Is there any honesty left in the press?

latest newsBy Gary West

When our Forefathers drafted the wise documents that govern us to day, they understood the drug-like addiction that political power has over  those in public office.    Historians can fill volumes with examples of small weak people using elective and bureaucratic office to enrich themselves,  build fiefdoms and power bases,  sell favors and otherwise abuse the trust placed in them by the governed.    This duplicity existed both then and now, especially now.  The lessons taught by Tammany Hall are in practice in Democratically controlled cities throughout our country.  Witness Chicago,  Detroit,  New York,  and the home of political power peddling, Washington, DC.  

To combat this foreseen abuse of power, our Founders included in the First Amendment, Freedom of the Press.   It was believed that a free press would stand in defense of the common citizen against the potential diseases that power inevitably infects on those in political office or those with sufficient bureaucratic influence to harm the citizen.   Thus the press was given wide latitude of powers to protect the private citizen from the governmental bully-hammer of political greed and power.

 A public servant asks what they can do  for you.  A politician connives to do something to you.   The free press was expected to applaud the first and expose the second.   Thus the press was given a conscience with the hope that at least the press would remain honest.   Having just fought a retched Revolutionary War against a tyrannical monarchy that ruled both the people and the press with a bloody, dictatorial sword, our Founders had no intention of creating an environment conducive to birthing a “ruling class.”   Perhaps in a Utopian moment it was expected the citizen would take time from his labors, serve temporarily as a “citizen-statesman” then go back home, comforted in the knowledge that he had helped his country and his fellow citizen.    The free press was expected to keep a jaundiced eye on the situation.  It was further assumed the free press would set a moral compass.   A righter of wrongs.  The press would see that those elected to govern were responsible to the governed not abusive of them.  It was expected the free press would not become a handmaiden for,  promoter of, and apologist for certain political figures or parties.   It was beyond thought that the press, granted these freedoms, would conspire with the government and the politicians to dupe the citizens they were empowered to protect.

Today a person thinking the present-day press to be a bastion of protection for the citizen would be generously thought naive and, at worst, should be subject to the Baker Act.    With very few exceptions the media, be it social, press, or broadcast,  has decided the citizen is an ignorant blob of protoplasm deserving of ridicule and deception, especially deception.    The media has become what our Forefathers warned us against.   By the media’s own decree and policy there are no longer two sides to s story, nor room for disagreement or discussion.   The story is what they have decided you need to know as seen through their editorial board.   The Democratic Party and the media have commanded we as a country and as a person disavow religion, moral focus, patriotism,  individualism and confidence in oneself.   Worship of Government has replaced worship of one’s God.  Government of a nation should be replaced with world government commanded by a ruling political class deemed worthy by the press. Quote by a bureaucrat in the United Nations:

“To achieve world government it’s necessary to remove from the mind’s of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” Brock Adams, Director, United Nations Health Organization

The media goes along whole-heartedly.  

As our country moved from birth to maturity the press bled black ink and the red, white and blue colors of patriotism.   The press and national pride walked hand in hand.   Now, under the tutelage of the media seems it appropriate to humiliate sacrifice and service to ones country.

The Constitution grants us Freedom OF Religion.  The media reads this as freedom FROM  religion and actively discriminates against believers in a Higher Being.   We’re also given the Right to Bear Arms.  The media has determined this is against their particular liberal mantra and should be outlawed and confiscated.  In real-world practice, the socialist, progressive draconian laws that suppress legal gun ownership result in more, not less, gun violence.  Just ask the police in Chicago, DC. Baltimore, Detroit and New York City.

The media’s version of Freedom of the Press is, of course, sacrosanct and inviolate.   While the press actively drumbeats to deny you rights they think you too manifestly stupid to have, their rights are above review and criticism.   

The media feels it their right to tell you how to vote and for whom.   They brag and strut over their invention of the “POLITIFACT” , a journalistic slight-of-hand with which they themselves determine the candidate rightness or wrongness concerning an issue, statement, utterance of a fact, position or interpretation on a topic.  Naturally the favored candidate is honest beyond believe and the candidate the media feels is spawn of the devil will be found to be Evil Incarnate.   How? Selective evaluation.  

