2005. Neither of the efforts, however, provided comprehensive solutions to the threat of attack tunnels.The report comes after two Hamas terror tunnels were discovered crossing into Israel in April and May…Upon the completion of a significant continuous section of the security fence in 2003, Israel already saw a marked decrease in the number of suicide bombers able to penetrate Israeli cities.”


Orlando Massacre Shows We Must Stop Teaching Children to Hate America

Outstanding!”Let’s debate how an American like Mateen, born NY and raised in FL, can turn into a terrorist bent on executing his compatriots. How does he grow up cheering the 9/11 attack in high school, thinking that women ought not to drive, and swearing allegiance to ISIS?Everybody, especially young men, needs to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, a sense that we’re all in this together. If we as a society fail to give citizens national pride, we can be sure that some outside force will come along and do it.The founders knew that the constitutional republic they were crafting required a single nation with one national ID smelted out of different ethnicities. Right away, in 1776 in fact, they came up with the concept of E Pluribus Unum.”


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    Excellent summary, very interesting.
    Another subject: let’s hope something will be done with assault weapon control. Can these not be added to the list of military weapons excluded from the 2nd amendment?

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      I don’t believe that is appropriate. The term “assault weapon” is a political term. All weapons could be called that. The natural rights to self-defense by a well-armed citizenry should remain sacrosanct.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      It is through the rule creating a government control mechanism to turn doctors into rationing agents for the state. Medicare Patients will have less access to care and doctors who refuse to ration and follow dangerous cookbook protocols will be fined out of existence. Scary. More to come.

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