Freedom for Education Prevails over Government Schools and Unions; (and More) – Helena’s News Roundup

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Court Dismisses FEA Lawsuit Against Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Yeah!! The Florida Court system handed another victory to FL’s largest voucher program, dismissing a lawsuit which alleges the state’s Tax Credit Scholarship prog is unconstitutional. The 1st District Court of Appeal said the plaintiffs, which include the FL Education Association and other groups, have not been harmed by the program, which provides “scholarships” for low-income students to attend private schools statewide. Many of the private schools are religious.The FEA, the state’s largest teachers union which represents over 138,000 teachers statewide, was clearly upset over Monday’s ruling. The group has not determined whether it will appeal the ruling or not.”

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, Ruffians, Rapists and Killers

Must Read!”More than terrorism, domestic extremism, gun violence and organized crime, the U.S. government has become a greater menace to the life, liberty and property of its citizens than any of the so-called dangers from which the government claims to protect us… the government is arming its own civilian employees to the hilt with guns, ammunition and military-style equip, authorizing them to make arrests, and training them in military tactics. There are now reportedly more bureaucratic (non-military) government civilians armed with high-tech, deadly weapons than U.S. Marines. Clearly, the government is preparing for war—and a civil war, at that—but who is the enemy?”


Pollster Zogby: ‘Back to a close race,’ Clinton 38%, Trump 36%

“The convention polling bumps for Hillary and Trump are over, and they are practically even, according to a new poll of likely voters.A Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets Tuesday shows:Hillary Clinton 38%-Donald Trump 36%-Libertarian Gary Johnson 8%-Green Party Jill Stein 5%-Not sure 13%..”It seems the convention bumps are behind us and we are back to a close race!” said the analysis.What’s new in the online poll is that older millennials are starting to trend to Trump.”


Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

WOW!”Trump has said publicly that he fears the next election will be rigged. Based both on technological capability and recent history, Trump’s concerns are not unfounded.A recent study by Stanford University proved that Hillary’s campaign rigged the system to steal the nomination from Sanders.What was done to Sanders in WI is stunning.Why would the Clintons not cheat again?The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines…POLITICO profiled a Princeton professor- who has demonstrated how the electronic voting machines that are most widely used can be hacked in 5 min or less! A computer hacker showed CBS how to vote multiple times using a simple $15 electonic device.”


GOP Lawmakers Lay Out Perjury Case Against Clinton

“The Republican chairmen of the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees laid out the case for perjury charges against Hillary in a letter sent to the U.S. Attorney in Wash, D.C. on Mon. Rep. Chaffetz and Rep. Goodlatte, say that Clinton may have violated 18 U.S.C. § 1621 and § 1001, federal laws which govern perjury and false statements during her Oct. 22, 2015 testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi… Clinton gave false testimony when she said she did not send or receive emails that were marked classified at the time they were originated, when she claimed that her attorneys reviewed all of the emails on her personal email system, when she said that she only operated one server, and when she claimed that she provided all of her work-related emails to the State Department.”


Aetna deals latest blow to Obamacare, pulls out of most markets

“In a major blow to Obamacare, one of the largest health insurers said it was pulling out of most of the markets in which it was participating, citing huge losses…The health law requires the administration to make the full payments under the programs, but a spending deal that Congress struck at the end of 2014 mandated that the program be budget neutral, so lawmakers won’t be able to rescue insurers.. As a result, analysts expect participating insurers to seek double-digit premium hikes in 2017 to cover higher-than-anticipated medical costs, while hoping the market stabilizes in the coming years.Like Aetna, UnitedHealth and Humana each plans to withdraw from all but a “handful” of the Obamacare exchanges in 2017.”


George Soros — The Hillary Democrats’ Billionaire Puppetmaster?

“A massive hack of Soros’ Open Society Found suggests that his nonprofit organizations are little more than fronts for his many political activities. His growing closeness to Hillary should be a warning to all. In one of the memos from 2011, titled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse,” a nonprofit Soros group proposes conducting opposition research on highly prominent critics of radical Islam..It also targeted conservative activists All of them are strongly pro-Israel and have warned about the threat of radical Islam…some of the hacked emails show that the Soros Foundations’ stated goal was “challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies,” ..So remember the next time Hillary postures as a pro-Israel Democrat – her campaign has ties to groups that actively undercut the Jewish state, our only real ally in the Mideast.”


#50 New York in Overall Freedom

Check out your state to see how free the Cato institute ranks it (combination of personal and economic freedom). NH is #1, FL is ranked 8th, NY is last. You can also check how it ranks on education, health, lawsuit, regulatory, etc. “We happily concede that different people value aspects of freedom differently. You can personalize the ranking and pick and choose which aspects of freedom you value and see how the states stack up.”


