Kriseman’s Sewage Blame Exposes Climate Change Lies – Rainfall Totals Since 1914. SBT Truth Check.

102 years of data on St. Petersburg Rainfall shows that Kriseman is lying about climate change - again. Climate change is not the cause of the sewage dumping into the bay. Liberal politics, excessive government worker retirement benefits, budget mismanagement, misplaced priorities and big projects like the Pier are.

102 years of data on St. Petersburg Rainfall shows that Kriseman is lying about climate change – again. Climate change is not the cause of the sewage dumping into the bay. Liberal politics, excessive government worker retirement benefits, budget mismanagement, misplaced priorities and big, unnecessary projects like the Pier are.

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Kriseman’s Claim that his sewage dumps into Tampa Bay are due to Climate Change is a lie. The Sunbeam Times rates them as “under a rock”.

By David McKalip, MD

Mayor Rick Kriseman has pointed to what he views as the real culprit for the repeated Kriseman sewage dumps into Tamp Bay. It was not bad governance or bad budget management.  It was not the removal of 20% of the City’s Sewage Capacity (on his watch) or misplaced priorities to build a $50 million unneeded pier. Turns out that the cause is the same bogey man that we have all known about. It is the monster under the bed that keeps citizens up at night based on the bed time stories the liberals tell “the deplorables”. Yes, little citizen, the culprit is climate change. Eek!

Mayor Rick Kriseman took to YouTube yesterday to indicate that the tens of millions of gallons of sewage pumped into the bay by his administration is due to Climate change. The Tampa Bay Times reported that 128 million gallons have been released over the recent weeks.  In his video, Kriseman points to the fact that the City Council APPROVED the closure of the Albert Whitted Sewage Plant in 2011. However, he doesn’t say that it closed in 2015- on his watch.  He could have stopped the closure and re-opened it soon after it was closed. Kriseman also ignores his role on City council from 2000-2006 constantly approving higher pension benefits. These Kriseman approved, excessive city worker retirement benefits continue to sap city resources – denying funds to do the most basic city service: keep sewage out of the the Bay. An Analysis of rainfall totals since 1914 in St. Petersburg show that liberals like St. Petesburg Mayor Kriseman continue to lie about climate change to further their political goals. This latest episode further proves that any person that points to man made climate change in the context of government management these days should have no credibility – with anyone.

Kriseman’s claim that it is “climate change” that is causing the sewage dumps is clearly a lie. He offers only the trope: “Climate Change Has arrived. This is what it looks like.” He offers no data to support his claim, despite the enormous resources at his finger tips through dozens of city bureaucrats to get the data. Well this non-city employee and private citizen found the data on rainfall in St. Pete for the last 102 years over the course of about 30 minutes for the price of $39.95 (I won’t be billing the city’s taxpayers). The information came from, a company that provides data to multiple fortune 500 companies for use by their planners. The data reveals that the City is dealing with less dramatic rainfall now than has been seen in St. Petersburg history.  Clearly rainfall from “climate change” is not the source of the sewage emanating from our city government. They produce that all by themselves. Here is the data.

In 2016 the highest daily precipitation in August was about 5.01 (on 8/31/16). That is lower than in 30 other days in St. Petersburg history (*see table below). For instance on 6/25/2012 5.84 inches fell in one day in St. Petersburg. There was no sewage dump into the bay then (the Albert Whitted plant was still open and the underground pipes were just as “leaky”). On 9/15/2001 the rain total was 8.31 inches for that day. Again, no dump.

Kriseman’s claim that “This is what (climate change) looks like” is a lie.  But keep reading below to see more proof of the Climate change deception of the grandest polluters of Tampa Bay since, well, the government in the ’70’s.






The Average Monthly rainfall is shown since 1914 as well.  The average monthly rainfalls in 2015 and 2016 are still well below those in about 2001, 2003 and 2005.  Monthly rainfall was at 25.51 for the month of September 1988. The only climate change that appears to be happening is that we are having fewer months with heavy rainfall.

Kriseman’s claim that “This is what (climate change) looks like” is a lie.





*30 days with higher precipitation in St. Petersburg than on 8/31/16 since 1914
8/3/1915 0:00 15.45
10/28/1986 0:00 12.2
9/6/1933 0:00 9.61
6/27/1974 0:00 9.14
9/15/2001 0:00 8.31
6/24/1945 0:00 7.76
5/9/1979 0:00 7.65
6/25/1995 0:00 7.45
9/5/1935 0:00 7.42
10/20/1944 0:00 7.31
9/8/1988 0:00 6.84
8/13/1939 0:00 6.75
9/27/1997 0:00 6.73
7/30/1960 0:00 6.72
7/7/1921 0:00 6.51
8/26/1945 0:00 6.18
9/20/1926 0:00 5.88
10/15/1938 0:00 5.84
6/25/2012 0:00 5.84
9/14/1916 0:00 5.77
8/13/1949 0:00 5.55
6/19/1959 0:00 5.47
9/14/1968 0:00 5.4
8/21/1955 0:00 5.3
7/16/1925 0:00 5.19
4/27/1997 0:00 5.08
10/26/1921 0:00 5.05
4/8/1951 0:00 5.05
7/16/2000 0:00 5.05
9/1/2016 0:00 5.01



**23 months with more average rainfall than in August 2016 in St. Petersburg since 1914
9/30/1988 25.51
6/30/1974 23
8/31/1939 21.85
8/31/1949 19.57
7/31/1945 18.97
8/31/1915 18.62
9/30/1953 18.6
12/31/2002 18.36
7/31/1921 18.3
8/31/1967 17.93
8/31/1995 17.75
7/31/2004 17.66
10/31/1986 17.63
9/30/2001 17.15
6/30/1943 16.88
7/31/2000 16.86
7/31/1947 16.77
8/31/1971 16.65
6/30/1995 16.6
8/31/1945 16.53
7/31/1960 16.46
8/31/1922 16.04
8/31/2016 15.49

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  1. Gary West

    I KNEW that the steely-eyed sleuths at city hall would find the demon. Global Warming. The monster under the bed. The only thing that will that will kill it is the TAX WEAPON.

  2. Tom D

    Amazing… blaming simple leadership decisions on climate change. So sad that anyone would even consider believing what some of these career politicians say. It will be interesting to look at what he promised he would do and what he has done at the end of his term. I wish him luck, but it appears to be business as usual…. All talk.

  3. k vogler

    These are excellent facts. Which is the best way to get this on TV on the news or monthly on the weather reports, “interesting facts” ?

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Well, i have sent this to all Tampa bay media as I do with most of my posts. I have reached out by phone to one TV reporter. Generally the media likes to support the totally false “man made climate change” propganda…so don’t hold your breath looking for facts like these there.

  4. John Banner

    If Krisman believes in Climate Change shouldn’t he have anticipated an increase in rainfall, and therefore, increased the capacity of our infrastructure to handle it?

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