Massive Obamacare Insurance Hikes Hurt Americans. Illegals Steal Social Security Numbers! Kerry Tries To Silence Press and MORE! Helena’s News Roundup – Two Week Edition.


The last two weeks of Helena’s News Roundups are offered today!

The Latest from Helena

Helena says: “The one article discussing the new HHS rule forcing doctors to perform transgender surgery even if the doctor believes it harmful…Wikileaks article showing more about Hillary’s health…Obama’s willingness to give up internet control to the UN…superb humorous article on Kerry not wanting media to write about terrorist acts.  and more!”

IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers

Unbelievable!! “The IRS has discovered more than 1 million Americans whose SS numbers were stolen by illegal immigrants, but officials never bothered to tell the taxpayers, the agency’s IG said in a new report.Investigations first alerted the IRS to the prob 5 years ago, but it’s still not fixed, the IG said, and a pilot program meant to test a solution was canceled. As a result, most taxpayers don’t learn that their identities have been stolen and their SS files may be screwed up.“Taxpayers identified as victims of employment-related identity theft are not notified,” the IG said.The report alarmed lawmakers who were shocked that the IRS had gone for so long without fixing the issue.“It is stunning that the IRS has chosen to aid and abet identity thieves for so long instead of protecting the innocent victims of the theft,” said Sen.Coats..”

30 BENGHAZI-related emails recovered from Hillary’s server

Never-ending!! “The State Dept says about 30 emails that may be related to the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi are among the thousands of Hillary emails recovered during the FBI’s recently closed investigation into her use of a private server. Government lawyers told Judge Mehta that an undetermined number of the emails among the 30 were not included in the 55,000 pages previously provided by Clinton. The State Dept’s lawyer said it would need until the end of Sept to review the emails..before being released.. Hillary swore before a federal court she handed over all of her work-related emails. If Clinton did not consider emails about Benghazi to be work-related, one has to wonder what is contained in the other emails she attempted to wipe from her server.’

Carr: Putting your head in the sand no magic cure to stop terror

“Another day, another idiotic remark by Kerry..On Monday, he was in Bangladesh, in Dhaka at something called the Edward Kennedy Ctr. So this is what he says:“… If you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what is going on.”Call it the ostrich defense. Bury your head in the sand and maybe ISIS won’t chop it off. .So much for information as power. Kerry says no information is power.This is the guy who infamously said you have to do well in school or you end up in Iraq. Now he’s saying don’t worry about learning anything in school and you’ll be better off. Is this another “botched joke” of yours, Mr. Secretary?”

The Dumbing Down of College Curriculums

Must Read! “Harvard’s former president, Bok, noted that..Too many grads leave school with “without being able to write well enough to satisfy employers or reason clearly or perform in analyzing complex,nontechnical problems…”By 1990, the cost of an elite college had passed the median price of a house. But a survey in 1989 found that a majority of college seniors would flunk even a basic test on Western cultural and hist literacy: 25% could not distinguish between the thoughts of Marx and the US Constitution,58% did not know Shakespeare wrote “The Tempest,” and 42% could not place the Civil War in the correct half-century..The fact that college students had huge gaps in their knowledge was old news by the early 1990’s. But today the question.. is whether they are learning anything at all.”


Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself during trip to China: report

Obama, do you believe you were elected to be a dictator? “Obama is prepared to enter into the Paris climate accord as early as this week even though Republicans have insisted that the pact must be ratified by the Senate, according to a report out of China.The South China Post reported that Obama and Chinese Pres Xi Jinping are “set to jointly announce their ratification” of the ambitious internationll climate-change pact on Fri, two days before the start of the 11th G-20 Summit in Hangzhou.“There are still some uncertainties from the U.S. side due to the complicated U.S. system in ratifying such a treaty, but the announcement is still quite likely to be ready by Sept. 2,..Sen. Inhofe, chairman has warned other nations that without Senate approval, the agreement will “soon become another stack of empty promises on global warming.”

Caution: Men (Not) At Work

Must Read! “.a new study argues that we are in the midst of a full-blown unemployment crisis- one that remains “hidden.”This Fri, a new jobs report will come will show the unemployment rate continuing to hover around 5%… Eberstadt, a fellow at the American Enterprise Inst, argues in a new book called “Men Without Work,” that we’re suffering massive underemployment – nearly one out of six men have no job and are no longer looking for one…his book calls this “a hidden time bomb with far-reaching economic, social and political consequences.” With 10 million fewer male workers in the labor force than we should have, it’s hard to disagree.”*Men now have a lower labor participation rate than they did in 1940, as the Great Depression was winding down..*African-American men are twice as likely to be in this condition as either whites or Latinos…”

Will the Clinton Foundation Mark the Fall of Our Republic?

