Blindness: Obamacare’s Rationing Destiny for Elderly. Britain Forecasts the Future.

british woman denied cataract surgery

It won’t be long before stories of rationing under Obamacare are just as common as they are in Britain. This woman was told that spending money on cataract surgery wasn’t worth it for the system.

Just buy darker glasses. That’s what one British woman suffering from cataracts was told to do since the government running health system was denying payment for cataract surgery. The dark glasses would protect her from sunlight and keep them from getting worse. Clearly the level of medical practice has devolved back to the 1800’s in this case. The woman can’t recognize faces that are more than ten feet away, but can feel good about saving money for the system while she suffers and her care is rationed by law.

It is well known that health care is rationed by the government in health economies run by the government. That occurs when they are socialized – when the means of medical production are owned by the state. It also occurs when they are nationalized – when the means of medical production are controlled by the state. For instance Britain refuses to pay for more expensive, but effective drugs, hip replacements in certain age groups and.  Under Obamacare, there are already efforts to do the same as various government panels limit access to expensive cancer drugs, mammograms and prostate cancer screening. The Obama administration and Nationalized Obamacare insurance plans are adopting the British measure to ration care called the “QALY” (Quality Adusted Life Years) to decide if it is worth it to keep promises to spending money on health treatments based on a bureaucrat’s calculations on the value of a life.


Supporters of Obamacare like to say “well insurance companies ration already”. The question back to them needs to be “Does that mean you support rationing”?

This week the UK media source “the Daily Mail” reports that “elderly” patients are being told they can’t have cataract surgery so they can see again!  This is how a 72 year old woman (“elderly”!) was treated and the Daily Mail Reports as follows:

“Elderly patients are being told by opticians to buy darker sunglasses as the NHS will not pay for life-changing cataract surgery.

Others have been informed they are not ‘entitled’ just because they had laser treatment on their eyes 16 years ago.

Many who live alone have lost their social lives and can no longer go out with friends in the evenings as they cannot drive at night.

Last week, the Mail revealed how three quarters of hospitals now deny life-changing cataract operations from the elderly unless their sight is extremely poor.

We also exposed how hospitals are encouraging patients to jump the queue by paying for the surgery themselves, sometimes at four times the price.

Since our revelations we have been inundated with emails, letters and phone calls from patients with very poor sight who have been refused treatment”

Cataract patients are asked ridiculous questions to screen them for payment for cataract surgery. They need to say how often they have fallen, how good their hearing is and if they can recognize faces. Arbitrary decisions by doctors who receive bonuses for saving money for the system can deny care. One woman spend over $5,500 for her private cataract surgery but has to hide this carefully from the government since spending outside of the socialized medicine program (NHS – National Health Service) means losing ALL other benefits. That is why the British progressives love to shout their slogan “Everyone in, no one out”. They want everyone in the same collectivist rationing cage with no escape – so all could suffer “equally”. Ultimately the only change to the rationing  system in Britain comes from massive, expensive, un-reliable political action to get politicians to change their minds.

The fact is that Obamacare is not about providing good health care and neither is the British socialized medicine program. Obamacare is about controlling spending and controlling how doctors practice medicine all while advancing a broader political agenda of collectivism.  Supporters of Obamacare like to say “well insurance companies ration already”. The question back to them needs to be “Does that mean you support rationing”?



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