Obscene Anti-Trump Graffiti Strikes St. Petersburg

Those who think this hurts Trump, may actually be causing "NeverTrump" voters to vote for Trump after all.

Those who think this hurts Trump, may actually be causing “#NeverTrump” voters to vote for Trump after all.

A building at a major intersection in St. Petersburg Florida was attacked with obscene anti-Trump Graffitti this week. The graffiti is a black, spray-painted image of what appears to be a crow next to the words “F&%^ Trump”. The word “Loser” is written below and crossed out.

The obscenity was spray painted on the corner of 1st Ave N and 20th St. N. (at 1955 1st Ave. N.). It is unclear why the building was selected.  

It is well known that the founder and author of this blog has pledged to never vote for Trump. However, acts like this could very well lead to a backlash that could be enough to inspire the “#NeverTrump” voter to vote for Trump. The obvious criminal corruption of Hillary Clinton and the embrace of violence of those in the liberal community  may make voters ready to embrace Trump as a protest. The liberal community needs to reject the riots that have occurred in response to police activity (like in Ferguson and Baltimore). The Liberal community needs to put President Obama and Black Lives Matter leaders on notice that they will not tolerate the excuse making for anti-police violence and community riots who imply it is understandable in the light of shootings by police. The agitators that are painting obscene graffiti against Trump and promoting riots and violence are merely shooting themselves in the foot. We shall see if America agrees.

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  1. Tom D

    It is American to be able to respectfully disagree on issue’s such as politics. It is sad that these types of people disrespect the basic American principles and attempt to bully other’s into a different opinion. God bless there souls.

  2. Gary West

    The local newspaper shows no civic responsibility nor concern for the community when they refuse to editorially condemn liberal groups that foment violence against the police.

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