Must Read! “No matter how extreme the future revelations of Assange and others turn out to be, the truth about the Clinton Foundation is already clear. Whatever its original intentions, this supposed charity became a medium to leverage Hillary’s position as secretary of State for personal enrichment and global control by the Clintons and their allies..To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done in the history of the US government. It calls to mind, if anything, the UNs’ Oil-for-Food prog in which millions were siphoned off from a plan to feed Iraq’s children during the war. It could even be worse, because of the national security implications..This means, quite simply, that the US has abandoned the rule of law. In any case, we are now a banana republic—a rich and powerful one, at least temporarily..:

An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.

Another lie!! “When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the UN would never take control. But because of naivete or arrogance, U.N. control is likely if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship on Sept. 30. On Fri  Americans for Limited Government received a response to its FOIA request for “all records relating to legal and policy analysis .. concerning antitrust issues for ICANN” if the U.S. gives up oversight. The administration replied it had “.. found no records responsive to your request.”It’s shocking the administration admits it has no plan for how ICANN retains its antitrust exemption. The reason ICANN can operate the entire World Wide Web root zone is that it has the status of a legal monopolist, stemming from its contract with the Commerce Dept that makes ICANN an “instrumentality” of government”.

Tallahassee Judge Criticizes FDOE, Sides With Parents in Third-Grade Retention Lawsuit

“Good ruling!! A Tallahassee judge blasted the Fl Dept of Education and several school districts in Fl for their failures to follow state law when it came to promoting students to the fourth grade without taking the state’s standardized test. Circuit Ct Judge Gievers sided with a group of parents in a lengthy, 52 page ruling where she criticized the dept for retaining 3rd graders with no reading deficiencies just because they had refused to take the Fl Standards Assessment. The department caused “injury which will continue as long as the children are not in the appropriate grade in the appropriate school,” Gievers wrote.”

WikiLeaks Just Dropped Bombshell About Hillary’s Health… The Truth, REVEALED!

Very Interesting! “First we learned, Hillary reached out to the NFL Commissioner in 2012 to ask for advice about dealing with her “cracked head” and head injuries. But the details are even worse than that. It has been confirmed that the State Dept staff, under Hillary, was told to research new drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.Just why would a government employee at Hillary’s State Dept be researching this topic? Wikileaks reports, you decide:We know now that as Secretary of State, Hillary dispatched her executive staff in the State Dept. to help conduct research on Provigil, a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.”

Team Obama’s new low in the name of ‘trans rights’

“One of the top guardians of American freedoms just entered the fight against the Obama admin’s insane excesses in the name of “trans rights.”The HHS dept. recently issued rules telling doctors they can’t decline to perform gender-reassignment surgery on kids if it’s recommended by a “mental health professional.” Refusal could be a career-ender. How crazy is the rule? Well, for starters, most transgender teens identify differently later in life – yet reassignment surgery is often irreversible, and even less-radical procedures can be harmful, as HHS’ own medical experts note.Not to mention that the Hippocratic Oath enjoins doctors from doing procedures they believe harmful to their patients.On top of that, the rule also orders private insurers and employers to cover the procedures — even though Medicare and Medicaid, which HHS oversees, don’t.”

Enrollment in Tax Credit Scholarship Program Skyrockets to Nearly 100,000

“Fl’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program continues to grow..over 92,000 students are currently enrolled in the program, an increase of nearly 13,500 students from previous year. Step Up For Students is the largest nonprofit organization distributing the scholarships statewide. The majority of students enrolled in the program come from Fl’s largest school districts. An additional 5,800 students received Gardiner Scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year, an uptick of 25% from last year. The Gardiner Scholarship Prog is limited to students with special needs and autism. Since 2002, thousands have participated in the Scholarship Program, which gives low-income students scholarship money to attend better-performing schools, which are often private religious schools.”

