Helena’s News Roundup: High Tech Classrooms Harming Kids Education; Dems’ Games Stop Zika Funding (and more)

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

New Report: Classroom Technology Overrated, Even Harmful

Long article but worth the read on the studies showing high tech in the classroom is impairing the learning process of kids, not helping!! “Educators in recent years have come to embrace every new trend in education whether it has been proven or not. Common Core became the near universal standard with no evidence that it worked. Even some of its initial advisers like Dr. Sandra Stotsky turned against it. Now over $60 Billion has been spent on classroom technology without proof that it is effective. In fact, new reports show that excessive screen use can cause harm. Dr. Kardaras says: “Technology in the classroom not only leads to worse educational outcomes for kids, which I will explain shortly, it can also clinically hurt them.”

Charges to be filed against presidential candidate

Looks like one of our presidential candidates will now have an arrest record! “Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who is accused of spray-painting equipment at a Dakota Access Pipeline work site, will face charges for her action, Morton Co Sheriff Kirchmeier said. Stein was part of a group of 150 to 200 people who protested at the construction site, where two protesters attached themselves to bulldozers and some equipment reportedly was vandalized.Though no arrests were made, Kirchmeier said the sheriff’s department is “working up the info through the state’s attorney’s office to pursue charges (against Stein).” One possible charge could be for trespassing and another for vandalism, though it’s not yet known whether these would be felony or misdemeanor charges.”

EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA

WOW! “In June 2011, Hillary received a long email from her friend Blumenthal regarding Sudan, a detailed assessment .. inside info about coup plotting.. How did Sid obtain this amazing scoop?.. NSA had no doubt that Blumenthal somehow got his hands on some of their “crown jewels” information. “It’s word-for-word, verbatim copying,” an official explained. “In one case, an entire paragraph was lifted from an NSA report” that was classified Top Secret/SCI. To add to the mystery, Sid emailed Hillary his “personal” assessment on Sudan only hours after some of those classified NSA reports were issued.Somehow Sid—who in 2011 was not working for the government in any capacity and had not held security clearances in a decade—was reading above-top-secret NSA reports just hours after they appeared in tightly restricted GAMMA channels.”

Sen. Thom Tillis: We need to fight Zika now. Democrats must stop playing games | Fox News

The Truth! “In May, every Senate Democrat joined with Senate Republicans to pass $1.1 billion to fight the Zika virus..However, during the legislation process, Reid had a change of heart, determining it would be more advantageous to have the funding bill fail so he could blame Republicans ahead of the Nov elections. Reid’s Democrats quickly fell in line. They have blocked several attempts to pass the Zika funding.. In fact, all but one Senate Democrat who voted for the $1.1 billion to fight Zika in May then voted against it at Reid’s request..First, Democratic leaders have claimed the Zika funding reduces access to contraceptives, a claim that is flat-out false.What Democrats are referring to is their demand for an earmark for a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Puerto Rico. This was a demand that even the President’s supplemental request would not have funded.”

The house is on fire!

Long but well worth the read on the evils of Communism and why liberals will continue to embrace it!!”Western public opinion has never come to terms with the crimes of Communism. Every school child knows about the Holocaust, Apartheid, and American slavery, as they should. But Pol Pot’s murder of a quarter of Cambodia’s population has not dimmed academic enthusiasm for the Marxism his henchmen studied in Paris. Neither the Chinese Cultural Revolution nor the Great Purges seem to have cast a shadow on the leftists who apologized for them. Quite the contrary, university classes typically blame the Cold War on American “paranoia” about communism and still picture Bolsheviks as idealists in too great a hurry. Being leftwing means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Blacks Often Hurt by Government Regulation

Must Read! “A general economic principle is that any law or regulation that restricts market entry tends to impose the greatest burden on those who can be described as poor, latecomers, discriminated against, and politically weak. The president of the NAACP’s St. Louis chapter, Pruitt, has petitioned a circuit court judge to reject the St. Louis Metro Taxicab Commission’s conspiratorial call to issue a temporary restraining order that would force Uber to shut down. He says the order would negatively impact nearly 2,000 African-Americans who work as Uber partners in black neighborhoods that have long been ignored by taxis and other transportation providers.”

How Liberal Judges Seized Control of Federal Courts

Why Trump must beat Hillary!! All our courts-not just the Supreme Court!!”On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama promised to fundamentally transform the US. After nearly 8 years as president, he has delivered on one front by reshaping the federal judiciary.That revolution has been comprehensive, dramatic, and under the radar. When Obama entered the Oval Office, liberal judges controlled just one of the 13 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Fifty-five successful presidential nominations later, liberal majorities now control nine of those appeals benches, or 70%.Outside of legal circles the transformation of the influential federal appeals courts has gone largely unnoticed, though..More than one-third of the 179 judges on federal appeals courts owe their seat to Obama. “That’s a legacy with a capital L.””

