Four Million Ineligible and Dead Voters. Intentional Voter Fraud Schemes Uncovered. But Dems claim “No Voter fraud”. And more on Helena’s News Roundup

voteElections Expert: “We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls” (VIDEO)

What unbelievable corruption!”Elections expert Adams told FOX on Tuesday morning there are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls. Adams, who was the Voting Section Attorney at the US Dept of Justice, filed six suits in the past year against Philadelphia and Broward County, FL where the voter rolls are corrupted.Adams said he had one case in Texas where the person died in 1944.Far left groups continually sue to keep the voter rolls the way they are. The Obama admin has no desire to clean up these voter rolls. Adams: Dead people are voting and it’s something this administration does not want to do anything about. They must like it. They must like who they are voting for… Now we have four million, four million Steve, ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls according to the Pew Charitable Trust.”

Our Neutron Bomb Election

Must Read! “In theory, there are still things as a D.C. establishment, the Republican party, abstractions known as “fact-checking,” something in theory called “debate moderators,” still ex-press’ “founds.” But now mere shells. Who are the big losers of 2016, besides the 2 candidates? The D.C. ‘establish’ and its ‘elites’-Review Hillary’s Wall Street speeches and the electronic exchanges between the media, the administration, and the Clinton campaign. The conclusion is an incestuous world of hypocrisy,sanitized shake-downs, inside profiteering, and often crimes that would put anyone else in jail. The Republican Party-Is it for legally enforced borders or “let the market adjudicate” free passage of inexpensive labor between countries? Fair or free trade? Assimilation and integration, or ID-politics lite? Cashing in on government service or against emeriti lobbying?”


John Morgan now admits he hoped pot initiative would help elect Charlie Crist

“Morgan’s proposal, which narrowly failed in 2014 to capture the 60% approval required for constitutional amends to pass in FL, will be back before voters in Nov. Two years ago, Morgan repeatedly brushed off questions about a possible connection between the pot proposal and one of his employees —Charlie Crist, who was to try to return to the gov’s mansion as a Democrat. At the time, Morgan refused to say whether the presence of the pot amendment would boost Crist’s chances for an election win.But during a speech Tues Morgan admitted he maybe wasn’t telling the whole truth back then..Morgan, a major Democratic fundraiser who told the audience that Bill Clinton visited him at his home last week, quickly backpedaled from his apparent truth telling, however.”


‘How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas Investigation into Clinton Network – Breitbart

The second video in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation of the 2016 election reveals what O’Keefe describes as “Democratic Party operatives tell[ing] us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”This second investigation features an undercover Project Veritas reporter posing as a Democratic Party donor brainstorming an elaborate voter fraud scheme to fraudulently register people to vote in various states using the lax voter registration policies currently in place.Like O’Keefe’s first video, the second also prominently features Democratic operatives Creamer and his colleague Foval, who was removed from his position at the leftwing advocacy group Americans United for Change on Mon as a result of O’Keefe’s investigation. O’Keefe notes that at the time the second video was shot, Foval “worked for People for the American Way, an organization funded in large part by Soros.”


Video: Hillary Clinton’s Marxist legacy in Central America

Watch this video to see how Hillary and our government are supporting the suppression of the people by violent groups in Guatemala. The video is a must see!! “Even so, a major portion of Clinton’s foreign policy is concealed in an intervention that Americans do not know. This is her close relationship with Marxist guerrillas in Guatemala.From Hillary with Love, a new documentary film, is on a mission to inform Americans of these facts. It blows the lid off an intervention symbolic of broader “progressive” meddling at the expense of the US taxpayer.In 21 minutes, the film—subtitled A Coup in Slow Motion—connects the dots between the rising power of violent Marxists in Guatemala and the inappropriate activities of three US ambassadors. It includes a narrative of actions by Hillary, who as Secretary of State took direct charge of this policy.”


Hillary Clinton’s health problems

WOW! “..the truth about Hillary’s health has been her guarded secret. Dr. Bardack, has said that Hillary is fit, but according to my sources in the White House, that is not what Obama and Jarrett, believe.- so worried about Hillary’s health that they offered to arrange a checkup for her at the Walter Reed. Hillary declined their offer because she feared a leak to the media would prove fatal to her campaign. Instead, she has been secretly visiting the NY-Pres Hosp.- her doctors have discovered she suffers from arrhythmia and a leaking heart valve. They have recommended valve replacement surgery, but Hillary refused.. not wanting to risk the negative fallout about such a serious operation. In addition Hillary suffers from chronic low blood pressure, insufficient blood flow, a tendency to form life-threatening blood clots, and troubling side effects from her medications.”


Rubio, Murphy Jab Over Guns, Immigration and Trump in Heated Debate

“Rubio and Murphy sparred in a spirited debate Mon, attacking each other over a wide array of issues from gun control, climate change and Trump..Rubio challenged Murphy’s commitment to Hillary, saying his allegiance to her should be a source of concern for voters.Murphy has said he trusts Clinton completely, a statement at odds with polls showing most voters don’t find her to be trustworthy.“If Murphy trusts Hillary 100%, he’s in rare company,” Rubio said. Murphy has repeatedly called for the need to have stronger gun control laws to help prevent mass shootings like Pulse… has called for a total ban of military-style weapons…Rubio said the issue does not completely lie with gun control, but rather with terrorism, because Pulse shooter Mateen had passed background checks but had pledged allegiance to the ISIS.”