Farmers’ Almanac predicts ‘teeth shattering’ winter on 200 anniversary

What happen to global warming? “Hundreds of almanacs served a nation of farmers over two centuries ago. These days, only a handful of them remain.One of them, the Farmers’ Almanac based in Lewiston, Maine, is celebrating its 200th edition this month.. In New Hampshire, The Old Farmer’s Almanac marks its 225th anniversary..In Maine, the long-term weather forecast calls for a teeth-chattering winter for the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Stillman said the coldest, snowiest conditions will be along the Canadian border, down through southern New England and the Appalachians..Cold temperatures also are expected for the rest of the country, but not as cold as the norm, with wet weather in CA and FL.”


Maverick David Jolly Looks to Keep Charlie Crist’s Winless Streak Going

“Don’t compare David Jolly to the rest of the congressmen in Washinton, but especially don’t compare him to the man who wants to get there in the worst way, Charlie Crist. The way Jolly sees it, he and his congressional opponent in the CD 13 race — a Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat — are made from entirely different cloth.“Charlie’s been on every side of every issue,” Jolly says. “Think about it.”In an interview with Sunshine State News Friday, the incumbent congressman said his positions are steadfast, rooted in conservative principles with a deep understanding of legislation and how to make things happen that didn’t come from years of campaigning, but from a direct involvement in the political process while working for the late Bill Young for 20 years.”


Cost of Obamacare Medicaid Expansion 49% Higher Than Previously Estimated

“A gov report finds that the cost of expanding Medicaid to millions more low-income people is increasing faster than expected. The law provided for the federal government to pay the entire cost of the Medicaid expansion from 2014 through the end of this year. Obama has proposed an extra incentive for states that have not yet expanded Medicaid: 3 years of full federal financing no matter when they start. But the new cost estimates could complicate things…the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid said the cost of expansion was $6,366 per person for 2015, about 49% higher than previously estimated. The new estimates could be a warning light for Clinton, who has promised that if elected she would work to expand Medicaid in the remaining 19 states. Higher costs would make it harder for a President Clinton to sell Obama’s full-financing plan to Congress.”


UPDATE: ISIS TERRORIST Tells Feds He Has Jihadist Brothers in Mexico

Close our borders!!”.. a top ranking DHS official acknowledged that Mexican drug cartels were helping ISIS sneak across the southern border to scope out targets for terrorist attacks.ISIS operative Khabir has reportedly been training militants near Ciudad Juarez. Khabir brags in an Italian newspaper article that the border region is so open that he “could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in TX or in AZ in the space of a few hours.”Judicial Watch confirmed reports that ISIS is operating in Mexico.” An ISIS op arrested and criminally charged in Ohio this month has confirmed that the terrorist group has cells in Mexico. JW has reported this for years, documenting the connection between drug cartels, corruption and terrorism on the southern border. In fact, last spring JW broke a story about an ISIS camp just a few miles from El Paso..


Scrubbing of ISIS Intelligence Reports For Political Reasons Were Made at Senior Levels

Outrageous! “A congressional joint task force has officially confirmed: The Obama admin through U.S Central Command scrubbed intelligence reports showing the rise of ISIS as a critical threat to the US and the world. The reports were altered for political purposes to present a less threatening picture of the terror army to the American people..the administration wanted to prove ISIS was a “jayvee” team as Obama claimed in 2014.According to a report released by the task force, the scrubbing and changing of reports was done at senior levels, not by low level intelligence analysts. The result: consumers of those intelligence products were provided a consistently ‘rosy’ view of U.S. op success against ISIS. That may well have resulted in putting American troops at risk as policymakers relied on this intelligence when formulating policy and allocating resources for the fight..”


Dept. of Education to usurp kid’s morality training from parents |

Outrageous!! “The Dept of Education is moving to usurp parental rights and start teaching morality in the sinister new education fad called Collab for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). CASEL is a double threat to parents right to bring up their children as they see fit, and a danger to the privacy of children and their student records…is another step in total government control over your children and your rights as parents. CASEL recently announced that 8 states will “work collaboratively to create and implement plans to encourage social-emotional learning in their schools.” These states are jumping on a bandwagon that threatens to roll over innocent children and their privacy… Better to diminish academic content knowledge and push SEL: “self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible. decision-making.”


Top Employees at Florida Teachers Union Rake in Six-Figure Salaries

Hope teachers can opt out of paying these dues!”Each year, those 130,000 members must pay their annual dues to remain a part of the union. Membership fees vary with costs from around $50-$70 each month per teacher.Those membership fees added up to big money for the FEA — over $24 million. The union then uses part of that money to pay over 110 staff members, nearly half of whom collect a handsome six-figure salary for their work with the union.The Dept of Labor reported over 40 of FEA’s top staffers made an average of $131,000 a year. The average teacher salary in Fl is a little over $48,000.. Some teachers make as little as $33,000 per year. Top salaries at the FEA dwarf those numbers, some almost eight times the salary of teachers..The union routinely dumps money into the Fl Dem Party..”