Putin Puts Nuke Missles Near Poland; Hillary’s Emails Show Cruz Most Likely to Beat Her. Helena’s News Roundup plus!

Cruz funny that gov can solvePutin’s Activation of ‘Iskander-M’ Ballistic Missile Is a Message to Obama

SCARY!”It’s long been obvious that Putin and his inner circle view Obama with utter contempt…. Today’s biggest news, however, comes from Estonian reports that the Russian military is sending Iskander-M missiles to Kaliningrad..The Iskander-M system, called SS-26 by NATO, is the replacement of the Scud missile. It has a range of 300 miles and can carry either a conventional or a nuclear warhead. An Iskander-M based in Kaliningrad can strike targets deep in Poland and across the whole Baltic region. Make no mistake, this is primarily an offensive weapons system..Activating an Iskander-M unit in Kaliningrad, west of the Baltic republics, is rightly seen as destabilizing by NATO’s eastern flank which remains vulnerable to Russian attack. For Warsaw and other NATO capitals, this move resembles a Baltic version of the Cuban Missile Crisis.”


From hacking to fracking: Bombshells in Hillary speeches

“There are revelations in WikiLeaks on what Hillary told insiders at those speeches for which she was handsomely compensated.In 2014, Clinton told a Canadian PR firm, tinePublic, that Russian oligarchs were behind the funding of the anti-fracking campaign in the US- to the point of creating phony environmental groups who opposed the extraction of oil from shale because its impact on “climate change…” That’s quite a revelation. She portrays a picture of old-fashioned disinformation right out of the old KGB playbook. But wait a minute! Hasn’t Hillary told Americans “climate change” represents one of the greatest threats to .. the human race? Hasn’t she opposed “fracking” for years? Wasn’t it a major issue in her campaign for the Dem nomination? Yes!.So why is Clinton portraying herself in battle with Russian oligarchs and as a proponent of “fracking”?”

Cruz Would Beat Hillary – Per Hillary’s Staff! Editor’s Note (not from Helena Nunn): Also note how The Clinton Campaing was HOPING that Trump would be the candidate and fearful of Cruz as a candidate who could beat Clinton. Media commentator Brent Budowsky wrote to Podesta on March 13 that “Right now I am petrified that Hillary is almost totally dependent on Republicans nominating Trump.” “…..even a clown like Ted Cruz would be an even money bet to beat and this scares the hell of out me…..” Budowsky wrote.

A scene from St. Petersburg’s sewage crisis: A plan to release sewage into Boca Ciega Bay backfires

“At the height of a hurricane-induced overflow of waste from the city’s NW sewer plant last month, wastewater officials scrambled to try to stop partially treated sewage from flowing into nearby streets and homes.So they told plant operator Soriano to open a valve that would allow the overflowing plant to send sewage through an old pipe- locked and chained for years- into Boca Ciega Bay…

Water Resources director Leavitt wrote a memo that Sept. 3 day, authorizing the pipe to be used. Leavitt and other officials pried the balky valve open.But the move backfired: Instead of going into Boca Ciega Bay, the sewage went back into the neighborhood.

Now the events of Sept. 3 are part of the state’s investigation into the city’s handling of nearly 200 million gallons of spills and dumps since August 2015.”

US Offshore Wind Plant Costs $17,600 Per Home Powered

Costly and an eye sore!! The US “first offshore wind power plant will cost $17,600 to build per home it will power. 3 miles off the coast of Block Island, RI, the wind farm is supposed to generate enough energy to power 17,000 homes, but will cost $300 million to build 5 turbines. This cost is just to build the turbines, not to operate them.The extremely high cost of offshore wind doesn’t worry environmentalists and progressives.. Despite the extremely high cost, federal officials want to power 23 million homes with offshore wind by the year 2050. Offshore wind is so pricey that early investors, like Germany, plan to stop building new turbines to lower the costs of electricity.., the average American’s electric bill has gone up 10% since Obama took office in 2009, due to regulations imposed by government officials and taxpayer support for green energy.”

WikiLeaks Exposes Workings of an American ‘Nomenklatura’

“The nomenklatura was one of the indispensable components of the former Soviet Union. It was a literal list of those-devout Party loyalists-who would receive the favors of the state while the proletariat lived in squalor.This list was so meticulously kept Stalin was known as “Comrade Filing Cabinet..” And those who fell off were usually headed for the Gulag..Most evident from Wikileaks is the incestual, alliance between elites and the press,who are informing us of what we are supposed to think. The emails between NYT reporter and John Harwood and Clinton campaign manager Podesta would approach the risible were they not so disturbing by implication..Harwood actually acts as an advisor to Podesta, warning of the dangers of a potential Carson candidacy and even bragging to him about having tripped up Trump at a debate.”

Report: Largest number ever of immigrants living in U.S.

“A new report by the Ctr for Immigration Studies reveals that the number of legal and illegal immigrants living in the US in 2014 is the highest number seen in U.S. history, with 42.4 million.From 2010 to 2014, new immigration plus births to immigrants added 8.3 million residents to the country, equal to 87% of U.S. population growth.— The sending countries with the largest % increases in immigrants from 2010 to 2014 were Saudi Arabia (up 93%), Bangladesh (up 37%), Iraq (up 36%), Egypt (up 25% ), and Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia (each up 24%). States with the largest increases in immigrants from 2010 to 2014 were ND (up 45%), WY (up 42%), MT (up 19%), KY (up 15%), NH (up 14%), and MN and WV (both up 13%) For 2014 42% of immigrant households used at least one welfare program (primarily food stamps and Medicaid) compared to 27% of natives.”

