Loose Lips in White House on Wars; Michelle O’s Plagarism and More. Helena’s News Roundup.

loose lips sink shipsEx-CIA Director Woolsey: ‘The Administration Cannot Keep Its Mouth Shut’ on War Effort

“Military operations require secrecy,” former CIA Dir Woolsey told Fox News. He criticized the Obama administration for telling the world – and Islamic jihadists – what it plans to do.”The administration cannot keep its mouth shut on these things,” Woolsey said. “Had they been in power during World War II, they probably would have made speeches about how well we were doing breaking the Japanese codes. I have no idea why they do this sort of thing, unless they care more about the public relations than they do about winning the war.”And that is a very serious charge indeed. I’m not making it here, but it is certainly something that you have to start thinking about, when you see everything getting disclosed. “Military operations require secrecy now.”

Michelle Obama Copied Alinsky in Speech Melania Trump Plagiarized

And the truth will out! “Trump’s wife joins Hillary, Obama and Biden as accused plagiarists. Even Michelle Obama was accused of plagiarizing part of her own 2008 DNC speech.
Barack Obama: “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.” As then-Sen. Barack Obama surpassed Hillary in the Democratic primary, largely on the strength of his oratory, Clinton said that Obama’s record was “just words.” Obama responded in a speech whose refrain was lifted from Gov. Deval Patrick. The Obama campaign did not even bother to refute the claim. Instead, it circulated examples of lines that it said Clinton herself had borrowed from Obama. The left media defended Obama, saying that he had not committed plagiarism, but merely, at worst, “poor footnoting.”

Brazilian extremists pledge allegiance to ISIS 

Rio is a disaster waiting to happen!! “A Brazilian extremist group has become the first organization in So America to pledge allegiance to ISIS, sparking further fears for a terror attack at the Rio Olympics.The pledge was spotted by SITE Intelligence, a jihadi monitoring group, on ISIS’s messaging app of choice – Telegram. In the Telgram channel, the Brazilian jihadis announced their dedication to ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi. It comes less than 3 weeks before the Olympic Games are set to begin in Rio on Aug 5. Meanwhile, France was last week informed of a planned terror attack on its team at the Games, according to the head of military intelligence.”

Miami may have Florida’s first locally acquired case of Zika virus

Concerning! “Fl health officials are investigating a Zika infection in Miami-Dade Co that may be the first acquired within the state..Health officials reported they are conducting an investigation in collaboration with CDC. Fl health officials reported 7 new cases of Zika infection, all acquired by people while traveling outside the country. The cases included 3 in Broward Co,3 in Orange Co and one in Miami-Dade. Miami-Dade has the state’s largest number of Zika infections, with 88 people having contracted the virus this year..Fl health officials said Zika prevention kits and repellent will be available for pick up in Miami-Dade and distributed in the area under investigation. Zika kits are intended for pregnant women. County mosquito control has already conducted spraying and other prevention efforts in the neighborhood being investigated.”

3 Facts That Show There’s More Anti-Cop Hatred From Blacks Than Racism From Cops

“Obama has spent the last several years drilling home the statistically evidenceless idea that police across the country are systemically racist. Hours before a black anti-white racist massacred 5 police officers in Dallas, Obama said that police shootings in LA and MN, about which he knew nothing, were “not isolated incidents. They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.” After the cops were shot, Obama went to their funeral memorial and lectured America about the evils of police officers: “We also know that centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery, and subjugation, and Jim Crow; they didn’t simply vanish with the law against segregation…we know that bias remains.…. No institution is entirely immune, and that includes our police departments. We know this.”

Caravan of Venezuelans continue to pour into Colombia in search of food, medicine

What Socialism hath wrought!! “Caravans of Venezuelan families drove for hours on bandit-plagued highways to a checkpoint on the Colombian border where they’ll be able to cross and hunt for food and medicine that are in short supply at home.It’s the second weekend in a row that Venezuela’s socialist government has opened the long-closed border and by 6 a.m., a line of would-be shoppers snaked through the entire town of San Antonio del Tachira. Some had traveled in chartered buses from cities 8 hours away.On Saturday, an estimated 35,000 Venezuelans crossed the border on the first day of what Colombian government is calling a humanitarian corridor…But shortages have continued to mount in Venezuela amid triple-digit inflation, currency controls that have restricted imports and investment and a collapse in the oil prices that fund government spending.”

Articles: How Democrats Steal Elections

Must Read! “The reality is that in the 2016 election it now takes more than a majority for a Republican to win. Romney won about 2/3 of all precincts nationwide and probably got in the range of 55% of the verifiable vote, but lost the election to nearly unanimous Obama support from nearly 100% turnout of potentially eligible voters in inner city precincts in key states like Ohio..Electoral cheating .. by Dems has now reached levels never seen before in a major democracy. Basically what seems to have happened to electoral integrity is akin to the fate of the legendary frog in water slowly brought to a boil with conservatives only marginally aware that a a lot of small battles are being lost and the Democrats relentlessly pursuing four closely linked, long term, and deeply dishonorable, national policies:’

Frustrated Police, Black Leaders Seek Answers after Shootings

In the aftermath of fatal attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, black leaders say FL- which has a long and ugly history of racism- has reached a race-relations crossroads.Meanwhile, one sheriff says the African-American community needs to “mature” as law enforcement officials seek to keep a lid on the violence that has erupted in other states.Race relations in FL, where lynchings of black men were once almost commonplace, have reached a low point as a result of a growing distrust – and outright fear – of law enforcement officers, black leaders told The News Service of FL.The tension is fed by videos documenting black men sitting in their cars or crossing the street – some of them unarmed – being shot dead by police across the country..FL sheriffs are reaching out to leaders in the black community while also taking additional measures to beef up protection for their own.