Patrick Murphy Campaign Spends Big on Luxury

Sure sign Murphy will not cut our debt if elected!! “Patrick Murphy’s campaign has spent tens of thousands more than his opponents’ campaigns have on fine dining, luxury hotels, and alcohol.The congressman’s campaign has spent nearly $70,000 on food, alcohol, and lodging this year. Much of that money was spent at high-class establishments in cities such as Wash, D.C., NYC, and Beverly Hills.By contrast, Rep. Grayson , has spent no money on food or lodging, according to FEC filings. Murphy’s likely general election opponent, Sen. Rubio, spent $21,500 on catering and lodging at three-star hotels. Rubio’s most luxurious expense was a $3,500 catering charge to Mise En Place, a “gastronomic tour de force” in Tampa with “reasonable” prices.”

Blog: Guess who is coming to dinner with Raul Castro!

Must Read! “First, kids are killed in Aleppo and those lives don’t seem to matter, especially to anyone at the Obama White House; Russian planes are taking off from Iranian bases; Cuban dissidents are in jail..; and, Fourth, Iran’s foreign minister Zarif is starting off his tour of Latin America with a stop in Havana… Zarif will visit Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela,“The timing of Zarif’s trip is signifcant as Iran could use many of these rogue regimes to circumvent remaining sanctions, undermine U.S. interests, and expand the drug trafficking network that helps finance its illicit activities,” said Rep. Ros-Lehtinen. “Tehran’s classic playbook is to use cultural centers, new embassies or consulates, or agreements on various areas to act as façades aimed at expanding Iran’s radical extremist network.”

Muslim Population in Latin America Grows 25% Amid Radicalization Concerns

A serious concern!!”Islam had an estimated 3 million adherents in Latin America and the Caribbean as of the end of last year, marking an increase of nearly 25% from the 2.3 million who were residing there in 2010…Navy Admiral Tidd, chief of SOUTHCOM, revealed earlier this year that “hundreds” of Muslims from countries in the region, primarily Trinidad and Tobago, have traveled to the Middle East to fight on behalf of ISIS. Some of those nations have expressed concern about the possibility of such individuals returning radicalized and launching attacks…Both SOUTHCOM and the State Dept have recently warned that ISIS and Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, are operating in the region.Moreover, the U.S. military has sounded the alarm about human trafficking groups that specialize in bringing in individuals from terror-linked countries into the US.”

From Last Week

Over 1 Million Voters Have Cast Ballots for August Primary

“Over a million FL voters have already cast their ballots with less than a week remaining until the primary election.On Tues, the Fl Chamber of Commerce announced over 1,033,000 Fl voters had already voted in the August primary via vote-by-mail ballots and early voting.Over 2.5 million Floridians requested vote-by-mail ballots, with over 2.3 million ballots provided to voters. Over 800,000 vote-by-mail ballots have already been returned. A slightly higher number of Republicans have requested vote-by-mail ballots than Democrats — 1.1 million to the Democrats’ 950,000… The clock is ticking for Floridians who want to vote by mail. They only have until Aug. 24 to request a vote-by-mail ballot and can only pick up vote-by-mail ballots until Aug. 29. .”

Hillary’s heel

Even the Post writes an unfavorable take on Hillary and Pay for play! “Hillary’s Achilles’ heel is her very Clinton-ness. Rather than tell the truth as soon as possible, a reluctance shared by her husband, she has mastered the art of teetering along the knife’s edge of truth. Like a gymnast on a balance beam, she manages to stay within the narrow parameters of lawfulness without losing her footing.But her long history of avoiding provable infractions despite hundreds of hours of investigations and millions in taxpayer expense – from Whitewater to Benghazi to her private email server – may soon come to an end, not with a gold medal but with an Olympian loss of whatever faith remained in her integrity.A batch of emails released Monday makes clear that Clinton Foundation donors got access to the State Dept.”


One-Third of U.S. Will Have Only One Insurer Offering Obamacare Plans in 2017

When will there be none? “In 2017 there will be only one insurer selling health care plans in the Obamacare exchanges in 1/3rd of the country..Avalere, a health care consulting firm, compared the health insurance carriers that offered Obamacare coverage in 2016 to the carriers who have announced their intention to exit the exchanges in 2017, such as Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and some co-ops.The experts projected that 36% of exchange market rating regions in 2017 will have just one health insurance carrier, and 55% of regions will have two or fewer carriers. This is a significant increase from 2016, when only 4% of regions had one or fewer health insurance carriers and 33% of regions had two or fewer insurers. 7 states—AK, AL, KS, NC, OK, SC, and WY—will have only one health insurance carrier per rating region in 2017.”