Poll: Millennials desperately need to bone up on the history of communism

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it!” The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, blames widespread ignorance for the relatively positive views millennials have toward socialism and communism.Of the 2,300 polled, 80% of baby boomers and 91% of the elderly agree with the statement that “communism was and still is a prob” in the world today. Millennials? Only 55%. Furthermore, almost half between the ages of 16 and 20 said they would vote for a socialist, while 21% would go so far as to back a communist. Capitalism, on the other hand, is viewed favorably by 64% of those over the age of 65, compared with only 42% of millennials. In fact, more than half of millennials say the economic system works against them, while 4 out of 10 call for a “complete change” to ensure that the highest earners pay their fair share.”


The Selling of America – by the Clinton Campaign

Must Read!! ” As the Federal Election Commission notes, “Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions in connection with any election in the US. “The reasons for this should be obvious—foreign subversion of our national interest,.-but the crew at Clinton HQ evidently wasn’t convinced these risks were serious enough to merit observing the federal regulation known to all.The issue was what to do about donations from representatives of several dozen countries…This only touches the surface because Seshasai, also an attorney, writes: “This is only 23 names of the first 350 prospective bundlers we looked at pre-launch. I anticipate more … Palmieri wraps things up with this comment: “Take the money!!””Apparently Hillary was not told of this decision to take for money-but read about it in the paper. However, she DID NOT move to stop it, just wanted to weigh in on choices.”


Over 250,000 to Lose Health Insurance in Battleground North Carolina Due to Obamacare – Breitbart

It will become worse under Hillary!! “More than 250,000 people in NC are set to lose their healthcare plans under Obamacare due to two of the state’s three insurers dropping out of the exchange.The insurers’ departure from the exchange means that only one insurer will be available for people to purchase plans from, BC/BS of NC, and they are raising their rates by nearly 25%…NC is not the only state where 95 of its 100 counties will only have one insurer to choose from. States such as OK, AK, AL, SC and WY only have one insurer to choose from on its exchanges for 2017 statewide. Nearly 3/4 of FL’s counties and more than 4/5 of MS’s will also be down to one insurer.”



“Calling the state’s current law “illogical” and “bizarre,” a federal judge late Sun ordered the state of FL to give thousands of voters a chance to make sure their vote-by-mail ballots are counted. Judge Walker ruled that county election offices should notify voters if their signature on a vote-by-mail ballot and their voter registration forms don’t match. Voters would then be given a chance to fix the problem by 5 p.m. the day before the election.The FL Democratic Party sued the state because currently voters who don’t sign their vote-by-mail ballot are given a chance to fix it. But voters whose signatures don’t match aren’t told about the prob until after the election is over and their ballot is discarded.”


State, Local Governments Way Behind on Funding Pensions

Time to institute 401K’s for all government workers!! “$5.6 trillion.That’s how much a recent report from the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, estimates state and local governments across the U.S. have promised to their employees, but can’t afford to pay. Normally, if an employer promises its worker more than it can pay, its workers lose out, but that’s unlikely to be the case here. Since most state and local pension promises represent legal obligations, it will be state and local taxpayers who bear the burden of their governments’ unfunded promises. According to the report, state and local governments have set aside only 35 cents for every dollar of pension promises. Their $5.6 trillion of unfunded pension liabilities works out to $17,427 for every man, woman, and child in America ( $70,000 for a family of 4).”


Hillary, Soros and the political genocide of Christianity

“Hillary seems to have a prob with religious liberty..During a 2015 speech she said, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth.”Translated, that means that Clinton.. would, through repeal of the Hyde Amendment, force all taxpayers to fund all abortions, even partial birth, that is, “day of birth” abortions regardless of our religious convictions. Clinton is also willing to impose federal penalties, denying tax-exempt status, in order to..“stamp out every vestige of dissent” to a far-left agenda.There is a comprehensive anti-Christian plan being promoted by Hillary and funded by Soros because they believe that Christian principles are an impediment to the implementation of their progressive policies.”


The Most Explosive WikiLeaks Clinton Revelations (So Far)

18 top Wikileaks!! “#12Gun control:. Democrats are going to lose patience with voter opposition to their gun control agenda and begin imposing it, as soon as they no longer have to worry about losing a tough election in the near future. They often worry about the potential backlash from Democratic voters in key states who support gun rights, but they’ll stop worrying about that soon, especially if Clinton does extremely well in those states. A packed Supreme Court will make her even bolder about chipping away at the 2nd Amendment… #14Iran nuclear deal was “greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler”: This email chain quotes Sen Kirk saying Obama’s nuclear deal “condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf,” and Clinton campaign chief Podesta responding, “Yup.”


Sorry, Patrick Murphy Is NOT Our Champion for Clean Water

Must Read! “If ever there was a tainted and misleading candidate endorsement, it’s Bull Sugar endorsement of Patrick Murphy. Maybe you saw it. Bull Sugar claims to be “dedicated to stopping the damaging discharges into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries and restoring the flow of clean freshwater to Fl Bay.” But these gung-ho folks aren’t your run-of-the-mill environmentalists. More about them later.No matter who or what Bull Sugar is, if they want results, how can they favor Murphy over Rubio? Rubio pulled off in one day more good for Lake Okeechobee and the algae-oppressed people of the Treasure Coast and Lee County — and disintegrating Florida Bay, come to that — than Murphy has in all of his four lackluster years in Wash.”