McKalip Running for Re-election as Republican Precinct Committeeman

 mckalip ballot image_Vote for McKalipBy Dr. David McKalip

Hello all,

As you know I have been active in this community for years trying to cut our property taxes, limit the role of government in our lives and allow citizens to create true prosperity through their own freedom and action. One way I have done that is to serve as a representative to the Local Republican Party as a Committeeman for precinct 140. This has allowed me to serve as a member of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee – over 200 people helping to guide our party.

I am asking readers to help me get re-elected to that position. There are five spots and six candidates. Many of you have received mail-in ballots and if you live in precinct 140, you will see my name listed – David McKalip. I ask you to select my name. Please only vote for one candidate or your vote will not be valid for that part of the ballot.  (See precinct 140 map below, roughly enclosed between 54th Ave N, 38th Ave. N and 1st St N. and 16th St N.). Please tell your friends to vote for me if they live in that district.

Dr. McKalip is a proven leader.” 
Florida Senator Jeff Brandes.

It is no secret that I have been trying to get the Republican leadership and local party to take a more active role in actually implementing republican principles and the republican platform. That should come as no surprise since I played a lead role in the property tax revolts of 2005-2007, helped lead the fight to kill the Greenlight Pinellas sales tax hike in 2014 (62% opposed) and routinely expose out of control government spending, high taxes and high utility fees. In July of 2015, I thought it would make perfect sense for the local Republican Party to actually ask taxes to not go up. That is why I asked the local party to stand up against property tax hikes – just to stop them from going up. The local Republican Party leadership was livid and broke all rules of parliamentary procedure to prevent the local party representatives from even voting on my motion! They shut down an effort that would have had the Pinellas Republican party issue a statement calling for a freeze in property tax hikes. 

Because I stood up for you and your right to keep more of your money, the local party leadership is hoping I won’t do that again. That’s why there are now six candidates for the five seats. The Tampa Bay Times reported on the meeting as follows: “McKalip’s amendment would instruct cities and taxing districts to essentially reject the added revenues from the recovering property market and lower millage rates accordingly.” They then reported: “The Pinellas REC leaders were not willing to let McKalip pressure Republican elected officials to make that choice.” The local party has made it clear that they care only about electing people who are registered as “Republicans”, and don’t want to take any action whatsoever to make sure they actually adhere to republican principles like keeping taxes as low as possible. Pinellas Republican Leader Nancy Riley said it herself: “We exist for one reason – to elect Republicans…I strongly urge you to get out of the business of creating problems for our elected officials and stop having the debate about which factor of this party is right or wrong.” We all know that failed party model – it’s the one that gave us fake Republican Charlie Crist!

Apparently, it is would be a “problem” for local Republican Party officials to be asked by their local republican leadership to hold the line on taxes. That has allowed republican county commissioners Moroni, Seel, and many others to consistently vote for higher taxes. They even supported the Greenlight Pinellas sales tax hike we defeated through grassroots action. If we can’t ask our republican elected officials to act like republicans, then what is the point of being a member of the party?

If you want your Pinellas Republican party to actually stand for something, let them know it. If you think elected republicans should act like republicans, let the party know it. If you want them to work at the local government level to cut taxes, cut government spending and get government out of their lives, they need to know it. The best way to send them the message to work for you and not their own political machine is to vote for me, Dr. David McKalip for re-election to the precinct 140 committeeman position.




David McKalip, M.D.precinct 140