 A pre-election (and questionably illegal)  nostrum from most local papers is the column “This Newspaper Recommends” followed by a list of candidates the newspaper believes most suited to the office for which they’re running.   This service is provided because the newspaper knows instinctively that the average voter (and, folks, that’s ALL OF US) is fundamentally ill equipped to make an intelligent, well-reasoned decision as to whom to select on the ballot.   The newspaper then boldly pronounces this “selection process” to be fair, unbiased and done in hopes the newspaper can provide guidance to the voter.   Ergo,  the newspaper’s editorial board, a cabal of left-leaning socialists who deeply believe themselves the power behind the throne,  will decide for whom you should cast your ballot.   How is a candidate’s suitability determined?  An interview with this self-same editorial board of socialist progressive one-worlders.  A group so philosophically narrow-minded they could  look through a keyhole with both eyes.  This is known as the Spanish Inquisition Method.  Is this truly a necessary service to the citizen or a promotion of the media’s doctrine?  Unless you, as a candidate,  can hang 10 from the tip of the ultra left wing of the socialist airplane,  you’re going be subjected to the media double-dump job.    First the newspaper declares you unfit to even exist no less hold office then the paper’s resident hate-by-humor writer pronounces you, your wife, your dog, your religion, your political party, your relatives, and your country of origin as worthless pond scum and intimates the world would be a better place if you all died slowly and painfully, except the pond scum, of course.

Case in point.  Can you imagine the amount of intellectual dishonesty in a newspaper editorial boardroom to recommend voting for Hillary Clinton?  The pretzel logic it must take to justify endorsing  her  would confuse a trained Neurologist.  How else could this candidate’s illegal activities, lies, and distortions be ignored?  If any newspaper or media outlet  possessed even a shred or modicum of logic, common sense and honesty,  the statement would read, “In the name of respect for our country, don’t vote for either of these weasels.”   There will be icicles clinging to the Hinges on the Front Gates to Hell when that bit of literary whimsy becomes a media utterance. 

Even in a very imperfect world what should we expect from the media?  How about more  HONESTY and less HYPOCRACY??    Today  there is little broadcast or publication of honest news.  All cable news outlets and most newspapers are propaganda mills that would do the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany proud.    Their idea of news is incessant drumbeat of their particular ideology.   All have the mentality that dictates you only deserve to receive the news they deem fits their ideological philosophy.     Highly paid and partisan administration spokes-folks spew the sanitized governmentally approved ga-ga and the media dutifully genuflects.   The endgame has succeeded.  You, the person receiving the news, gets the sanitized, properly approved version of the events…….sucker!

Is there a solution, a path to honesty, to which we can direct the media?  In the short term, no.   The idea of an unbiased presentation of both sides of the story, the issue, the idea, the proposal is an anathema to soul of the media.  Pravda was and MSNBC is cut from the same piece of propaganda cloth.   The starry-eyed go to journalism school thinking they will learn, well, journalism… to write.   Intelligence, study, literacy and common sense teach you how to write.  Journalism school indoctrinates the impressionable  in the dictatorship potential of political correctness,  that gender and race trump facts, that hatred of and disdain for those who refuse to walk in lockstep with the  prevailing socialist dogma is the acceptable norm,  that the journalism school graduate is ordained to be superior to the dirty little commoners of all colors.   Then this child gets a job where the boardroom and editorial office is filled with the same clones.  The end result is that when you drink only one flavor of Kool-Aid, no other flavors exist.   Thus the little mouth that screams “diversity” has a mind that is shut to it.

Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.”
Via political correctness, the media, the free press, has now assumed the job of telling you who those  de facto ruling people and organizations are.  The media has become infected with and succumbed to the disease of the weak politician-power.  When everyone in this sealed globe of jackbooted  liberal indoctrination thinks one way then the prevailing assumption is EVERYONE thinks that way.   A difference of  opinion becomes intolerable.  That difference is not to be discussed, argued, evaluated or considered.    In business, competition is good.  In the factory of idea,  to the now-elitist press,  the competition of ideas is to be destroyed. 

“Ideas are more powerful than guns.  If we would not let our enemies have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas.” Josef Stalin

Recently a very liberal newspaper bought out a moderately conservative competitor,  closed that competitors doors and fired its employees.  Problem solved.  An alternative voice squashed.  A source of reason eliminated. 
Where we once had an honest discourse of ideas and philosophies we how have the strident screaming of insults.   Using our local newspaper as an example, we have at least one writer whose trademark is vicious humiliation.  The written version of insult comedy.   Nothing of value, be it honor, national pride, religion, moral thought and practice, family values, escaped his verbal urination.   The paper doesn’t have an editorial page, it IS editorial from page A-1 to the last drop of ink.     Each and every story of significance has a political slant to the point where it’s obvious the entire paper is editorial board driven.  Every section has writers paid to spew column after column of  the same flavor of opinion.  All intone the message that, if you don’t grovel and worship that columnists opinion, the you are intellectually miserable.   Even the sports section, a place we’d go just for a small escape from reality, is more socialist whining than score card.  
This is the journalistic depths to which this paper has sunk.