Five Dallas Cops Shot, Liberal Press Yawns, Stokes Anti-cop Sentiment

Cops were assassinated by a group of trained snipers capitalizing on the anti-cop sentiment stoked by the liberal press.

Cops were assassinated by a group of trained snipers capitalizing on the anti-cop sentiment stoked by the liberal press, propagandists, and black-lives matter activists.

62 paragraphs. That’s the number of paragraphs dedicated to the accidental shootings of two black men during police action in Minnesota and Louisiana.

2 paragraphs. That’s the number of paragraphs dedicated to planned, tactical sniper attack by a band of cold-blooded killers.

The Tampa Bay Times continues the liberal bias against police officers that is actually stoking the violence against police (see images below). Certainly that is the only conclusion that can be drawn. The First gun shot was at 8:59 pm in Dallas (9:59 in St. Pete). A professional publishing company like the Tampa Bay Times could have run the 62 paragraphs on the shooting of black men in  separate parts of the paper. They could have done part of the coverage in a different day. They could have cut those stories down or at least separated them from the headline on dead cops in Dallas. But that would not serve the liberal narrative that imply – overtly -that the police officers somehow deserved it.

The Times story starts with a headline “Four Dallas Officers Killed”. There is one picture of cops pinned down by snipers. Then there are six pictures of the shootings of the black men, three special features highlighted on the details of those stories and public reaction to them. The times story offers  two sentences (!) on the facts of the shootings in Dallas even though the timeline developing -before the Times was ready to print – allowed greater detail on the sniper attacks  on Police who were protecting “Black Lives Matter” protesters.

Meanwhile, NPR 7 am morning coverage spends 90% of their time talking about the “peaceful protests” after mentioning the police shootings and offer NONE of the already known details about armed snipers. Fox news had the details and was readily reporting them at 730 am. CNN was interviewing a Democratic Congressman about the black shooting two days earlier as the wrapper around the story in Dallas.

The Times, liberals, progressives the gay community and other “activists” like to cast the blame on everyone except the shooter when a mass incident happens. Here they go again. When people were slaughtered by an Isis militant waging Jihad at the Pulse nightclub  in Orlando, they ran stories on how the Christian and Catholic communities were responsible for “hatred” toward gays, tried to pin the motive of the Jihadi on a phony “self-hating gay” story and whined for gun control. When 62 people are shot in Chicago over the July 4th weekend (in a gun control city) there are no breathless stories about the culture of crime and death in Chicago created by decades of liberal government. Now that cops are shot, there is no complaint about the anti-cop rhetoric spouted by the liberal, cop-hating community. No, the sniper attacks on cops are simply the natural result of the accidental shootings of suspects during police work. “See”, Tampa Bay times seems to say, “these two sentences telling you cops were assassinated by cold-blooded snipers on purpose, should be considered against the 62 paragraphs, multiple pictures and features of the black men accidentally killed by cops during police duties. See folks, the Cops obviously brought it on themselves!”

The Tampa Bay Times, the liberal community, and the black lives matter are responsible for the deaths of these five police officers in Dallas. Their endless liberal propaganda, lies, hate and intentional agitation of violence is the cause of the chaos breaking out in America that killed cops in Dallas. Even if the shooters are found to be jihadists who pulled off the attack to stoke chaos in America (a distinct possibility) it is still the Liberal press, activists and black-lives matter propagandists who have started this fire that can be fanned by any party into an inferno.


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  1. K. Vogler

    We have to have law and order for all. The police officers who seem to have used excessive force and killed must be held responsible and, equally, the snipers who killed police officers.There must be equal rights and law enforcement for all.

  2. Gary West

    The unbiased truth from the Tampa Bay Times is as fictitious as the tooth fairy. Now that they have purchased and destroyed the Tampa Tribune the Times is free to foment their socialist agenda and class warfare.
    Of course the Tampa bay Times will blame white cops, the NRA, Republicans in general, Donald Trump in particular and, with much joy, cover the riots and looting that will surely follow.

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