Gov. Scott tours Pasco County, where thousands are affected by flooding

“Parts of Pasco County were still plagued with heavy flooding days after Hurricane Hermine ripped through the state, sparking evacuations and a visit from the governor over the weekend.Areas of the county sustained between 14 and 20 inches of rain since last week. The Anclote River crested at about 25 feet- leaving houses in the area pummeled with high rushing water. Runoff is also hitting the county from areas north of Pasco that were closer to Hermine’s direct path, worsening the soggy conditions…Almost 2,500 homes were within evacation areas with about 750 of them under a mandatory order.”

After the Primaries, Few Close Congressional Races in Florida

“With the primaries over, Florida voters can look ahead to the congressional elections in November. There are plenty of new faces headed to Congress after redistricting and a wave of retirements. But most of the competitive congressional races in the Sunshine State were settled in the primary. There are only a handful of truly competitive races left in Florida’s 27 congressional districts and one of them is already in the books. With Labor Day marking the traditional start of the general election, here’s where things stand in the congressional races across Florida.”

All the Lies: They’ve Turned Us Into a Rotting Banana Republic | The American Spectator

Must Read! “Americans now populate the largest, wealthiest and most powerful banana republic in the world. The differences between Obama’s America and Maduro’s Venezuela are defined only by degree.The defining characteristics of banana republics are a matter of history. 1st, the law is not enforced against a chosen class in a banana republic, usually the allies of the autocrat in charge. 2nd, foreign policy is always performed in the autocrat’s interests and often in disregard of the nation’s actual interests. This describes how America functions in the era of Obama.The newly-released FBI documents on the investigation of Hillary make it clear that the fix was in and that the FBI never had any intention of recommending that she should be prosecuted for her crimes.”

Michelle Obama Was Just Blindsided With The Worst News Imaginable – May Destroy Legacy For Good

“Michelle Obama has dedicated her influence to combating childhood obesity.Among her notable achievements to that end came through her advocacy of lunchroom nutrition standards for the nation’s public schools.-unpopular among students, parents and school administrations alike.Common complaints thus far have included unpalatable meals and high costs resulting from compliance with the stringent regulations.The results of a recent VA Tech study offer critics new ammunition by suggesting school lunches might be perpetuating the very problem Obama has ostensibly been fighting.Researchers tracked more than 20,000 students nationwide over the course of their K-8th-grade years… according to the research, “these government-funded school meal programs are in fact making participating students more at risk of being overweight.”

Meet the mastermind behind Clinton’s massive email coverup

Unbelievable!! “Newly released FBI docs detailing the bureau’s investigation of Hillary’s emails reveal the aide who would likely follow her into the White House as chief counsel was central to a cover-up of evidence sought by investigators.Yet despite signs Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills obstructed efforts by investigators to obtain Clinton’s emails, the FBI invited Mills to attend Hillary’s interview as one of her lawyers.“It’s absolutely outrageous,” Judicial Watch President Fitton said.“The FBI saw massive document destruction and clear intent to withhold material evidence..and they just ignored that obstruction, and even let her sit in on the interview.”..page 16 of the FBI’s report details how Mills ultimately made the determinations about which emails should be preserved before she and Clinton decided to delete the rest as “personal.”

Exclusive — Behind The Scenes With Trump In Detroit: How The Donald Has Become ‘The Hope Candidate’ – Breitbart

“Trump delivered a positive and uplifting message filled with hope and opportunity here at the Great Faith Ministries church.In addition to Dr. Ben Carson and Omarosa, Breitbart News accompanied Trump on the trip to Detroit to provide a behind-the-scenes look into how he is offering an uplifting message to all Americans—including the black community.“Our nation is too divided. We talk past each other, not to each other and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on,” Trump told the church-goers.. “They don’t know. They have no clue. I’m here today to learn. So that we can together remedy injustice, in any form. And so that we can also remedy economics so that the African-American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways.”

Was SpaceX rocket hit by a drone? Shock claims Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 was ‘attacked’

Could a drone have caused the SpaceX rocket to explode? “But new analysis of the footage appears to show there may have been foul play, it has been claimed.A grainy video of the blast, posted to YouTube by Steve Svensson, appears to shows a small, silver spherical object flying over the rocket as it exploded.In the description to the video, he wrote: “It appears that SpaceX may have been shot by a very fast moving drone, or possibly an explosive in the satellite was triggered?.Facebook’s $200 million “revolutionary” Amos-6 satellite was destroyed in the blast – leading CEO Mark Zuckerburg to express his “deep disappointment”.The satellite would have opened up free internet to more than 14 countries in Africa. SpaceX managed to land a rocket on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean in May..”

BREAKING: Full Speech – Trump Speaks from Mexico, Outlines Five “Shared Goals” [VIDEO] | RedState

The outline by Trump of his shared goals is very good! ” Trump just spoke to the press after his meeting with Mexican President President Enrique Peña Nieto. They both covered the topics of immigration and the relationship between the United States and Mexico in their remarks, and Trump outlined five prepared points on what our two nations should focus on together. We have the full video, and the five points are outlined below.