The Rogue EPA’s Shocking Disregard For The Law

“The EPA, which wraps itself in a green mantle of righteousness, once again has been found to be breaking the law. Before long, more people will realize the EPA is an outlaw government agency with a shocking disregard for the law.Having been given near-dictatorial powers by Obama and the Supreme Court, the EPA has routinely exceeded its bounds and veered off into criminal behavior in some activities. In a report, the EPA’s own IG claims the agency has not sufficiently studied the environmental impact of blending ethanol with gas, as required by law… an AP investigative report in 2013 found that corn-based ethanol was having far nastier impacts on the environment than predicted ..that with corn effectively subsidized, farmers put millions of acres of land formerly devoted to conservation into corn, destroying animal habitats and polluting water supplies,”


We can’t afford to give terrorists a one-way ticket back to the battlefield

“Last week Obama approved its largest-ever release of detainees from Guantanamo Bay, sending 15 extremists back into the world.By now, the pattern has become familiar: Obama lets hardened terrorists go free, Congress and the American people express outrage, and the White House ignores the uproar.But the grave risks of this policy cannot be ignored. Obama is giving terrorists a one-way ticket back to the battlefield.In fact, officials have confirmed to Congress that some former detainees are responsible for attacking or killing Americans since being freed. Yet, incredibly, the releases persist.Not only does the President’s rush to open Gitmo’s jail cells allow fighters to keep waging war against us, it also gives the jihadist A-team a chance to mentor a new generation of radicals. “Outrageous” hardly describes the non-logic of this policy.”


State Dept Warns: Iran Seeking to Capture U.S. Citizens

Beyond belief-the US gov. has awakened to the risks of paying ransom!! “The State Dept issued a warning Monday urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, which has made the detention of Americans a priority.The latest travel advisory, which emphasizes Iran’s desire to capture U.S. citizens, comes on the heels of a growing scandal over the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran $400 million in cash on the same day that it freed several U.S. hostages.The payment has been cast by lawmakers and others as a ransom payment and prompted concern among U.S. officials that Iran is making arresting Americans a priority… “Foreigners, in particular dual nationals of Iran and Western countries including the US, continue to be detained or prevented from leaving Iran.”


Top Doctor: Concerns Over Hillary’s Health ‘Not a Conspiracy Theory’

“Top doctor and Rutgers U Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita says that concerns over Hillary’s health are not a conspiracy theory and that Clinton should be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians. “This is a very unusual story with Hillary,” said Lahita, making reference to her suffering two blood clots, a stroke and post-concussive syndrome, which caused Hillary to have to wear special prism glasses to counter her double vision.“The very fact that she’s having these clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting to say the least,” said Lahita. Asked whether the concerns over Hillary’s health were objectively authentic regardless of politics or whether the leftist media were right to label the issue a conspiracy theory, Lahita responded, “I don’t think it’s a conspiracy.”


Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South

BUILD THAT WALL! “Sunni extremists are infiltrating the US with the help of alien smugglers in South America and are crossing US borders with ease, according to a US South Command intelligent report.The Command’s J-2 intelligence directorate reported recently in internal channels that “special interest aliens” are working with a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the US. The smuggling network was not identified…“In 2015, we saw a total of 331,000 migrants enter the southwestern border, of that we estimate more than 30,000 of those were from countries of terrorist concern,”..the Southcom intelligence report revealed that the threat of Islamist terror infiltration is no longer theoretical. “This makes the case for Trump’s wall,” said one security official . “These guys are doing whatever they want to get in the country.”


How Many Jobs States Could Lose With $15 Minimum Wage

Wow!! “Following legislation in NY and CA raising their statewide minimum wages to $15 an hour, a new study has found that such statewide mandates would lead to hundreds of thousands of job losses.According to a new study from The Heritage Foundation, proposals at the state and federal levels to raise the min wage to $15 an hour would lead to job losses in nearly all states and the District of Columbia. Conducted by James Sherk, a research fellow in labor economics, the study found that state minimum wage hikes would lead to the loss of 9 million jobs across the country. States like TX, CA, and FL would see the highest number of job losses in 2021, with TX and CA losing more than 900,000 jobs, and FL losing more than 700,000.”


