Guest Column: Why Trump Has Support. By Gary West.

Many Trump supporters are fed up with the liberal and progressive political class subjugating hard working, freedom-loving Americans.

Many Trump supporters are fed up with the liberal and progressive political class subjugating hard working, freedom-loving Americans.

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By Gary West

The liberal media sits in horror and disbelief of Donald Trump.   They cannot fathom that this bombastic gas bag lowbrow  could have any relevance in in their hoped for utopian world.   They see Clinton as royalty and deserving of coronation and sit in amazement that their enlightened view isn’t shared by the unwashed out there in little-people land.

In America the middle/lower middle class is composed of wage earners, color and gender don’t matter.  We work for our family, our future, our selves and, hopefully, a reasonable retirement.  What we see is a Democrat Party that considers us as -quote Obama- “ pathetic bitter clingers” clinging to their guns and religion.  A Democrat Party and its elected representatives that feel illegal immigration is legitimate, that cradle-to-grave welfare support to a government created parasitic class is entitlement,  that jobs lost in this country and shipped overseas is somehow a plus, that destroying certain jobs such as the coal industry is cause for celebration, that any attempt to work your way to wealth make you a pariah, that striving for a better financial quality of life make you a carrier of some form of plague.   Most demeaning and nauseating of all, the Democrats state all the countries ills are our fault and we should be taxed to a greater extent as a punishment. 

The Kennedy Democrat is dead.  Buried by the socialist, ultra-left who believe government-their form of government-is the new god and you will worship it as such.  The medias job is to stand as brown shirts pointing the way to this new alter.   If you oppose this proposed utopian state, a state designed to punish the producers yet reward the takers, then you are targeted for (at present anyway) verbal urination and humiliation.  How dare you complain when you’re taxes go up to support the “less fortunate, they’re not as lucky as you.”  In a country founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, we have a Democrat party that is anti-Semitic when it can be and anti-Christian at all times.  Religion is vilified unless you’re a Muslim. The only accepted religion is socialism however it has its tiny flaws:

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism-by vote.  It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.” Ayn Rand

”The problem with socialism is that pretty soon you run out of other peoples money” Margaret Thatcher

The principles upon which this county was founded are now punch line to leftie jokes.  What’s good is bad, what’s right is wrong, all cops criminals, all criminals saints, I didn’t earn it therefore I’m entitled to it,  don’t debate, humiliate.  There are two classes: the ruling class consisting of those who know what’s good for you and you, you dirty little stinking blob of protoplasm.

Along come Donald Trump who says you deserve to keep what you earn,  that the country isn’t a dumping ground for the world’s terrorists and ripe sucks, that religion matters, that all lives matter, that the flag deserves respect, that America has earned and deserves respect, that this country has kept the world free of dictatorial vermin for many years, that our forefathers knew what they were doing. 

You want clear air?  Hey, China, India, Russia, clean up your atmospheric act before you whine to us. America is doing their part to keep the earth tight.  The United Nation is six super powers and the rest weasels, shut up and keep your hands out of our pockets.

Trump declares political correctness dead. Good. In a country of alleged adults it’s time to act the part.   Suck it up….man up….put on your big girl panties.   As much as this may bruise your tender ego, those of us with jobs and responsibilities don’t care that your every want, need, demand and imagined slight was not met or satisfied.  Solve your own problems just as we’ve solved ours, work it out. 

There are two sexes. Indoor plumbing and outdoor plumbing. Anything else is a variation of a theme.  No one should be discriminated for or against what you are or what you want to be but no special privileges.  99% of us don’t care what you do with your plumbing or who you do it with. 

A vocal minority of snivelers, whiners, complainers,  and the lazy entitlement-driven expect us to kiss their feet and pay for the right.   There’s a French phrase, “noblesse oblige”.  It implies the obligation of the rich to help the poor.  It also implies the responsibility of the poor to help themselves.  You need help, I’ll help but don’t demand that, because, (fill in the blank) I give you everything.

I’m personally puke-sick of being told that, as a Christian, white man who proudly served in the Navy, started working and paying taxes at 14 (and still does at 70), paid for his own education, properly raised a family, paid every tax presented to him, committed no crimes, that it’s all my fault.  I’m responsible for your global warming, Islamic terrorism, poverty, illegal immigration, wage disparity, and anything else the loony left can think of. 

We’re sick of being your butt-boys, your target of guilt, of being both blamed and spit upon.  The print and broadcast media, the “progressive“, self-appointed ruling class,  the rule-ignorers, the Clintons, daily, incessantly, continually, hatefully, constantly hammer home our worthlessness and their superiority.  

Why the attraction to Trump?   He states what the left can’t deny.  That the working person made this country free and great.  That personal responsibility will never be replaced with whining temper tantrums from the liberals.  That we can lead the world.  That the best of us is not subservient to the lazy demanding that we serve them.  That allowing those who would murder and enslave us should never to be given access to our throats and beliefs.
Simply put, Trump thinks we’re something.  Clinton thinks we’re nothing.

Gary West


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  1. Gary West

    Dr. McKalip,
    Thank you for publishing my editorial. Just one clarification. I’m NOT a Trump supporter. This was written to explain Trump’s allure. In the upcoming Presidential election I intend to make no choice in this contest.

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