“SECRET DOCUMENT LIFTS IRAN NUKE CONSTRAINTS…CUTS TIME TEHRAN WOULD NEED TO BUILD BOMB IN HALF…Key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program imposed under an internationally negotiated deal will ease in slightly more than a decade, cutting the time Tehran would need to build a bomb to six months from present estimates of a year, according to a document obtained Monday by The AP. The document is the only part linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn’t been made public. It was given to the AP by a diplomat whose work has focused on Iran’s nuclear program for more than a decade, and its authenticity was confirmed by another diplomat who possesses the same document.”


Turkey was already undergoing a slow-motion coup – by Erdoğan, not the army

Must Read! “What happens in Turkey matters. It is a G20 econ in a sensitive part of the world, sharing borders with Iraq, Iran and Syria. Turkey is an asset to its Nato partners when it is able to exercise a leadership role. It can be a liability when its own problems like the tension with its Kurdish population – spill over those frontiers. And it can be a millstone around the world’s neck when it decides to self-harm. Indeed, many would argue that Turkey was already in the throes of a slow motion coup d’état, not by the military but by Erdoğan himself. For the last 3 years, he has been moving to take over..The pressures on the media have been well documented, as the country slides from partly free to not free at all. Opposition newspapers have been taken over by court-appointed administrators. Increasingly, the government has put the judiciary under its thumb.”

Major Islamic donor to Hillary accused of plotting coup in Turkey

Interesting connections to Imam Gulen! “Erdogan, and Turkey’s Min of Justice Bozdağ said today that followers in the military of the U.S.-based imam, Fethullah Gulen – whose organization and members have donated heavily to Hillary’s foundation – were behind the coup d’etat. The Gulen movement, also known as Hizmet, is a political and religious organization that is influential in education and media. Numerous members have been imprisoned by Turkish authorities. The Turkish government under Erdogan, calls it the Gulenist Terrorist Organization…Connections between Hillary and the followers of Imam Gulen have been highlighted in emails revealed by Judicial Watch. Erdoğan has long opposed Gulen and his Gulenists, despite having was once been allied with Gulen, even personally asked Obama to extradite the 74-year-old imam, who has lived in a secure compound in PA since 1999. ”

Obama Upside Down in Florida, Other Officials in Better Shape

Interesting poll!! However we still have much to do to win in FL. “Obama is underwater in FL, a state he carried twice, a new poll shows but officials holding statewide officer are in better shape. Quinnipiac University released a poll on Thurs morning showing a majority of those surveyed–53%-disapprove of Obama while 44% approve of him. Obama creates a partisan divide with 89% of Democrats approving of him and 91% of Republicans disapproving of him. A majority of voters outside the major parties–56%–disapprove of Obama while 40% approve of him.”

New immigration scandal: Foreign nations refusing to take back criminal illegals

Scandalous! “Instead of forcing nations to take back 19,723 illegal immigrants convicted of many crimes including rape and murder, the administration simply let them go, just a quarter of the tens of thousands of criminal illegals set free in the past 3 years, a House oversight committee revealed Thurs. Outraged with the administration’s actions, Rep.  Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Gov Reform Comm, told top Obama aides at a hearing, “Pull the trigger…get rid of them.”He described the steady release of convicted illegal immigrants a national scandal that the White House knows about but ignores.And he revealed that while the law requires the administration to yank visa privileges from “recalcitrant” countries when they won’t accept citizens the US is trying to deport, top officials instead are “playing nice” in diplomatic channels.”

Virginia school board takes transgender bathroom case to Supreme Court | Fox News

Great!! “A VA school board asked the Supreme Court to block a transgender male from using the boys restroom when he comes back to school in Sept until the high court decides whether to review the case.The Gloucester Co School Board filed an emergency appeal with Chief Justice Roberts in an attempt to prevent Gavin Grimm from using the bathroom that aligns with his gender identity when school resumes in fall, saying it will “put parents’ constitutional rights in jeopardy.””Depriving parents of any say over whether their children should be exposed to members of the opposite biological sex, possibly in a state of full or complete undress, in intimate settings deprives parents of their right to direct the education and upbringing of their children,” attorneys for the school board wrote.”

Illegal immigrants account for 22 to 37 percent of U.S. murders

Disgraceful!! “Last week, Democrats in the Senate blocked the so-called “Kate’s Law” that would have provided our country protections from illegal alien criminals with aggravated convictions.“Kate’s Law” was drafted following the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco on July 1, 2015, by allegedly by illegal alien Lopez-Sanchez. Lopez-Sanchez, of Mexico, had previously been deported by officials a total of 5 times, most recently in 2009. He had a number of felony convictions and yet was set free by San Francisco authorities in spite of a request from ICE that he be held.. statistics show the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S account for 13.6% of all offenders sentenced for crimes committed in America. 12% of murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sentences, and 16% of drug trafficking sentences are meted out to illegal immigrants.


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