First Non-Travel Related Zika Case Appears in Tampa Bay

URGENT! “The Zika virus is now being transmitted locally in Pinellas Co. On Tuesday, Gov. Scott appeared in Clearwater to make the announcement at a Zika roundtable meeting. The Pinellas case was one of 5 new non-travel related cases of Zika. The other four cases were in the impacted section of Wynwood in downtown Miami. The Fl Dept of Health is going door-to-door in Pinellas Co sampling mosquitoes. Mosquito abatement and reduction activities are also underway. The Dept. of Health still believes active transmission is still only occurring in small areas of Wynwood and Miami Beach.An investigation of the Pinellas Co Zika case is ongoing.The total number of local transmissions of Zika in Florida is 42.”


Oracle Funds Anti-Google Effort that Outs Hillary, Obama

Wow!! “The Oracle Corp is using its deep financial resources to fund the “Google Transparency Project,” with a mission to “out” Google’s dicey lobbying practices and expose crony relationships with Obama and Hillary.With Google demonstrating its political clout by writing the “Net Neutrality” regulatory language, Oracle and others are stepping up funding for a Silicon Valley attack dog to level the playing field.Silicon Valley has earned the nickname “Valley of the Democrats” because of its symbiotic business relationship with Washington…In the 12 weeks proceeding the “Net Neutrality” vote, Google’s Chairman, one of 11 members on the “Democratic Victory Task Force,”helped craft the “Nat’l Narrative Project” to serve as the key strategy for the Democratic Party to “fight to reclaim state houses, win governorships, take back the House and Senate and protect the White House.”


Judge in Texas blocks Obama transgender bathroom rules

Excellent!! “A federal judge in TX has sided with school districts opposing the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathrooms, temporarily blocking the directive…The ruling prevents the Dept of Education from implementing guidance that required school districts to allow transgender students to choose which restroom and locker facilities to use. U.S. District Judge O’Connor’s order said federal agencies exceeded their authority under the 1972 law banning sex discrimination in schools. The injunction applies nationwide, and follows a number of other recent court rulings against transgender students and employees.The TX ruling turned on the congressional intent behind Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires that “facilities provided for students of one sex shall be comparable to such facilities provided for students of the other sex.”


Legalized pot is making America’s lower class poorer and less responsible

” At least 5 states have measures on the ballot this fall that would legalize recreational use. And that number is only likely to rise with an all-time high of 58% favoring legalization.The effects of these new laws have been immediate. One study showed a 22%increase in monthly use in CO. The % of people there who used daily or almost daily also went up. So have marijuana-related driving fatalities. And so have incidents of children being hospitalized for ingesting marijuana products. But legalization has disproportionately affected one group: the lower class. A recent study notes that “despite the stereotype of marijuana users as well-off and well-educated they lag behind national averages” on both income and schooling… people who have a household income of less than $20,000 a year comprise 19% of the pop but make up 28% of marijuana users.”


Her Health Plan Was $257 a Month. Now Her Obamacare Plan Could Be $650 a Month.

Wow!”.. the Braithwaites say they’ve seen the cost of their premiums go from $257 per month in 2014 to $285 for 2015—to $494 per month in 2016. So Gavin wasn’t surprised to learn that his wife’s insurer, Highmark BCBS, asked for a rate increase of 32.5% for next year, which would bring the cost to more than $650 per month..Aetna, which requested rate increases of up to 24.9% said the end of the transitional reinsurance program Dec. 31 will cause premiums to rise 5%.. the company’s actuarial director told attendees that “several” customers incurred more than $100,000 in medical claims and continued their coverage for only a few months out of the year.“This behavior drives up the cost to insure the entire pool, as people use benefits and then discontinue paying for coverage once their health care needs have been temporarily met.”


Education Groups Demand Overhaul of Florida Standardized Testing System

“Does the FL Dept of Education need to overhaul its testing and grading system? Some say yes, and they believe poor leadership and a flawed test, are to blame for the problems in Fl’s educational system.Criticisms of the state’s testing system have reached an amplified volume in the advent of a new lawsuit over 3rd grade retention rates and the state’s A-F grading system…The parent-led lawsuit, however, says the state’s grading system is massively flawed because it fails to account for students who don’t take the assessment test — something all students are permitted to do. Parents say Fl held back a group of third-graders because they refused to take the Standards Assessment test, and blamed inconsistent guidelines for a wave of confusion leading their children to be held back a grade.”