Breitbart Colluded with Occupy Wall Street Agitator to Attack Cruz, Rubio. “Rigged Media” Cuts Both Ways.

Trump can only earn my support if he is elected President and then serves as a constitutional conservative. For now he will never get my vote and I remain #NeverTrump

Trump can only earn my support if he is elected President and then serves as a constitutional conservative. For now he will never get my vote and I remain #NeverTrump.

Trump likes to talk about the “Rigged election” through media manipulation. He liked to complain about how Ted Cruz was “Lying” about Trump’s record and being involved in “dirty tricks” and was not to be trusted. Brietbart (often called “Trumpbart”) went right along with him. Breitbart, under the direction of now Top Trump aid Stephen K. Bannon, basically worked with agitators to attack Trump. These stories were revealed through Wikileaks release of emails. These revelations indicate why this blog founder and editor (Dr. McKalip) has never supported Trump and remains a #NeverEither voter.

If Donald Trump is elected he will continue to have his surrogates involved in more dirty tricks to discredit any person who disagrees with him. He will work with his machine to attack and destroy those who are mounting effective opposition to his efforts. When he begins to deliver on promises of taking guns away from people on the terror watch list, changing laws to harm a free press, expanding government control of and payment for health care and more, he will need criticism from true constitutional conservatives. When RINO republicans go-along to get-along with Trump, who else will be able to stand if the Brietbart/Trump cabal engages in such brownshirt tactics?

Reports (below) indicated:
“According to the source, Black coordinated with Breitbart via email, phone and in person, including when he dressed up as a robot and trolled Marco Rubio’s events. The relationship was described as very friendly,” Politico writes. “An article subsequently published on Breitbart featured video footage of a physical confrontation between Black and Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign chairman.”


“He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of the party,” the source said. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”


“Aaron Black, an associate with Democracy Partners and a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, worked with the pro-Trump site Breitbart, tipping it off about his stunts, exchanging raw video and coordinating coverage, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.”

The full story is here:


Breitbart Colluded With Liberal Activist to ‘Sabotage’ Trump’s GOP Primary Opponents



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    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      As I said #neverEither
      I will vote down ticket for constitutional conserv atives who will keep the exec. Branch in. Check.

      NOW, does this corruption by team Trump bother you? If not, why not?

  1. David L Thomas

    This election is not about morality or personality, and I always vote for the candidate with the lesser human negatives. My choice is clear, and as a Born Again Christian I will unregrettably vote for Trump. A vote for Hillary, or for Trump, is a swing of 1 whole vote. With all of the dirty tricks, vote rigging, corrupt media, and lies, to not vote at all is a half-vote for Hillary, the worst Presidential candidate in our history! I will vote to keep Hillary out of the White House, keeping her from completing the destruction of America started by Obama, and aided by the Republican Establishment. Progressives in both parties have screwed The People!

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