Over 75 Percent of Floridians in Favor of Medical Marijuana

“Over 3/4 of Fl voters say they are in favor of an amendment to legalize medical marijuana, a positive sign for supporters of the amendment as they make their final push to Election Day. The Univ. of North Florida survey of likely voters found 77% of likely voters saying they will vote in favor of Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment which would expand medical marijuana use in FL to those with “debilitating” conditions. Only 18% said they were against Amendment 2 while 4% said they were undecided. In order for a constitutional amendment to pass the ballot in Nov, it must receive 60% of the vote.When voters were asked about their support for legal marijuana, 40% said they support recreational marijuana and 45% said they believe marijuana should be legal for medicinal use. Only 15% of voters said they believed marijuana should not be legal at all.”

Thomas Sowell – Words Versus Deeds

“Clinton’s announced agenda attacks the foundation of American Constitutional government, on which Americans’ own freedom depends. She has already said that she will appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn “Citizens United.”That decision said that both corporations and labor unions have freedom of speech, including the right to contribute money toward political campaigns.. Demands that various advocacy organizations reveal the names of all their donors are an obvious attempt to scare off those donors, with harassment by everyone from vandals to rioters to the IRS and other gov bureaucrats.Without the right to free speech, none of the other rights is safe…Clinton is on the side of the teachers’ unions that want to stop the expansion of charter schools, even though these are among the very few places where black children can get a quality education to prepare them for a better future.”

Thousands still without power, cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew

Thousands of Floridians are still without power more 3 days after Hurricane Matthew skirted up the east coast with 100 mph winds and torrential rain.More than 175,000 customers across the state were without power this morning, officials said. Most were in Volusia and Flagler counties — the hardest hit areas in Central Fl.Downed trees and power lines, along with localized flooding were a common sight throughout Central FL. Communities closer to the coast also saw roof and building damage, along with severe beach erosion. Volusia and Brevard county schools remain closed today as crews work to restore power and repair any damage.Officials had hoped to restore most, if not all power to Volusia County residents by Sunday, but as of this morning more than 46,000 customers were still in the dark. The beaches there remain closed because of strong rip currents and possible debris in the water.

List of Hillary Tax Hikes

“Trillion dollar tax hike- Hillary’s tax hike proposals will raise taxes on the by over $1,000,000,000,000 over the next ten years, based on her campaign’s own numbers.Payroll Tax Hike- Hillary said she would not veto a payroll tax increase on all Americans should such a bill reach her desk. She said she would set her middle class tax pledge aside. Soda Tax Hike – Hillary endorsed a steep new soda pop tax in Philadelphia. This will cost soda purchasers an extra $2.16 per 12-pack. :25% National Gun Tax – Hillary endorsed a new national 25% retail sales tax on guns. “I am all for that,” she told the Senate in 1993. On June 5, 2016 she was asked about her gun tax endorsement. She acknowledged her gun tax endorsement and did not disavow it, saying she wanted the gun tax money to pay for Hillarycare.”


Wikileaks: Clinton Chief Podesta Received Intel that Muslim Migration Was Creating ‘Misery and Mayhem’ in Europe – Breitbart

“The email address orca100@upcmail.nl sent a message to Podesta Feb 2016. The Clinton campaign has staunchly advocated for increasing Muslim refugee settlement in the US.“Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans,” was the headline on the apparent intelligence packet sent to Podesta… “Muslim Immigration and Multicultural Madness have left a trail of misery and mayhem across Germany- with far worse to come because of demographics,”..orca100 gave some harsh numbers.. Muslims make up only 9% of Berlin’s pop, yet account for 70% of young repeat criminals, revealed Berlin prosecutor Reusch. To be more precise, 46% of Berlin’s juvenile serial criminals are of Arab descent, while 33% of them have Turkish ancestry…Check out footage of Berlin’s Wedding district, which has become too dangerous for a single police officer to work in…”

White House wants to add new racial category for Middle Eastern people

Predictable!! “The White House is putting forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa under what would be the biggest realignment of federal racial definitions in decades.If approved, the new designation could appear on census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research…the new data could be used for a wide range of political and policy purposes, including: Enforcing the Voting Rights Act and drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries;Establishing federal affirmative action plans and evaluating claims of employment discrimination in the private sector;• Monitoring discrimination in housing, mortgage lending and credit; Enforcing school desegregation policies; and• Helping minority-owned small businesses get federal grants and loans.”


Alicia Colon – Why inner city students have no choice

Must Read! “What the Bishop reminded me that evening was that no matter what the archdiocese tried to do about securing vouchers and school choice, the parents in the inner city ended up voting for Democrats who always vetoed potential voucher legislation. Democrats are more beholden to the teachers’ union which opposes vouchers and school choice than they are to students and their families.The film The Lottery also highlights this opposition from the teachers’ unions to charter schools and the contest between charter and public schools for building space. School choice also helps all religious academics.Until the parents recognize that their political choices are what has doomed any chance for education reform, students in the barrios and ghettos will forever be condemned to inferior education options.”